Jerami Grant Open To Re-Signing With Trail Blazers

After an offseason trade to Portland, Jerami Grant is enjoying his time with the Trail Blazers and may be inclined to re-sign when he reaches free agency next summer, writes Michael Scotto of HoopsHype.

“I’m satisfied right now,” Grant said. “I’m really happy with what we’re doing. We’ll just talk about it when it comes.”

Grant’s numbers are impressive through 19 games — 21.5 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.6 assists — but the one that stands out is his 48.2% shooting percentage on three-pointers. Scotto notes that he’s getting plenty of open looks from playing alongside Damian Lillard and Anfernee Simons. Grant made 64.1% of his shots from the field off an assist last year in Detroit, but that number is up to 69.2% so far this season. Grant, Lillard and Simons are one of three trios around the league who are all averaging more than 20 points per game.

Grant was the main focus of the offense during his two seasons with the Pistons, and he said that challenge forced him to develop more ways to score.

“It definitely helped me to prepare for this,” he said. “Being the No. 1 option and seeing a lot of different coverages, defenses, and double-teams made this a lot easier for me. I’m thankful for my time there. I grew as a player. Now, I’m kind of reaping the benefits.”

The Blazers are happy to have Grant after acquiring him over the summer in a trade focused mainly on draft assets. He has contributed to the fast turnaround in Portland as the Blazers are in seventh place in the West after an 11-9 start. It may take a maximum offer to re-sign him, but Scotto believes the team is willing to make that commitment to give Lillard a chance to compete for an NBA title.

“I think he’s added a layer to our team on both ends of the floor,” Lillard said of Grant. “A lot of times, he’s taking the toughest matchup defensively. He’s using his size, length and athleticism to be disruptive and give guys like Anfernee and myself the opportunity to play off the ball and not wear ourselves out on the defensive end of the floor every possession and then have to go score and make plays as much as we do offensively. On offense, he’s been able to score in isolation, transition, hit catch-and-shoot threes, and post up. He’s doing so many different things for us on both ends of the floor. He’s so versatile. It’s made us a much better team having him.”

As of January 6, Grant will be eligible for a veteran extension worth up to $112.65MM over four years. His maximum salary if he were to re-sign with Portland as a free agent would be a projected $233.16MM over five years.

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