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Rockets Aggressively Pursuing Pau Gasol

The Rockets have continued to "aggressively probe" the Lakers in pursuit of a Pau Gasol trade, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. No deal is imminent, however, according to Wojnarowski and Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld (Twitter link).

Houston's interest in Gasol has been well-documented — the Rockets nearly acquired the 31-year-old in December's Chris Paul-to-the-Lakers blockbuster, before the deal was nixed by David Stern. The Lakers may have recently floated the idea that a package of Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola could pry Gasol away, but Houston still appears unwilling to include Lowry in any deal, as Sean Deveney of The Sporting News reports.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports wrote earlier today that if the Rockets won't part with Lowry, they may have to involve a third team in any trade for Gasol in order to get the Lakers the point guard upgrade they desire.

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48 thoughts on “Rockets Aggressively Pursuing Pau Gasol

  1. Visionsofsilver

    As a Laker fan, I would be very pleased with Gasol for Lowry straight up, even without Scola. Hopefully Houston softens it’s stance on Lowry.

    • BrickTops

      As a rockets fan that seems a bit generous of the Lakers. I would do the deal though for sure.

      • Kingl6lopez

        Of course you would, you know how great Gasol is. look what he did for the lakers (2 Championships)

        • BrickTops

          I guess you did not read 75% of my post. “As a rockets fan that seems a bit generous of the Lakers”

          However, Kyle Lowry is on the up and coming, check his stats. He is in the Top 10 in almost every category among PGs already with much more to come. I still think a straight up swap is crazy, but I can see why the Rockets are reluctant to trade him.

          I would be willing to bet that this trade in 3 years will be the other way with Teams thinking it would be stupid to give up Lowry for Gasol straight up. Gasol is getting old.

          • Alkatras


            I don’t see it, Gasol getting old.Many of the other Lakers players at that age range (including Kobe) are already showing signs of getting older.But, not Gasol. He is still posting 20 & 10 every night.That is an All-Star production.And he was not selected as All-Star this year, because in the West, we have already youngsters like A.Bynum, B.Griffin, K.Love, Althridge and K.Durant. And something else,very important.Amid all this trade rumors, since the off-season, Pau is behaving himself as a true professional. He is leaving all of the problems in the locker room and is playing hard, night in and night out. For that, he deserves my whole admiration.It would be very hard to swallow, if he gets traded, because the majority of the fans likes him. And I am standing behind many of them. If there is a deal – K.Lowry and L.Scola for Gasol and our rookie PG, D.Morris, OK.Do it.If not, the Rockets can get a 8 x 10 size frame with Pau’s picture in purple jersey (autographed) in exchange of Luis Scola.

        • 04ikki

          i would like most trade kobe than gasol

    • Rocketman

      If I were the Rockets I would take that deal in a heart beat. Gasol is the best PF in the game.

    • Kingl6lopez

      Are you Crazy? Without Gasol, the lakers would have never won the 2 championships. I don’t believe you are a true Laker fan. Gasol is an All star, Kyle Lowry isn’t. I am a true laker fan and if the lakers trade Gasol, I will be rooting for them not to make the playoffs. All they needed was to add Ramon Sessions and Michael Beasley without losing any of the big three. VERY VERY Upset if the rumor is true.

      • ThinkBlue10

        You aren’t a true lakers fan if you would be rooting for them not to make the playoffs. Lowry is having a breakout year and he plays the position that we are in desperate need of.

        • Kingl6lopez

          I been a TRUE laker fan since 1978, I guarantee you that you werent even born. I will be rooting because Jim buss is destroying this team, and any real laker fan will not want Gasol to be traded. That’s what you call “ungrateful”. Gasol brought this team 2 championships single handedly, Where were the laker’s before Gasol landed in LA? Trading Gasol is the biggest mistake the lakers can make. What happens after Bynum get’s hurt? I can’t wait until Kobe asks for a trade and lakers miss the playoffs. All laker fans will come to a realization if Gasol is traded, that they are a 500 team. Jim buss is looking to save money not improve the team. case in point, when the lakers turned down a Michael Beasley trade for a 1st round pick….a first round pick? do you believe that?

