Warriors Viewed As Potential Trade-Deadline Wild Card

With a 19-18 record at the All-Star break, the Warriors have slipped out of the top eight in the Western Conference and haven’t kept pace with many of the teams viewed as legit title contenders this season. However, as Tom Haberstroh writes for TrueHoop, Golden State is better equipped than many of those top teams to make a major trade at this month’s deadline.

One of the Warriors’ most intriguing assets is the first-round pick they’re owed from the Timberwolves. That pick is top-three protected in 2021 and would be unprotected in 2022 if it doesn’t convey this year.

“Golden State is the team to watch right now,” one general manager told Haberstroh. “No one knows what they’re going to do with that pick.”

The Warriors had a lottery pick for the first time in years in 2020 and used it to select James Wiseman, who is viewed as a foundational piece for the franchise. If Minnesota’s pick falls outside the top three this year, that would give Golden State another opportunity to add a young building block to its core.

However, Warriors star Stephen Curry will turn 33 years old next Sunday and the team wants to remain in title contention while he’s still in his prime. A package built around Wiseman, the Timberwolves’ pick, and Andrew Wiggins‘ sizeable contract could return a star.

A couple of factors reduce the odds of the Warriors making a big swing at this year’s deadline though. For one, it’s not clear if it will be worth mortgaging the team’s future for any players on the trade block this month, with Bradley Beal and other stars expected to be off limits. Additionally, it might not make sense for Golden State to make a splash on the trade market right now when Klay Thompson won’t be back on the court until next season.

Rival teams still view the Warriors as a wild card at the March 25 deadline, but as Haberstroh writes, the club may ultimately have to wait until the offseason to make its move.

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54 thoughts on “Warriors Viewed As Potential Trade-Deadline Wild Card

  1. seamaholic 2

    The Twolves pick, Wiseman, and Wiggins (who is playing well) is an awful lot for anyone this side of the LeBrons and Giannis’ and Jokic’s of the world.

    • Marty McRae

      I think Wiseman, Wiggins and lower level players for Beal works for both sides, either Wiseman or the pick can be kept imo.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Big mistake to move Wiseman. Beal plays same position as Klay. Warriors should be focused on next yr. Wiseman wii be a yr wiser.

  2. jpritch002

    I don’t understand why the Warriors would even consider trading Wiseman right now… I’d think they would be better off keeping Wiseman for the future and keep the pick this year and hoping it doesn’t end up top 3. Wiggins, sure if the move is good like for a PF (possibly Jerami Grant if he’s available) then I think you do it but if your not getting much back then why do it? To me this article doesn’t really make much sense. The only “star” that might be available for the Warriors is Vucevic but I think Wiseman could eventually be better than Vucevic so I don’t think that makes much sense.

    • Unless they can get a very good big man that is in a long contract I can’t see them trading Wiseman. Wiseman is just real raw and still has a lot to learn but that potential is huge.

    • Marty McRae

      Problem is: future is now, they’re doing their damnest to waste a prime year of Curry in a year where he’s blowing away his unanimous MVP season, a season where he’s literally putting the entire NBA on his back. Wiseman isn’t ready yet, but they need ready-now guys. Wiseman should be moved for a high-IQ, elite big who can hang with Steph and Dray’s passing.

      • They do not have enough big men to win a championship so trading Wiseman will weaken up the center position. Lakers, Nuggets, Phoenix, and Portland has the big men to hurt them in the playoffs. Looney is not durable and gets push around by much taller players. They need a real big man inside so Beal makes no sense for them to obtain.

      • ABStract

        Trading Wiseman is ridiculous and I find it hard to fathom how the W’s are “wasting” this season with Curry…with Thompson out they’ve done everything they could have and more
        Did anyone actually have championship aspirations with Curry as the lone star?
        Reality people, a lot of America really needs to get a little more acquainted with it

        • I am a warrior fan but know it would be a miracle to get to the championship through how many tough teams are in the west. Right now they can compete with any playoff team but will not beat any of the top 4 teams in a 7 game series. You would need opponent injuries to win. So why trade away your best future player for a miracle championship?

      • DrSeuss69

        how about a trade with the hawks? Wiseman fits better with Trae in the timeline..GS can get Collins and other players/shooters

  3. Their payroll is so high I doubt they make a big trade. They can’t afford a high payroll player that has more than a 1 year deal. Maybe some small deal for a expiring contract but not a large deal. They still need a big man to go along with Looney and Wiseman. Somebody who can set screens.

    • Marty McRae

      They can afford everything, where are you seeing otherwise? Lacob has repeatedly stated money will never stand between him and any player.

