Lakers Exploring Trades For Murray, Numerous Other Players


They're not particularly interested in the Hornets' Miles Bridges, a potential alternative to Finney-Smith, because they wouldn't hold his Bird Rights and Bridges would likely sign a more lucrative contract elsewhere in the summer.

Lakers Notes: Irving, LeBron, Russell, Reaves, Lineup


The Mavericks held Irving's Bird Rights and were determined to keep him and Luka Doncic together, re-signing him to a three-year, $126MM deal.

Stein’s Latest: Raptors, Siakam Trade, Brown, Knicks Targets, More


The Pacers can only offer Siakam a two-year, $81.5MM extension during the season, but they acquired his Bird rights in the trade, which was a motivating factor in getting him now. … Acquiring Siakam's Bird rights allows the Pacers to go over the salary cap to keep him giving them increased flexibility this summer.

Pacers Finalizing Trade For Pascal Siakam


The Pacers will hold his Bird rights, giving them the ability to offer up to five years once he becomes a free agent.

Seventeen More Players Become Trade-Eligible


His team was over the cap and used Bird or Early Bird rights to sign him.

Paul George “Optimistic” About Extension Talks With Clippers


Harden won't become extension-eligible prior to the expiration of his current contract, but the Clippers will hold his Bird rights

Kings Rumors: Siakam, LaVine, Kuzma, Monk, Murray, Ellis


The Kings will hold Early Bird rights on Malik Monk when he reaches free agency this offseason, giving them the ability to offer up to $78MM over four years.

Hoops Rumors Glossary: 10-Day Contract


At the conclusion of the regular season, a player on a hardship 10-day deal would immediately become a free agent, with his team holding no form of Bird rights on him.

Hoops Rumors Glossary: Hard Cap


Once a team uses up all of its cap room, it can use a series of "exceptions" - including the mid-level, bi-annual, and various forms of Bird rights - to exceed the cap.

Pistons Among Teams Eyeing OG Anunoby


However, if the Pistons were to acquire Anunoby, Harris, or someone else with a similar contract situation, the player's Bird rights would be traded along with him, putting the Pistons in a strong position to extend or re-sign him.

Trade Breakdown: Chris Paul To The Warriors


That would require a major discount though, as they’ll lose his Bird rights if they waive him -- they’d likely be limited to offering him a minimum-salary deal unless they remove additional salary from their books.

Hoops Rumors Glossary: Hardship Exception


The team wouldn't hold any form of Bird rights on that player.

Mid-Level, Bi-Annual Projections For 2024/25


The mid-level exception and bi-annual exception are the two key tools that an over-the-cap team typically has at its disposal to sign free agents from other clubs -- or to re-sign one of its own free agents, if the player's Bird rights aren't available or sufficient.

Atlantic Notes: Walker, Gallinari, Dowtin, Batum

2023/11/atlantic-notes-walker-gallinari-dowtin-batum.html's Blake Murphy reports (Twitter link) Dowtin is signing a G League contract and will suit up for the Delaware Blue Coats, the affiliate of the Sixers, who acquired his returning player rights in September. … Playing for Boston would have been a dream come true for Danilo Gallinari, who grew up a fan of the Celtics and Larry Bird, according to The Athletic's Jay King.

Sixers Notes: Trade Targets, Harden, Maxey, Embiid, Harris, Martin


He points out that Philadelphia has Harris' Bird rights, which will help with his next contract but would eat into the club's cap room.

Trade Breakdown: Bradley Beal To The Suns


Phoenix also re-signed Josh Okogie at near the minimum -- he got a slight raise using his non-Bird rights. … The Wizards acquired Chris Paul; Landry Shamet; the draft rights to Bilal Coulibaly (No.

Players Currently Affected By Trade Restrictions


These 18 players all meet a specific set of criteria: Not only did they re-sign with their previous team this offseason, but they got a raise of at least 20%, their salary is worth more than the minimum, and their team was over the cap, using Bird or Early Bird rights to sign them. … It also includes those players who remain unsigned, such as James Nnaji and Tristan Vukcevic, since their draft rights can be traded until they sign their contract.

Heat Notes: Love, Adebayo, Free Agency, Training Camp


When they re-signed him this summer, the Heat used their Non-Bird rights on Love to give him a salary that's 20% above the veteran's minimum, so he'll earn $3,835,738 in 2023/24 instead of $3,196,448.

Community Shootaround: Nuggets’ Offseason


The 27-year-old received far more money from Indiana than the Nuggets could have given him because they only had his Non-Bird rights, so it's not like they did something wrong.

Kings Notes: Vezenkov, Monk, McGee


Monk, who is entering the final year of his deal, will only have Early Bird rights in 2024 after signing a two-year contract with the Kings, and he is not extension-eligible. … Former Olympiacos star Sasha Vezenkov decided to come stateside for the 2023/24 season, signing a three-year, $20MM contract with the Kings, who held his draft rights.

22 Players Remain Eligible For Rookie Scale Extensions


Once they use up their space in '24, they can go over the cap to re-sign Maxey using his Bird rights.

Poll: James Harden’s Team On Opening Night


Harden's new team would acquire his Bird rights and might be pretty confident about its ability to re-sign him next summer, but he won't be extension-eligible before becoming a free agent, so there are no guarantees.

Players Who Can’t Be Traded Until January 15


These players all meet a specific set of criteria: Not only did they re-sign with their previous team this offseason, but they got a raise of at least 20%, their salary is worth more than the minimum, and their team was over the cap, using Bird or Early Bird rights to sign them.

NBA Players Who Can Veto Trades In 2023/24


If any player who re-signed for one year approves a trade during the 2023/24 league year, he'll have Non-Bird rights at season's end instead of Early Bird or full Bird rights. … A handful of players with veto rights consented to trades during the 2022/23 season, including Mike Muscala, Serge Ibaka, Ryan Arcidiacono, and Kessler Edwards.