          • NanaPat

            Yep, for Baby Buss it’s about the $$ and the man crush. “Look Daddy at how much money I saved the team this year. And all the friends I gave jobs to Sorry we suck even more now, oh well.”

          • George C Roundtree

            The Lakers played in 3 straight title games WITH S.A.P. (Sorry Ass Pau), not BECAUSE of S.A.P. (Sorry Ass Pau). The Lakers are practically a .500 team with S.A.P. now, so what’s your point? S.A.P. has issues with Lakers Management as well as issues with KOBE BEAN BRYANT and the only way to correct the problem is to get rid of S.A.P., ASAP. This is 2012, not 3 straight finals ago. S.A.P.’s usefulness has run its course in L.A. JUST KEEPING IT REAL!!!!!!

          • Guest

            You obviously wouldn’t know real if it hit you in your ignorant A$$.

      • Visionsofsilver

        Not a true Laker fan? Please. I agree that the Lakers don’t win two championships without Gasol. You make it sound as though I am not grateful for what Pau has done for the Lakers. I am, but I feel the Lakers would be better as a team with Lowry instead of Gasol.

        One of the benefits of dealing Gasol for Lowry is that it would free up over 10 million in cap space. Other pieces would have to be thrown in to balance the salaries, but in the long run, the Lakers will be better off. Maybe you don’t understand how the new CBA penalizes luxury tax teams heavily in a couple years. One of the reasons the Lakers haven’t traded for Sessions/Beasley yet is because of the tax penalties.

  2. Kobeismvp323

    Gasol ain’t going nowhere ……..with Bynum and Gasol…….please Lakers organization isn’t that stupid………….Lakers or Die Biatttchhhh!!!!!!!!

    • Lakers 4 Life! Gasol to another team?! In my opinion, “not gonna happen” or “highly unlikely!” What’s next? Trade Kobe?! To who and/or For who?!

  3. Baywarrior

    Scola is washed up, I hope they make a 3 team deal to either get a starting 3 or 4 man maybe Josh smith Well I will pray for it….

  4. Luckyme Guyz

    if the rockets really want gasol then they have to give what lakers want otherwise don’t waste time. lakers already told them if they can’t include lowry then no deal and why are they still agressively pursuing gasol. makes no sense at all.

  5. I like the Kyle Lowry and Scola for Gasol trade……….then exercise the Odum option
    (or get Odum back if he stops crying). …If you can trade for Beasly, Sessions or Curry…..Scola fills the Gasol hole, Kyle Lowry is a great point guard and Sessions,
    Beasley or Curry would be great off the bench and both could start…….we need a
    good point guard NOW and Gasol seems to be the only way……keep Bynum, unless
    Dwight commits to LA, which he said he wouldn’t. I see Dwight going to Dallas unless
    he’s traded……we’ll find out soon.

    • Ryan Klinkert

      Curry as in Stephen Curry? Can’t be serious…

    • Visionsofsilver

      Wow. First off, there is no “Odum” option. Od’O’m was traded, and there’s no way the Lakers are getting him back later on. Secondly, Curry? The Lakers aren’t getting Curry. Not unless they want to trade Bynum, and they’re not going to take on another injury risk in Curry.


      Yes. Get Odom back. That was the dummest move EVER!

  6. sideshow


  7. Just a Thinker

    Jimmie Buss is a BIG problem and Stern is the control freak fool that started these dominos dropping.

  8. BrickTops

    Reading all over twitter that the Scola/ Lowry to LA for Gasol is done.

  9. Michaelchavez22

    Only Big worth trading away is Drew. Even though Pau is older, he is wiser and better. Drew is just taller and longer then the people that guard him. You don’t trade Pau, even if it is to save $10M. A big with his skill is irreplaceable.

    Jim Buss is the NBA’s Frank McCourt. With all the revenue the Lakers get from sales and what not, you cannot be tight with your money as their owner. Dr. Buss would NEVER do that! Jim has a hard on for Drew and that is why he is still a Laker.

