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Teams Signing The Most 10-Day Contracts

Teams have different motives for bringing players in on 10-day contracts. In the case of a lottery-bound team with little to play for in the immediate future, signing a player to a 10-day deal allows for an affordable, first-hand look at a young player to determine whether or not he might be a long-term asset (think Gerald Green with the Nets). For a contender, a 10-day deal allows a team to bring in a veteran to temporarily provide bench help in case of injuries or questionable depth (ie. Mike James and the Bulls).

As our 10-day contract tracker shows, however, some teams like taking advantage of these deals more than others. While a number of clubs have yet to sign a single player to a 10-day deals, a handful have brought in multiple players on temporary contracts, renewing some and letting others expire. Here's a quick look at which teams have taken advantage of the 10-day contracts the most this season, handing them out to multiple players:

Manny Harris (two 10-day contracts followed by rest-of-season contract)
Lester Hudson
Ben Uzoh

Jeff Foote
Solomon Jones (two 10-day contracts)
Donald Sloan (two 10-day contracts)
Lance Thomas (two 10-day contracts followed by rest-of-season contract)

Andre Emmett
Gerald Green (two 10-day contracts followed by rest-of-season contract)
Dennis Horner
Jerry Smith

Alan Anderson
Ben Uzoh

Earl Boykins
Courtney Fortson (10-day contract followed by rest-of-season contract)
Malcolm Thomas

Eric Dawson (two 10-day contracts)
Justin Dentmon

Keith Benson
Mickell Gladness (10-day contract followed by rest-of-season contract)

Cartier Martin
Edwin Ubiles

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