Outstanding Trade Exceptions

Hoops Rumors’ up-to-date list of traded player exceptions is below. These are salary cap exceptions teams can use to acquire one or more players whose salaries are no greater than the amount of the exception plus $100K. Trade exceptions cannot be combined or used to sign a free agent, and expire after one year. For more information on traded player exceptions, check out Hoops’ Rumors glossary entry.

The amount of the exception, the deal in which it was obtained, and the expiration date are listed below. If a team has used a portion of an exception, that is also indicated. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

List updated 6-30-15

Boston Celtics

Amount: $1,334,092
Obtained: Kris Humphries (Wizards)
Initial amount: $4,250,000
Used: Will Bynum ($2,915,908)
Expires: 7/19/15

Amount: $285,816
Obtained: Keith Bogans (Cavaliers)
Initial amount: $5,285,816
Used: Brandan Wright ($5,000,000)
Expires: 9/25/15

Amount: $152,757
Obtained: Joel Anthony (Pistons)
Initial amount: $3,800,000
Used: Jameer Nelson ($2,732,000), Jae Crowder ($915,243)
Expires: 10/17/15

Amount: $12,909,090
Obtained: Rajon Rondo (Mavericks)
Expires: 12/18/15

Amount: $507,336
Obtained: Dwight Powell (Mavericks)
Expires: 12/18/15

Amount: $500,000
Obtained: Brandan Wright (Suns)
Initial amount: $5,000,000
Used: Jonas Jerebko ($4,500,000)
Expires: 1/9/16

Amount: $625,280
Obtained: Jameer Nelson (Nuggets)
Expires: 1/13/16

Amount: $689,840
Obtained: Austin Rivers (Clippers)
Initial amount: $2,439,840
Used: Gigi Datome ($1,750,000)
Expires: 1/15/16

Amount: $7,707,865
Obtained: Tayshaun Prince (Pistons)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $1,336,394
Obtained: Marcus Thornton (Suns)
Expires: 2/19/16

Brooklyn Nets

Amount: $1,120,920
Obtained: Marquis Teague (Sixers)
Expires: 10/24/15

Amount: $3,326,235**
Obtained: Andrei Kirilenko (Sixers)
Expires: 12/11/15

Amount: $816,482
Obtained: Jorge Gutierrez (Sixers)
Expires: 12/11/15

Amount: $2,339,131 **
Obtained: Kevin Garnett (Timberwolves)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $1,357,080
Obtained: Mason Plumlee (Trail Blazers)
Expires: 6/26/16

** — One of these two exceptions was used to acquire Steve Blake. Whichever exception the Nets used for that purpose has been reduced in value by $2,077,000.

Charlotte Hornets

Amount: $646,250
Obtained: Matt Barnes (Grizzlies)
Expires: 6/25/16

Amount: $548,000
Obtained: Luke Ridnour (Thunder)
Expires: 6/25/16

Cleveland Cavaliers

Amount: $635,816
Obtained: Keith Bogans (Sixers)
Initial amount: $5,285,816
Used: Timofey Mozgov ($4,650,000)
Expires: 9/27/15

Denver Nuggets

Amount: $971,640
Obtained: Timofey Mozgov (Cavaliers)
Initial amount: $4,650,000
Used: Thomas Robinson ($3,678,360)
Expires: 1/7/16

Amount: $11,250,000
Obtained: JaVale McGee (Sixers)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $7,500,000
Obtained: Arron Afflalo (Trail Blazers)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $915,243
Obtained: Alonzo Gee (Trail Blazers)
Expires: 2/19/16

Detroit Pistons

Amount: $1,090,000
Obtained: Kyle Singler (Thunder)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $795,631
Obtained: D.J. Augustin (Thunder)
Expires: 2/19/16

Houston Rockets

Amount: $390,089
Obtained: Jeremy Lin (Lakers)
Initial amount: $8,374,646
Used: Corey Brewer ($4,702,500), Alexey Shved ($3,282,057)
Expires: 7/13/15

Amount: $816,482
Obtained: Troy Daniels (Timberwolves)
Expires: 12/18/15

Amount: $1,619,096
Obtained: Alexey Shved (Knicks)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $816,482
Obtained: Isaiah Canaan (Sixers)
Expires: 2/19/16

Los Angeles Clippers

Amount: $915,243
Obtained: Jared Cunningham (Sixers)
Expires: 1/7/16

Memphis Grizzlies

Amount: $396,068
Obtained: Quincy Pondexter (Pelicans)
Initial amount: $3,146,068
Used: Luke Ridnour ($2,750,000)
Expires: 1/12/16