      • You will have no money for a bench. That will be a problem next year if they take on another big contract.

      • You do not seem to understand how bad their situation is. Every dollar they spend is something like $3.50 in penalties (approx; I don’t feel like doing the exact math right now).

        Signing someone for $5 million is a total cost of ~$20 million because of how much they will pay in penalties.

        • Gary G.

          Why does that tax make it a “bad situation?” This ownership group is not afraid to pay the tax. We can see that because they’re doing it now LOL, they’ll be doing it the next five years lol. What makes it bad?

          They bought the team for 450 ML and now it’s worth 4 Billion. Money is not a problem. This ownership group is different from the rest.

          Did you not know that signing or trading for Kelly Oubre, who’s contract is 17 million, cost the team a gazillion more than that? Everyone on here who talks salary and too much money and the Warriors in the same sentence, has no clue. End of story.

        • Daniel B 2

          Golden State’s luxury tax bill isn’t going to be anywhere near as high because of COVID. They can afford plenty more than what they are paying too- reportedly they generated 400+ mil in revenue. link to nbcsports.com

    • totoiv

      I agree the cost is step but they still have Klay’s $9.3M injury exception. Earlier articles on here said they would wait till mid-season to use the exception to leverage around a $18M salaried player. However, they were more looking for a team out of contention wanting to shed a large contract for a minimal trade return or someone the gets cut due to a team’s salary issues and not give up an asset.

      • Gary G.

        Yes good point totoiv. The Warriors will do what it takes and spend the necessary money. But they’re not drunken sailors.

  4. Buckman

    Seems like they are leaning more “win now” than “win in the future” if the incoming player is right.

    • Gary G.

      Buckman, That’s exactly right. You got it. I’m so tired of the tanking now for the future. It’s possible you do at 1 year when you’re hit hard with injuries, but you always have to win now. You always go for it now.

      Look at the Spurs. They went for it “now” 18 years in a row. When’s the last time the Lakers didn’t go for it? You always go for it now. Losers are continually building for the future. They talk about “the next two years” forever.

      • claude raymond

        Hey Gary. What should they do with Oubre? He’ll be a free agent. Can they resign him? Should they resign him? Can they afford him and still keep Wiggins? IMO, he has a better upside than Wiggins. Can or should they keep both? There are moments when Oubre plays like a superstar and it could be argued that he’s much better than any draft pick could be so I think that trading a pick would be okay but if you package Wiseman and/or Wiggins with a pick I feel that would be too much.

        I guess long story short I’d hate to see Oubre go. And I like him more than Wiggins. So Gary, I agree with your statement about management not being concerned with expense and what I’d like you to post is what do you propose they should do in detail please. Cuz you’re very good at that stuff. Let’s assume that Thompson comes back close to 100%.

        • Gary G.

          If Warriors upgrade, oubre or Wiggins has to go. You’re not going to pay a guy 17 million or 20 something million in Wiggins case, to play 22 minutes. Plus to get a guy that’s an All-Star they will have to give up a pretty good player who is young.. like a Kelly oubre.

          I agree with you, he’s an exciting slasher dunker and has potential as a shooter and on defense. But he’s just not quite enough in the 4th quarter of a playoff game. Same with Wiggins.

          So the answer is you trade Wiggins and his Max (plus assets) for a better Max guy. You trade Kelly Oubres and other assets away in order to get another, better player.

          Quick note on the reasoning that I’m thinking… there’s a premium on shooting in today’s NBA. Carmelo Anthony is playing at 38 years old because he can still shoot the Rock. Kelly Oubre is good, but an inconsistent shooter so with Wiggins being the same you can’t keep both and have Championship aspirations.

          • claude raymond

            You commented previously against tanking. And I like the idea of trading Wiggins AND Oubre but would that be considered tanking? Personally, since this year is a wash, I don’t want them to “try” to get to postseason. Call it tanking if you will, but why finish top ten and lose theThunder pick when there’s no Klay? And if they don’t make playoffs (are bottom 14) they’d get s lottery pick. So I’m liking seeing what offers they can get for Wiggins/Oubre by teams with finals aspirations at deadline. Now my question to you is what do you think they could get in return while still keeping their future draft picks?

            • Gary G.

              Teams do tank but I can’t stand it and I think it’s stupid. Like I said I’ve seen so many franchises screw up the number one pick up or the number 3 pick and yet other teams score a star at 15 or 21. I think the Warriors went for it this year and they showed it by going for Kelly oubre. I don’t think they’re tanking. They’re holding out Curry or playing him 32 minutes so they can come in as the seven seed and perhaps pull an upset with curry fresh. I don’t think they’re tanking.

