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Poll: Is Heat-Thunder A Preview Of The NBA Finals?

With all eyes looking forward to Sunday’s matchup between the Heat and the Thunder, the question of whether the game is a preview of things to come this June continues to be raised. The Heat, currently the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, have won their last four games thanks to balanced play from the team’s ‘Big 3’. Out in the Western Conference, the dynamic duo of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have the Thunder in a comfortable position as the top seed with 3.5 games separating the squad from the Spurs.

Will Sunday give fans a taste of what to expect when the Larry O’Brien Trophy is on the line later this spring? Let us know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Is Heat-Thunder A Preview Of The NBA Finals?

  1. alphakira

    More like Bulls-Thunder.

  2. PRKnight

    i think OKC is going to be upset in the WCF to San Antonio. I do think OKC is the better team but don’t see them in the finals to face the Heat

  3. cseehausen

    Heat, yes, Thunder, no. They’re still too young and lack dominant inside presence. I see them getting upset at some point in the playoffs. Smart money’s on Heat versus Lakers.

  4. T2fly2pbye

    Probably not the heat. D – Rose will be able to sit out the conference finals against the heat to rest for the finals. John lucas goes for 40 a game and the bulls win in 4 games. Lebron James is no where to be found when the 4 quarter comes around. Chris Bosh shoots 10% from the field and cries after every game. D wade keeps the series close.

  5. John Kappel

    As a Bulls fan you guys are both nuts. The Heat are going to bitch slap us just like they did last year. They have gotten better and we didn’t. Nothing has changed from last season except that Rose is now hurting. We may win another game and it goes to 6 instead of 5 this year but that is it.

    • Nick Butler

      obviously your not a bulls fan. bulls got jimmy butler, rip hamilton so they made changes.

      obviously you dont follow the nba too closely LOL

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