Outstanding Trade Exceptions

Hoops Rumors’ up-to-date list of traded player exceptions is below. These are salary cap exceptions teams can use to acquire one or more players whose salaries are no greater than the amount of the exception plus $100K. Trade exceptions cannot be combined or used to sign a free agent, and expire after one year. For more information on traded player exceptions, check out Hoops Rumors’ glossary entry.

The amount of the exception, the deal in which it was obtained, and the expiration date are listed below. If a team has used a portion of an exception, that is also indicated. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

List updated 6-30-16

Atlanta Hawks

Amount: $947,276
Obtained: Justin Holiday
Expires: 2/18/17

Brooklyn Nets

Amount: $2,170,465
Obtained: Steve Blake (Pistons)
Expires: 7/13/16

Chicago Bulls

Amount: $2,854,940
Obtained: Kirk Hinrich (Hawks)
Expires: 2/18/17

Amount: $947,276
Obtained: Justin Holiday (Knicks)
Expires: 6/22/17

Cleveland Cavaliers

Amount: $2,329,471
Obtained: Brendan Haywood (Trail Blazers)
Initial amount: $10,522,500
Used: Channing Frye ($8,193,029)
Expires: 7/27/16

Amount: $2,854,940
Obtained: Mike Miller (Trail Blazers)
Expires: 7/27/16

Amount: $845,059
Obtained: Joe Harris (Magic)
Expires: 1/12/17

Amount: $9,638,554
Obtained: Anderson Varejao (Trail Blazers)
Expires: 2/18/17

Amount: $947,276
Obtained: Jared Cunningham (Magic)
Expires: 2/18/17

Denver Nuggets

Amount: $135,000
Obtained: Randy Foye (Thunder)
Expires: 2/18/17

Detroit Pistons

Amount: $6,270,000
Obtained: Jodie Meeks (Magic)
Expires: 6/29/17

Golden State Warriors

Amount: $5,387,825
Obtained: David Lee (Celtics)
Expires: 7/27/16

Amount: $3,197,170
Obtained: Gerald Wallace (Sixers)
Expires: 7/31/16

Los Angeles Clippers

Amount: $947,276
Obtained: Josh Smith (Rockets)
Expires: 1/22/17

Memphis Grizzlies

Amount: $450,000
Obtained: Jeff Green (Clippers)
Expires: 2/18/17

Miami Heat

Amount: $1,706,250
Obtained: Zoran Dragic (Celtics)
Expires: 7/27/16

Amount: $1,294,440
Obtained: Shabazz Napier (Magic)
Expires: 7/27/16

Amount: $2,129,535
Obtained: Mario Chalmers (Grizzlies)
Expires: 11/10/16

Amount: $2,145,060
Obtained: Chris Andersen (Grizzlies)
Expires: 2/16/17

Amount: $845,059
Obtained: Jarnell Stokes (Pelicans)
Expires: 2/18/17

Amount: $2,854,940
Obtained: Brian Roberts (Trail Blazers)
Expires: 2/18/17

Milwaukee Bucks

Amount: $5,200,000
Obtained: Zaza Pachulia (Mavericks)
Expires: 7/9/16

Amount: $4,250,000
Obtained: Jared Dudley (Wizards)
Expires: 7/9/16

Minnesota Timberwolves

Amount: $5,000,000
Obtained: Chase Budinger (Pacers)
Expires: 7/12/16

New Orleans Pelicans

Amount: $102,217
Obtained: Ish Smith (Pelicans)
Initial amount: $947,276
Used: Jarnell Stokes ($845,059)
Expires: 12/24/16

New York Knicks

Amount: $1,572,360
Obtained: Jerian Grant (Bulls)
Expires: 6/22/17

Oklahoma City Thunder

Amount: $2,750,000
Obtained: Luke Ridnour (Raptors)
Expires: 6/30/16

Amount: $2,038,206
Obtained: Perry Jones III (Celtics)
Expires: 7/14/16

Amount: $3,750,001
Obtained: Steve Novak (Nuggets)
Expires: 2/18/17

Phoenix Suns

Amount: $578,651
Obtained: Markieff Morris (Wizards)
Initial amount: $1,560,000
Used: John Jenkins ($981,349)
Expires: 2/18/17

Sham Sports, Basketball Insiders and Storytellers Contracts were used in the creation of this list.

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2 years 3 months ago

Basketball Insiders has the Bulls with a $1,074,720 trade exception for Marquis Teague. Not a huge difference but it makes their exception at least usable…

2 years 16 days ago

Yeah, I checked around, and it looks like that’s indeed the amount. There are some differences among the different reputable sites on some of these, but it seems they’re in agreement here. Thanks!


1 year 4 months ago

I think the Kings’ TPE for Thomas was reduced by $3m from the Terry/Gee trade. Or did they use a different exception to absorb Gee?

1 year 4 months ago

It sure was, thanks for the catch! I’d thought they’d matched salaries in that trade, but instead they put Gee into the Thomas exception and Hopson into the Thornton exception, allowing them to create an exception equivalent to Jason Terry’s salary.


11 months 26 days ago

Read on Twitter Knicks no longer have exceptions because they got under the cap. Can you clarify, reading this list makes me think otherwise.

11 months 25 days ago

They will almost certainly cease to have their trade exceptions soon after the July Moratorium, but for now, since there’s not yet a known cap figure to go under, and since they haven’t renounced any of their cap holds nor any of these exceptions, they technically still have them. Hope this helps!

4 months 7 days ago

Can you explain how the trade exception for Markieff Morris came to be? It appears the trade for him with WAS was a simultaneous trade from both directions, and I thought trade exceptions could only be created with non-simultaneous trades?

4 months 6 days ago

You can gain a trade exception worth a player’s partial salary if you don’t aggregate that salary with anyone else’s. The salaries for Humphries and Blair added up to $1.56MM less than the Morris salary, allowing the exception for the difference.

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