            • Gary G.

              Claude I don’t know the answer to that. I’ve seen them go for it but who knows what goes on behind the scenes. Are you thinking that they hope they don’t make the playoffs this year? So they can keep a pic? That could be and I know teams do it all the time and the Warriors have done it in the past at times. Probably makes good sense. But I can’t stand it.

              Last year they tanked in anticipation of this year and look what happened. Came back to bite them in the butt with Klay Thompson going down. So what are you going to do, tank again? Forget it I’m a proponent of going for it every single year. Just draft better. Scout well so when you’re picking at 18 or 23 you can get an outstanding player.

      • Otogar

        When’s the last time the Lakers didn’t go for it? Two years ago, I’d say, when LeBron sat out the second half of the season.

        • Gary G.

          Yes Otogar, but injuries took their toll. They didn’t go into the year saying, let’s tank this one.

  5. j_butte

    ESPN had a article yesterday that had a ridiculous proposed Warriors Hawks trade involving about 157 players. It had Collins, Huerter, Reddish and the Hawks 1 all going to the W’s for a bunch of spare parts and the Wolves pick. I’d think that Collins for the Wolves pick may be a decent framework for both teams if the Warriors don’t mind paying him. It would clear up a logjam for Atlanta and give the Warriors another playmaker. The Hawks could package the picks for a real 2 guard.

  6. azcrook

    The real wildcard for the Warriors is how well Thompson can perform next year after almost two years away from competition

    • Marty McRae

      He’ll probably be about as good in his return as KD is playing this year from his injury.

    • Gary G.

      I’m thinking Klay Thompson is a different kind of guy than most so my fingers are crossed he comes back pretty strong. The shooting won’t go away, we know that and he’s 6 7 so he’ll be able to get his shot off.

      His defense won’t be top of the line and he may not go to the basket as much next year. It’s not like he ever did that much anyway, so he’ll just lose a little of his defense. The shot should be money for the next four years.

  7. julyn82001

    Warriors’ Joe Lacob has repeatedly said money is not an issue. Joe reminds me of Yankee’s top decision maker George Steinbrenner that never hesitated to pull the check book bringing best players to win championships, budget restrictions or otherwise…

    • Gary G.

      He not only says it, he DOES it. He hands out Max contract left and right, paid Draymond Green a truckload of money to do two things on the floor, made the Kelly oubre trade which cost a little bit of money, and they’re looking to do more. The Warriors will never be a team that is handcuffed.

      What a lot of people don’t realize is the main reason they took back Andrew Wiggins is for that Max slot. How many times do you read a team like Miami…, they’d have to give up like five guys who are young and foundational if you want to bring in a superstar. That’s counterproductive. You need a Max slot guy to trade away if you want to bring in a Max slot Guy.. usually.

  8. Yes, making a “splash” should be the least of their concerns. That’s for teams trying to impress people outside the organization, be it fans, media or other even other teams. The deadline is a seller’s market, to be avoided by buyers, if possible. Sometimes it’s not possible, for sure.

    I’d listen to any team that actually likes Wiggins as much as many on this site do (by like I mean, they think he has value under his current contract). I’d have no problem dealing the Wolves pick, because I’m not sure it will ever have more value than it does right now. Wiseman, to me, is a long term hold, but obviously there are players for whom you’d have to consider including him as well.

  9. claude raymond

    PLEASE feel free to comment positive or negative.

    I’m gonna make some assumptions that Twolves pick inthe top 3 AND warriors don’t make the playoffs. And they trade oubre AND Wiggins for players who can help them next year(s).

    This would mean that they’d have a lottery pick this year (2021) BUT would not get Twolves 1st round pick. They’d get assets from the trades. They’d have Thompson back who essentially would be equal to a lotto pick.

    In 2022 theyd have the Twolves 1st rounder, their own 1st round pick and 2 second round picks. Wiseman would have 2 years of experience, this years pick would have 1 year experience. So though I agree it’s fun watching their competitiveness is it sacrilegious to hope they don’t make playoffs when there’s a slim and none chance of a title? I realize Curry and company aren’t getting any younger but do we wear them down, this season, more than is necessary? Again, don’t hold back with your comments

    • WallyWood

      It sounds like Warriors fans here are all in favor of their team overpaying their players, specifically Wiggins and Green, to make it easier to trade for other players with large salaries. It seems like quite the novel approach to running an NBA franchise, we’ll see how well their strategy works next year.