Amount: $967,500
Obtained: Jon Leuer (Suns)
Expires: 6/26/16

Minnesota Timberwolves

Amount: $6,308,194
Obtained: Kevin Love (Cavaliers)
Expires: 8/23/15

Amount: $2,847,180
Obtained: Corey Brewer (Rockets)
Initial amount: $4,702,500
Used: Adreian Payne ($1,855,320)
Expires: 12/19/15

Amount: $1,500,000
Obtained: Ronny Turiaf (Sixers)
Expires: 12/19/15

Amount: $816,482
Obtained: Troy Daniels (Hornets)
Expires: 2/10/16

Amount: $500,000
Obtained: Mo Williams (Hornets)
Expires: 2/10/16

New Orleans Pelicans

Amount: $507,336
Obtained: Russ Smith (Grizzlies)
Expires: 1/12/16

New York Knicks

Amount: $1,863,840
Obtained: Travis Outlaw (Sixers)
Expires: 10/27/15

Amount: $5,982,375
Obtained: J.R. Smith (Cavaliers)
Expires: 1/5/16

Amount: $2,616,975
Obtained: Iman Shumpert (Cavaliers)
Expires: 1/5/16

Amount: $1,662,961
Obtained: Pablo Prigioni (Rockets)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $1,250,640
Obtained: Tim Hardaway Jr. (Hawks)
Expires: 6/26/16

Oklahoma City Thunder

Amount $88,000
Obtained: Thabo Sefolosha (Hawks)
Initial amount: $4,150,000
Used: Dion Waiters ($4,062,000)
Expires: 7/15/15

Amount: $160,000
Obtained: Hasheem Thabeet (Sixers)
Initial amount: $1,250,000
Used: Kyle Singler ($1,090,000)
Expires: 8/26/15

Amount: $915,243
Obtained: Lance Thomas (Knicks)
Expires: 1/5/16

Amount: $2,204,369
Obtained: Reggie Jackson (Pistons)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $861,405
Obtained: Ish Smith (Pelicans)
Expires: 2/19/16

Amount: $2,750,000
Obtained: Luke Ridnour (Raptors)
Expires: 6/30/16

Phoenix Suns

Amount: $5,500,000
Obtained: Goran Dragic (Heat)
Expires: 2/19/16

Portland Trail Blazers

Amount: $3,241,300
Obtained: Nicolas Batum (Hornets)
Expires: 6/24/16

Amount: $719,920
Obtained: Steve Blake (Nets)
Expires: 6/26/16

Sacramento Kings

Amount: $619,303
Obtained: Isaiah Thomas (Suns)
Initial amount: $3,619,303
Used: Alonzo Gee ($3,000,000)
Expires: 7/12/15

Amount: $915,243
Obtained: Quincy Acy (Knicks)
Expires: 8/6/15

Amount: $228,660
Obtained: Travis Outlaw (Knicks)
Expires: 8/6/15

Amount: $1,225,313
Obtained: Jason Terry (Rockets)
Initial amount: $5,850,313
Used: Andre Miller ($4,625,000)
Expires: 9/17/15

Amount: $2,077,000
Obtained: Ramon Sessions (Wizards)
Expires: 2/19/16

Toronto Raptors

Amount: $2,358,000
Obtained: John Salmons (Hawks)
Expires: 6/30/15

Amount: $695,947
Obtained: Steve Novak (Jazz)
Initial amount: $3,445,947
Used: Luke Ridnour ($2,750,000)
Expires: 7/10/15

Amount: $6,400,000
Obtained: Greivis Vasquez (Bucks)
Expires: 6/25/16

Washington Wizards

Amount: $2,252,089
Obtained: Trevor Ariza (Rockets)
Initial amount: $8,579,089
Used: Kris Humphries ($4,250,000), Ramon Sessions ($2,077,000)
Expires: 7/15/15

Amount: $4,625,000
Obtained: Andre Miller (Kings)
Expires: 2/19/16

Sham Sports, Basketball Insiders and Storytellers Contracts were used in the creation of this list.

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4 Comments on "Outstanding Trade Exceptions"

4 months 23 days ago

I think the Kings’ TPE for Thomas was reduced by $3m from the Terry/Gee trade. Or did they use a different exception to absorb Gee?

4 months 20 days ago

It sure was, thanks for the catch! I’d thought they’d matched salaries in that trade, but instead they put Gee into the Thomas exception and Hopson into the Thornton exception, allowing them to create an exception equivalent to Jason Terry’s salary.


1 year 3 months ago

Basketball Insiders has the Bulls with a $1,074,720 trade exception for Marquis Teague. Not a huge difference but it makes their exception at least usable…

1 year 18 days ago

Yeah, I checked around, and it looks like that’s indeed the amount. There are some differences among the different reputable sites on some of these, but it seems they’re in agreement here. Thanks!