Mavericks Fined $25K By NBA

The Mavericks have been fined $25K “for violating league rules related to bench decorum,” the NBA announced (via Twitter).

“On multiple occasions, several players and a member of the coaching staff stood away from Dallas’ team bench and were on or encroaching upon the playing court” during Game 2’s loss to the Suns, the announcement says.

The boisterous bench squad, led by two-way player Theo Pinson, who’s ineligible for the playoffs, have made their presence felt throughout the season, writes Tim MacMahon of ESPN.

Probably more s–t talking than coaching,” Pinson says. “We just try to do everything we can to help our teammates. We just want to give ourselves an advantage. We’re causing a problem for the other team, just mentally. I don’t see other teams doing what we do.”

However, the league has taken notice of their antics, including for “bench decorum” violations in a “Points of Education” video sent out prior to the postseason, MacMahon notes.

We’re probably on the floor a little bit too much here and there, but we’ve tamed it back from the regular season,” Pinson says. “We police ourselves over there a lot more than we did in the regular season.”

Pinson, who signed a couple of 10-day hardship contracts with the Mavs before inking a two-way deal in January, has provided a major spark in an intangible way: team chemistry.

Our chemistry is way better now than it was at the start of the season,” Luka Doncic said before the start of the second round. “We’re together, and I think it’s improved a lot. You can see it on the court and off the court.”

The Suns lead the Mavs in their second-round matchup two games to zero, with Game 3 set for Friday night in Dallas.

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