      • Gary G.

        For a team over the cap you don’t want to waste Kevin Durant Max salary slot so you do a sign-and-trade for D’Angelo Russell and get a first-rounder out of it. Then you trade D’Angelo Russell’s Max contract slot to the Minnesota Timberwolves for a first round pick and Andrew Wiggins. That strategy has probably run its course but you don’t want to give up five young guys that are foundational for the future for a 30 million dollar super stud. Be a lot easier to throw Andrew Wiggins in there, especially if he’s having a good season, comparatively. I guess as you say, we’ll see how it plays out. Fingers crossed.

  10. KnickerbockerAl

    Send Wiggins to NY. You don’t want him anyway.
    Noel, Payton, Bullock, future pick

    • Gary G.

      Hey Al, I think The whole point of getting Wiggins was his max salary slot. Why burn four roster spots for that salary when you have one guy you can move his contract as a piece of the puzzle in trade ?

      • claude raymond

        Gary, I wanted to clarify what I asked you earlier. You said they should trade Wiggins and oubre. You also despise tanking. So my question is, would trading them weaken the team to the point they’d finish poorly and in essence be seen as tanking. And that is why I wanted your thoughts on who they could acquire in those trades that would keep them competitive and therefore avoid the appearance of tanking

        • Gary G.

          Oh okay sorry if I misunderstood. I’m just thinking they would trade Oubre and or Wiggins to improve. They would trade Oubre plus assets or Wiggins plus assets to get a better player.

          The question is which player? I really don’t know who. The Aaron Gordon’s or the Evan Fourniers or the Lonzo Balls Etc, I don’t know how much those guys would improve the team. So your guess is as good as mine. And then do they trade Oubre just to get something back because he’s an on an expiring contract? I’m not sure. So maybe I don’t have an answer for you.

          • claude raymond

            You answered. Those trades would improve them and not make them worse

            • Gary G.

              Hopefully we’ll know more in the next few weeks. I guess it’s possible the Warriors are sellers this year, but wow that would suck.

              Claude, what would you prefer the Warriors do? Buyers or sellers at the deadline?

              • Juicey24

                If Oubre does not agree to extension I would trade him. But I think he will rise.For Wiggins I am not so sure. I would also not trade Wiesman. I think they will suprise us all. Get great players and young players with prospect.

              • claude raymond

                Well Gary, I know you’ll disagree but I think back to the 1980 WarriorCeltic trade. Boston clearly had a better view of the draft prospects. AND they got Parish to boot. I feel current warrior management is top notch and i trust their ability to judge talent and to avoid a repeat of that debacle.. So I don’t want to lose picks. If they can trade oubre without losing picks I’m for that. He’ll be off the books next year and they could sign a better fit. Personally, I think they acquired oubre with intent to trade him (sorry, that’s probably obvious). And maybe same goes for Wiggins. So I guess that means I’m selling. I don’t see it as tanking. I’m gonna call it a reboot. Youngsters get the opportunity to get better. Steph and Green stay fresher for a title run next year. and we cross our fingers that no catastrophic injuries occur again

  11. Alex Ashton

    Oubre is must move or must re-sign, else the Dubs’ Salary Cap status will prevent them from signing anyone to replace him.

    Wiggins is tradable. Well worth keeping, but only players worth keeping have much trade value. His salary is still an issue, but less so with the solid offense, strong defense, and iron-man durability he’s shown this year.

    Wiseman could also be traded. He’s still raw, but he has looked good for a very young big man, and his contract assures 3 more years of affordability.

    MIN Pick is a gem. If it falls #4 or #5, it should be draft-to-keep. If it slides to next year, the wait and the uncertainty make it a possible trade chip.

    Last valuable trade asset in Paschall. He is a good player, getting better, VERY affordable — a “throw-in” in terms of salary. Again, he is well worth keeping, but maybe not the best fit for the Dubs’ offensive scheme.

    For the trade deadline, I think it boils down to the decision about Oubre. If they’re going to trade him, then any deal may need to include other assets.

    • claude raymond

      Thx Alex. I was clueless to think they could just resign and have that $ available. So how can they free up money?

  12. Daniel B 2

    Golden State’s luxury tax bill isn’t going to be anywhere near as high because of COVID. They can afford plenty more than what they are paying too- reportedly they generated 400+ mil in revenue. link to nbcsports.com

  13. revvoozzz

    Didn’t the warriors have a good run when Wiggins, Wiseman, Curry, Dray and Oubre played healthy all at the same time? Trading any of em is just unstable if they wanna be title contenders.

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