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Sheridan On Gasol, Bulls

Since the moment he was actually traded–only to later have it rescinded by David Stern–there have been many rumors on possible destinations for Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol.

Over at Sheridan Hoops, Chris Sheridan reports that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has let his front office know that he would like to play with Gasol should the Bulls be able to build a package around Carlos Boozer and another player. 

The Bulls have enviable front court depth and team chemistry, though Gasol might just be the type of player worth the risk of breaking that up. Gasol has a very versatile skill set and off the charts basketball IQ, though is being underutilized in the Lakers offense as almost exclusively a high post option when paired with Andrew Bynum and release valve for Bryant. 

On paper Gasol would seem to be a perfect pairing with Joakim Noah. Unlike Bynum, Noah does not need touches to affect a game. This cedes the low block to Gasol to fully utilize his game. The intelligence and passing of both players should make for some interesting high-low passing. 

Rose and Gasol would be a dynamic and intelligent pick and roll pairing, and Gasol's ability to draw and pass out of double teams would open up driving lanes for Rose.

The tandem of Gasol and Noah would upgrade an already stingy Bulls defense, consolidating Boozer's offensive game with a quality defender. 

The question is why the Lakers would want to trade Gasol for a similar but lesser offensive skill set that diminishes their greatest strength, defense. The Lakers need a point guard, and while steady this season, backup C.J. Watson probably is not a significant enough upgrade at the position to warrant downgrading to Boozer.

A possibility that checks out on the ESPN Trade Machine that makes some sense is a deal sending forwards Boozer and Luol Deng for Gasol and Matt Barnes



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13 thoughts on “Sheridan On Gasol, Bulls

  1. jwsox

    BooZer, watson, the bobcats and bulls 1st round picks. If they don’t want to go to the magic offer te same package along with the draft rights to marotic

    • HoopsRumors

      For what it’s worth, I was merely passing along and giving opinions on what Sheridan reported. Personally, I cannot see the Lakers giving Gasol to the Bulls unless a third team is involved to sweeten the deal. Boozer is a downgrade at the same position and Watson is not a good enough upgrade at point guard to compensate for that.

      • jwsox

        this may be true but Marotic being thrown in along with two first round picks. I know the bobcats pick is lottery protected this season, top 5 next season and unprotected after that. Might sweeten the deal. Watson is an upgrade over Fishers corpse which they have had to troll out there every night. and Given the Bynum is more offensive than Noah Boozer might fit in well with the team. Also Boozer is making less money annually so they actually save some cap space. Along with the draft rights to a potentially very very good Power forward who is only 20 and has already been named the Euroleague MVP for the month a few times I believe could help.

        But like I said if the lakers balk at the idea of that deal. I still say the bulls should go to the Magic offer Boozer, Deng, Omir, Marotics rights, The Cats 1st round pick and the bulls first round pick.

        I know a front court of Noah and Howard makes no sense so then you go out and trade Noah somewhere to get a true shooting guard, or someone to replace Deng if he is involved in getting howard(realistic trade Boozer, Omir, Deng, bobcats 1st round, bulls 1st round pick for dwight and Hediu or Reddic) then maybe swing a Noah and butler to boston for Ray Allen(this trade makes sense for both teams. The Center Power forward combination of O’neal and Garnett is horrible. O’neal has no business starting and Being extremely defensive minded Noah allows garnett to focus less on defense..

        Giving the bulls the starting 5 of PG-Rose, SG-Allen, SF-Deng(brewer if deng is traded) PF-Gibson, C-Howard

        Magic get Deng(if traded) at SF, PF-Boozer, C-Omir, they get an expiring contract in Omir, signing rights to a 7foot 20 year old who looks to have enough potential to possibly not want to make a trade if he is involved and 1 first round draft picks.

        The Celtics can ship oneal off and insert Noah into the line up and maybe butler at SG…they get a Nice center to build with Rando and their Defense gets even better…

  2. Murcio32

    Boozer and Deng for Gasol? No way the Bulls do that. Boozer, Watson & picks should be enough. Bulls need Deng to even compete vs the Heat.

    • David

      I would trade boozer. watson, and korver

  3. Anthony A.J. Gadberry

    lol @ Trading Boozer, Deng & The Bobcats Pick for Gasol. No thx.

  4. No chance Deng is involved.

  5. Jonathan

    Why would the Lakers even consider taking Boozer back in a deal.. He is injured a lot and makes almost as much as Gasol. His PPG, rebound, and assists are all down for a third straight year.

  6. hodag435

    I’m thinking that what might be happening is that Bulls management is considering this trade and wanted to check with Rose if that was all right with him

  7. Conjecture101

    Why do reporters like Chris Sheridan make stuff up? How could he possibly know what Derrick Rose is telling the Bulls front office? I mean even if some rogue informant on the bulls payroll is getting this information 3rd hand and relaying it to him, Sheridan reports it as if it’s fact. Not to mention, the trade ideas he proposes based on what is probably false information to begin with are so inconceivable that it makes him look even worse.

  8. baseball52

    I would love to see Gasol play with Rose. Gasol needs a change of scenery desperately. We could potentially see the same thing he did with Kobe in Chicago. I can’t see Deng going their way though. This will need to involve another team.

  9. Neil Tatro

    Even the IDEA that deng would be involved is ludicrous..

  10. Neil Tatro

    Boozer, Watson, and Butler for Gasol and filler

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