Outstanding Trade Exceptions

February 15 2012 at 10:40am CDT By Luke Adams

Hoops Rumors’ up-to-date list of traded player exceptions is below. These are salary cap exceptions teams can use to acquire one or more players whose salaries are no greater than the amount of the exception plus $100K. Trade exceptions cannot be combined or used to sign a free agent, and expire after one year. For more information on traded player exceptions, check out Hoops’ Rumors glossary entry.

The amount of the exception, the deal in which it was obtained, and the expiration date are listed below. If a team has used a portion of an exception, that is also indicated. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

List updated 2-23-14

Boston Celtics

Amount: $10,275,136
Obtained: Paul Pierce (Nets)
Expires: 7/12/14

Amount: $283,816
Obtained: Fab Melo (Grizzlies)
Expires: 8/15/14

Amount: $2,090,000
Obtained: Courtney Lee (Grizzlies)
Expires: 1/7/2015

Amount: $1,210,080
Obtained: MarShon Brooks (Warriors)
Expires: 1/15/2015

Brooklyn Nets

Amount: $788,872
Obtained: Tyshawn Taylor (Pelicans)
Expires: 1/21/15

Chicago Bulls

Amount: $2,025,000
Obtained: Luol Deng (Cavaliers)
Expires: 1/7/15

Amount: $285,848
Obtained: Marquis Teague (Nets)
Expires: 1/21/15

Denver Nuggets

Amount: $5,000,000
Obtained: Andre Miller (Wizards)
Expires: 2/20/15

Amount: $1,169,880
Obtained: Jordan Hamilton (Rockets)
Expires: 2/20/15

Amount: $6,527,712
Obtained: Andre Iguodala (Warriors)
Initial amount: $9,868,632
Used: $3,340,920
Expires: 7/10/14

Golden State Warriors

Obtained: MarShon Brooks (Lakers)
Expires: 2/19/15

Obtained: Kent Bazemore (Lakers)
Expires: 2/19/15

Amount: $762,195
Obtained: Malcolm Lee (Suns)
Expires: 6/27/14

Amount: $9,835,920
Obtained: Richard Jefferson (Jazz)
Initial amount:  $11,046,000
Used: MarShon Brooks ($1,210,080)
Expires: 7/10/14

Indiana Pacers

Amount: $4,281,921
Obtained: Danny Granger
Expires: 2/20/15

Amount: $1,121,520
Obtained: Miles Plumlee (Suns)
Expires: 7/27/14

Los Angeles Clippers

Amount: $947,907
Obtained: Byron Mullens (Sixers)
Expires: 2/20/15

Amount: $884,293
Obtained: Antawn Jamison (Hawks)
Expires: 2/20/15

Amount: $2,626,474
Obtained: Eric Bledsoe (Suns)
Expires: 7/10/14

Los Angeles Lakers

Amount: $2,789,920
Obtained: Steve Blake (Warriors)
Expires: 2/19/15

Miami Heat

Amount: $884,293
Obtained: Roger Mason Jr. (Kings)
Expires: 2/20/15

Milwaukee Bucks

Amount: $3,250,000
Obtained: Gary Neal (Bobcats)
Expires: 2/20/15

Memphis Grizzlies

Amount: $1,027,424
Obtained: Donte Greene (Celtics)
Expires: 8/15/14

Amount: $1,160,040
Obtained: Tony Wroten (76ers)
Expires: 8/22/14

Amount: $3,135,000
Obtained: Jerryd Bayless (Celtics)
Expires: 1/7/2015

Miami Heat

Amount: $2,200,000
Obtained: Joel Anthony (Celtics)
Expires: 1/15/14

Minnesota Timberwolves

Amount: $762,195
Obtained: Malcolm Lee (Warriors)
Expires: 6/27/14

Amount: $428,576
Obtained: Derrick Williams (Kings)
Expires: 11/26/14

Oklahoma City Thunder

Amount: $6,500,000
Obtained: Kevin Martin (Timberwolves)
Expires: 7/11/14

Sacramento Kings

Amount: $2,424,687
Obtained: Marcus Thornton (Nets)
Expires: 2/19/15

Amount: $620,794
Obtained: Patrick Patterson (Raptors)
Initial amount: $2,316,429
Used: Reggie Evans ($1,695,635)
Expires: 12/9/14

San Antonio Spurs

Amount: $1,463,000
Obtained: Nando De Colo (Raptors)
Expires: 2/20/15

Toronto Raptors

Amount: $1,216,720
Obtained: Andrea Bargnani (Knicks)
Expires: 7/10/14

Amount: $4,583,432
Obtained: Rudy Gay (Kings)
Expires: 12/9/14

Washington Wizards

Amount: $2,016,000
Obtained: Eric Maynor (Sixers)
Expires: 2/20/15

Amount: $1,254,660
Obtained: Emeka Okafor (Suns)
Expires: 10/25/14

Storytellers Contracts and Sham Sports were used in the creation of this list.

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