    Case and point, unless someone gives the Lakers a PG for the exception or anyone of the bench, nothing is going to happen and for that I welcome MLB season with open arms.

    • NanaPat

      Case and point and obvious to anyone who thinks with their brain and not their testosterone!

  10. sideshow80

    This is the perfect time for SPORTS GRAFFITI…….

  11. dc21892

    Gasol is such a good player and is so intelligent I don’t understand why LA would do that. This is coming from a Celtics fan, but I still think Arenas is the best bet for LA.

    • Ryan Klinkert

      Watching Gasol and the Lakers part ways will be a sad day, but at the end of the day, the proposed trade would be giving the Lakers a combined 31 points/ 11.8rebounds/ 8.8assists per game from Lowry and Scola for 16.8 points/10.8 rebounds/3.3 assists per game from Pau Gasol.

      The Lakers would be losing .8 blocks/game but gaining 14.2 points/1 rebound/5.5 assists per game, as well as a legitimate (and young!) ball-handler who can penetrate and shoot the three.

      Not to mention that such a trade would save the Lakers anywhere from $3 to $4 million dollars in salary relief this season as well as the next two, which could possibly make the Beasley contract easier to swallow. Pure speculation however.

      Seems crystal clear to this Lakers fan.

      • dc21892

        You just completely changed my mind about it. I was strictly looking at Pau as an individual and not what it would mean for the team.

      • basketball jones

        how can you site those statistics without including in your calculations the contributions of either fisher or blake combined with gasol’s numbers? comparing two for two is a much better indicator of the trade value.
        please re-crunch your numbers.

      • lakerfan

        ya 2 players should be able to outscore 1 duh but how many defenses are gonna be geared around stopping a lowry or scola and how many shots are they gonna change how many times do teams kick the ball back out because they run into pau and his height such as last night minnesota s Williams driving at end of the game and at the rim pau blocks the ball away DONT TRADE PAU OR BYNUM

      • NanaPat

        Stats are interesting, but this doesn’t mean they can be thrown together and it will work, especially this late. Never mind the cold hard thing: Brown is unable to effectively coach or use or run this team as it is now.

    • Danielnally

      Holy cow. This person must have the B-Ball IQ of a 6th grade Stephon Marbury.

      If the Rickeys cave and give up Lowry, the Lakers make that trade in s millisecond.

      There is no no doubt that Gasol is a great player, but our pressing need is at PG, and if you follow any basketball at all you know that Kyle Lowry is emerging as a top PG in this league. Adding Scola as the workhorse that he is, and its an awesome deal. We can include Blake or Fisher in return, though you have to seriously doubt they will take D-Fish. Probly a 1st round draft pick.

  12. Change it up!

    Adios Pau! Holla Scola y Lowery!

  13. Thomas F Giordano

    gasol to rockets! geterdun morey

  14. sideshow80

    No way are you serious is it a done deal

  15. IcareDodgers2013-Icy

    Lakers should have made moves last year and now find themselves in a desperate situation. When Magic Johnson comes out on National TV and says the Lakers need to make a trade. Well, a wise move of course should be made but the other team might ask for more than Gasol.

  16. LakerChuck

    Please do not forget that the Lakers went to the NBA Championship 3 time in a row and won 2 with Gasol. Bynum although producing now was a non-factor. I think a lot of Laker fans really have very short memories. The best bet is to plug the holes at guard and small forward and keep both big guys. Forget all this nonsense about trading away Gasol. The one guard that was available who was even close to being worth it was Paul and he is already gone. Ramon Sessions averaged 18 points and 12 assists when Kyrie Iriving was out its nonsense that the Lakers have not picked him up already and move on to fill other needs. Hang on to PAU.

