Hoops Rumors Chat Transcript: 3/2/2021

There are just 23 days left until the 2021 NBA trade deadline arrives, which means trade discussions around the league will be heating up in the coming weeks.

With that in mind, we’ve brought back our weekly live chats leading up to the deadline. While those live chats will focus primarily on potential trade scenarios, we also welcome questions on free agency, the salary cap, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and anything else NBA-related. Our chats will take place each Tuesday at 12:00 pm central time (1 pm ET).

Today’s chat transcript can be found right here.

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One thought on “Hoops Rumors Chat Transcript: 3/2/2021

  1. x%sure

    Dear A Cat:
    Just because you won’t look at your reflection in the mirror, doesn’t mean you can skip revealing your true name in the Q&A. John B Wockenfuss, Uwe Blab, Tom the bomb, and Mayor McSniff did.
    …… keeping the mice outside, x%sure

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