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Timberwolves Pursuing Pau Gasol

The Rockets aren't the only club still trying to pry Pau Gasol from the Lakers. The Timberwolves are pursuing a deal for Gasol, dangling rookie Derrick Williams and draft picks, a source tells Chris Tomasson of FOX Sports Florida.

According to Tomasson, the Timberwolves view Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio as their only untouchable players, and would be willing to part with their second overall pick from the 2011 draft if it meant pairing Gasol with fellow Spaniard Rubio. Given the difference in salaries between Gasol ($18.71MM) and Williams ($4.6MM), the T-Wolves would have to include other pieces as well. While Minnesota could build an intriguing package, it's hard to imagine the Lakers moving Gasol unless it nets them a starting point guard or a star at another position, like Dwight Howard.

In December, the Lakers thought they had finalized a deal that would send Gasol to the Rockets, but it was ultimately nixed by the league. Since then, Houston has maintained interest in Gasol, who has also been linked to trade rumors involving Howard and Rajon Rondo, among others.

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12 thoughts on “Timberwolves Pursuing Pau Gasol

  1. Halmag


  2. JudysRockets

    We do not need Gasol, we have THE BEAR (Dalembert) and he is an all round player. Houston, if you trade Lawrey, Scola or Martin, you will have a problem. Gasol is not all of that.

    • Conjecture101

      So you really think the Rockets are championship contenders?

    • I think the Lakers should get Scola and Lowry at least for Gasol and if they can get Martin deff accept. Regarding the T-Wolves, i don’t think their is a chance because all the Lakers need is a good point guard and unless they give up Rubio, no deal.

  3. madman

    Gasol would make gear doo doo out of the bear sorry

  4. madman

    oops bear doo doo

  5. Rong56345

    Wolves need a #2, more importantly

  6. Mega2ser

    The Wolves are asking for Gasol!! So what? They can ask even for Kobe. Let them ask, it won’t hurt anyone.But if they really wants to have an All-Star player like Pau, the only piece they have as equal, that is Kevin Love.
    No draft pics or sheets like Derrick Williams.Just strait deal – Gasol for K.Love.Pau will bring to the snow city a championship experience and will melt well with his compatriot R.Rubio. Solid PG and PF is the foundation of rebuilding. So, if the Wolves still think that they can get Gasol for D.Williams they are wasting their time.In exchange for Derrick, you can get one big, fat and long….middle finger.Nothing else.

    • Steve Frank

      Typical neurotic Laker fan. Passive agressive yet kinda retarded.

  7. Isaac Allen

    I think the T’Wolves do need a veteren to help the younger players develop, but I don’t think Gasol is a good fit. He has a big paycheck and I really don’t see him wanting to play in Minnesota

  8. D.j. Wilson

    I just don’t understand what we are trying to do here…even if D-Will were involved in the trade, we have Beasley, K-Love, a red hot Nikola Pekovic, Anthony Randolph, Anthony Tolliver, stupid Darko AND Gasol!?!?! We do NOT need any more big men!!!!!! Find a good SG PLEASE.

  9. Rong56345


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