Spurs Rumors: DeRozan, Lyles, Gay, Aldridge

In addition to putting LaMarcus Aldridge on the trade block, the Spurs have also made it clear that veteran guard DeMar DeRozan is available, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. Sources tell Fischer that DeRozan, who is earning $27.7MM in the final season of his five-year contract, has interest in playing elsewhere next season, perhaps returning to the Eastern Conference.

While the Spurs don’t typically make big in-season deals, it sounds like they’re at least gauging what they could get for DeRozan on the trade market. Fischer reports that the Knicks have considered trying to acquire the veteran guard, though some people in their front office don’t want to give up assets for players who could be signed in free agency.

There are people in the Bulls‘ front office that believe adding a player like DeRozan could push the team into the playoffs, sources tell Fischer. Additionally, Fischer says the Magic have discussed the idea of trading Evan Fournier and a pick for DeRozan, with an eye toward re-signing him in the offseason. At least one more Orlando player would need to be included in such a deal for salary-matching purposes.

Here’s more on the Spurs:

  • Trey Lyles and his representatives are interested in finding a new home for the veteran forward, multiple league sources tell Fischer. Lyles’ minutes have been inconsistent this season in a contract year — he was a starter for a short time just before and after the All-Star break, but has been a DNP-CD for the Spurs’ last five games.
  • The Spurs remain open to moving Rudy Gay, another veteran on an expiring contract, writes Fischer.
  • The Celtics and the Heat are the teams that have consistently been linked to Aldridge, though both teams appeared more focused on the possibility of landing him via buyout than trading for him, according to Fischer. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst also said on his latest Hoop Collective podcast that the Heat are widely viewed as the leaders for Aldridge, as RealGM relays.
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24 thoughts on “Spurs Rumors: DeRozan, Lyles, Gay, Aldridge

  1. Lil D MVC aka Uno

    Why anyone would trade for someone explicitly marked as a buyout candidate is beyond me.

    • cleve1969

      Why … the Heat & Celtics are both interested in Aldridge … if one team thinks that Aldridge prefers one team over the other, that second team may decide not to wait for the buyout and go ahead and make a trade so not to loose him to the other team

      • bigeasye

        If they trade for him they have to take on the remainder of his salary versus a buyout where he would be signed for the prorated minimum

      • Lil D MVC aka Uno

        yeah, but is a buyout guy really worth “outbidding” someone for? otherwise why are they getting bought out?

  2. GabeOfThrones

    Why would the Knicks have any interest in Derozan? They have a better shooting version that is 10 years younger and has higher upside in Barrett…

  3. Sillivan

    It’s very easy for Heat to make a good trade if they can offer recent year first round pick or achiuwa


  4. Corporal Foxtrot

    Spurs should stop lying. They are horrified to trade Derozen, and everyone knows it.

  5. Ironmonger835

    I hate this buyout crap. Teams should not just give away good players to help contenders. If you don’t wanna make a trade then too bad.

    • Gary G.

      Why have a guy making 30 million dollars riding the bench and not playing while a losing team plays its youngsters? Why shouldn’t that losing team give the player some slack and let him go somewhere else try to get a ring? Why does he have to ride the pine or be sent home?

      It’s win-win. The team already has to pay him either way because the contract’s on their books. Let the player go contribute somewhere. Why not?

      • Loyo675

        Because opposing teams are less likely to trade for buyout candidates and this leaves in a thought spot the team who’s trying to trade them. I’m not against the concept of buyout per se, but it’s as clear as sky that it creates a distortion in the market

  6. Bryzzo2016

    Why would the Bulls want Derozan? The one position they don’t need to upgrade is SG with Lavine still young, under a team friendly extension and is already better than Derozan. This team needs a legit C and PG.

    • stevep-4

      Yeh that sounds like a GarPax move. Let’s get an old, mid-range jump shooter, put him at a spot we already have 2 decent shooters in, and wonder why it’s not “pushing us into the playoffs”. I have to wonder who those “sources” are, maybe DeRozan’s agents?

  7. Corporal Foxtrot

    Derozen is best suited with the raptors. Powell,Baynes,Davis, McCaw a late first for Derozen. Then trade Stanley Johnson,a 2024 pick & Thomas for Bamba. Raptors would fill two voids….a allstar almost superstar who can lead you to the playoffs with a good core and a two way big with untapped potential. Vanvleet,Derozen,OG,Siakam,Bamba. Then raps obviously re up Derozen and Bamba. That’s if the spurs aren’t afraid to make the deal however.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Raptors could use Powell and Lowry in three way to get DeRozan back. Looks like Spurs are cutting salary. So they can just retool teal and still compete, get younger. They are only 2 gms out of 6th seed. Drummond gets bought and most likely wii. Pops should look into it. He will know how to use him and maximize his output. Don’t buy DeRozan to Magic. Fournier has a few options. And why would Magic want to get older. They are better selling and concentrating on draft. They luck out with Mobley. They can move Vucevic for a lot. Celtics sounds like a serious offer for Magic players.

    • Corporal Foxtrot

      Nope. My trade proposal makes sense. No including both Lowry & Powell.

    • stevep-4

      Why? I would rather see their two empty bench spots than take on DeRozan, he makes no sense on the Bulls roster.

      • Bulls clearly signaling they’re moving on from Porter and they don’t want to pay Lori. DeMar hasn’t played SG for years now, and HAS been a great facilitator and scorer for Spurs at SF/small line up PF.

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