Southwest Notes: Silas, Griffin, Mavericks, Zion

Rockets head coach Stephen Silas is trying to maintain a rosy outlook despite Houston’s recent 13-game losing streak, according to Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle.

“It’s encouraging to know when we get back and we’re healthy and we’re whole and we’re in a position [where] we have enough guys to compete, we’re going to be just fine,” Silas said.

There’s more out of the Southwest Division:

  • During a recent interview with team broadcaster Todd Graffagnini of ESPN New Orleans, Pelicans team president David Griffin explained the reasoning behind the team prioritizing its veterans over its youth. “So where we’re struggling right now is finding a way to play those guys in a way that makes sense within the framework of a system that doesn’t allow for practice to put them in a position to succeed when they’re on the court,” Griffin said (a transcript is viewable here). “So it’s complicated, and I think the coaches have done a remarkable job of trying to find the balance there. I really take exception to the idea that, well, if you’re losing, you might as well be playing the young kid, that that doesn’t make any sense.”
  • The Mavericks have brought back rookies Josh Green, Tyler Bey and Tyrell Terry from the G League, according to The Dallas Morning News. Green and Bey were playing for the Salt Lake City Stars while in Orlando for the NBAGL “bubble” campus. Terry suited up for the Memphis Hustle.
  • Pelicans forward Zion Williamson will start in place of Sixers center Joel Embiid in the starting lineup for tonight’s All-Star game, Adrian Wojnarowski of EPN tweets. Embiid and his Philadelphia teammate Ben Simmons will be missing the contest as a result of COVID-19 contact tracing. Scott Kushner of The Times-Picayune details how Williamson’s exciting offensive game makes him an ideal fit for the All-Star stage.
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6 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Silas, Griffin, Mavericks, Zion

  1. bigguccisosa300

    Rockets should be losing every game on purpose at this point. Abort mission lol. It’s complicated, but I’m pretty sure they have to give their first round pick to OKC this year if it’s not top 4.

    • WallyWood

      They’re not tanking, the team is just a whole lot better with Christian Wood in their lineup, and he will be back sometime in the next week.

      They also recalled Porter from the G-League yesterday even though the Vipers are in the playoffs and he was arguably the league MVP.

      Things should turn around quickly with those two around making the losing streak a distant memory. Perhaps we will even see a winning streak in the near future.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Josh Green showed potential for NBA. Athletic SG very active. Like to see him play. Also wonder if Mavs do something at TD.

    • justinkm19

      I think Bey will be better, but I like Green too. Terry looks like a miss.

  3. x%sure

    “Pelicans team president David Griffin” really shows his clauses in that quote. (Punny… I presume Pelicans have claws)

    I think the Pels will be better without Lonzo, simply bc everything must be built around the Zion/Ingram duo, and they do not mix well. A trade is unlikely, so it has to be worked out first. Lonzo’s presence is so strong he’s a distraction. And kind of a waste for the league. He would be more of an asset on say the Kicks or Bucks.

    Of course if they were winning I might say otherwise…

    I have criticized Ingram for looking for his own shot so much, but does he really have to and could the right PG fix that? Maybe “lone wolf” is his way. But it’s not Z-Will’s way. Z-Will doesn’t show off; he is so deft he has his thing already done.

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