    • NanaPat

      I often think that the Lakers mgmt is looking for a scapegoat and has chosen Pau Gasol to be it. Let’s add the short memory/ignorant lalaLakers fans who feed it. Yes, I think it would wound him terribly to be discarded in order to get someone to fill Fisher’s spot, but I’m starting to wonder if it would be better for him to go to a town where they really really appreciate and want him. In addition, short-sighted people forget about Bynum’s history of not being a factor in getting to the championships and his bumknee history. Let’s not forget his behavioal choices either – last minute knee surgery and acting like a thug so he couldn’t open the season. He & Bynum work really together right now and the dumbest thing would be to split that up.

  17. Alkatras

    I don’t understand Houston’s position in this deal. They may be thinking already, that K.Lowry is better than D.Rose or Ch.Paul or Deron Williams or R.Rondo??? No question, the guy is talented, young, has great vision of the game, but… he will never be an All-Star, because of the above mentioned ones. And of course, there is other, better than Lowry PG’s in this league. We don’t need to mention all of their names here.
    I would like to bring some facts, not fictions about both – Lowry and Gasol.

    KYLE LOWRY (2011-2012 season) – 15.9 ppg – 7.2 apg – 5.3 rpg and .418 FG%.

    In the last 5 games for the Rockets, which are all loses, he has scored – 13, 17, 14, 18 & 16 points with 4.8 assists average.

    PAU GASOL (2011 – 2012 season) 16.8 ppg – 10.5 rpg – 3.3 apg and .506 FG%.

    In the last 5 games for the Lakers, he has scored – 15, 15, 11, 20, & 19 points with 3.3 assists average.
    As you can see, Pau is better than Kyle in every major stats, besides the assists, but the guy is F/C and has just 1.5 assists lower per game.And, if we mentions the importance of his presence under the basket and his team-player abilities, anyone can see clearly, that Pau Gasol is the better one, even at age of 31. He has at least 4-5 good years in this league.So losing K.Lowry is not going to be that bad of a deal.Houston, most likely will end up with lottery pic this summer, so if they are not happy with Flynn and Dragic, they can draft a good PG from the very deep draft class 2012 and build around the Spaniard.

    • NanaPat

      From your mouth to Kupchak’s and Baby Buss’ ears!

  18. 24everLakers

    i dont think lowry would be the solution at the point. i’d take dragic over him. we need a PG that is a willing passer. not a scorer. that is kobe’s job. we need a nash-like mentality PG that would go for the pass first instead of scoring. and lowry has that mentality to just jack up shots from no where and i think kobe might not gel with him well. adding kevin martin would be big for the lakers. i’d take the dragic, martin, scola trade.

  19. Lakers4ever76

    i dont think any of you all get it..the lakers are a one , two punch team..always have been..they have a dominant big man and a to speak..kobe and shaq , magic and kareem.etc..pau for lowry and scola would be a tremendous upgrade.. lakeshow never really needs or needed a pf..but they need a pau deciding to step it up suddenlly amidst trade rumors isnt enough to make what he didnt do last year forgotten.he was awful and didnt even try to deny it..either way, sessions could be acquired for relatively nothing..oh and for the record howard for bynum in any way is a horrible idea..bynum is, skill wise at least, a much more productive center, his ft% is somewhere in the 70’s. howards is in the 30’s..bynum has touch for a big howard is overratted..we all know that
    relax everyone..we’re always in it .LAKESHOWBABY! ALL UP IN YOU !


      Send one of those guys that sit on the bench to the D-League for ever! then bring on a power point guard. This is what the Lakers need. I do not see any player, except Kobe that can explode direct to the hoop except Kobe. Don’t trade G. If you do, then you will lose the height combination. Bring Rondo from the Celtics, then you will have a championship this year.

  20. Dchardric1

    This deal needs to happen the Lakers lack scoring depth and youthful point guard play, think again those that think Steve Blake is the answer he is a defensive liability. Pau has run his course and has decided that he is a jump shooter rather than go on the block. If Houston is willing I’ll drive him to the airport

  21. Syl_lamb

    Lakers Organization, please do not trade Pau Gasol. He & Bynum are just getting into rhythm. I believe Lakers have the 2 tallest in the league. Why would you break that up. Always remember, “the grass is not always greener on the other side”.

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