Players Who Can’t Be Traded Until January 15

As we detailed in an earlier article, players who signed new contracts as free agents during the 2023/24 league year can’t be traded for three months or until December 15, whichever comes later. That means that nearly every team has at least one player – and often more than one – who won’t become trade-eligible until mid-December.

There’s also a small subset of free agent signees whose trade ineligibility lasts for an extra month. These players all meet a specific set of criteria: Not only did they re-sign with their previous team this offseason, but they got a raise of at least 20%, their salary is worth more than the minimum, and their team was over the cap, using Bird or Early Bird rights to sign them.

Listed below are the players who meet this criteria and can’t be traded until at least January 15, 2024. Players who have the ability to veto trades in 2023/24 are marked with a caret (^).

We’ll continue to update this page over the next few months, if necessary.

Brooklyn Nets

Charlotte Hornets

Chicago Bulls

Los Angeles Lakers

Milwaukee Bucks

New Orleans Pelicans

Orlando Magic

Philadelphia 76ers

Portland Trail Blazers

Sacramento Kings

San Antonio Spurs

Toronto Raptors

Washington Wizards

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