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Raptors To Aggressively Recruit Nash In New York

Reports of the Raptors' strong interest in Steve Nash are gaining steam, with Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reporting last night that Toronto was planning a "hard push" for the Canadian point guard. Marc Stein of has specific details on the team's recruiting plan, tweeting that the Raptors intend to park "no less than a five-deep contingent" in Manhattan as soon as allowed. According to Stein (Twitter link), Raps GM Bryan Colangelo wooed Nash in the same aggressive way for Phoenix, and quickly signed him in 2004.

There were rumors heading into draft night that the Raptors' No. 8 pick could be in play in a deal involving Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry. However, Kennedy's report last night suggested Toronto felt comfortable passing on Lowry, given their planned pursuit of Nash. According to Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun (Twitter link), the presentation the Raptors have prepared is "quite the production" and at least should give the 38-year-old something to strongly consider.

The Suns, Knicks, Mavericks, and Nets are also expected to be among the suitors for Nash, who says he's looking forward to the free agent process. Teams can begin recruiting the two-time MVP on Sunday, when free agency begins.


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6 thoughts on “Raptors To Aggressively Recruit Nash In New York

  1. SteveKollias

    sign with the bulls steve

  2. Tenacious Tom

    Bad move Raps if this report is accurate…….He’s 38 yrs. old and in decline. The decline will rapidly accelerate. Raps could have picked up the young aggressive Kyle Lowry for their 8th pick and spent their $$$ on a SF free agent….This will be an investment with diminishing returns.

    • donlon

      obvi were not going to sign him with the idea that hes our future point guard, dummy! this move is great in so many way for toronto. we have a back up pg in bayless whos ready to take the lead and playing behind nash instead of jose would allow him to learn from the best and play more as nash wont be playin as much minutes as jose did.

      • Terry

        Bayless is so not ready to be a starting NBA Point Guard, never will be.

  3. Hasib

    Great move for TO newbies need to shut up with their “he’s old” talk. Yeah, we know he’s old but guess what, he’s been old for 7-8 years now. His game doesn’t need athleticism.

    He makes big men play well, our big men Bargnani, Valanciunas will have accelerated development with Nash around.

    He’s a leader and will motivate these players to play for anything other than money,

    He lead a crappier Suns team that only missed the playoffs by one game last year in the WEST. On Toronto the playoffs is a lock, especially when you consider we’ll have $13 million to play with AFTER signing Nash.

    No one cares about 5 years down the road, the NBA is a win now league and the Raptors are ready to win. Stop dreaming about the title and just push for the playoffs and see where that takes you.

  4. Loverman69666

    the only reason bc is trying to sign nash is to get another contract hoping raptor makes’playoff. Brian loking for himself not really the team .his contract expired next year and without raptor making playyoff he wil, be fired.after he get another three yrs contract who cares… move bc take raptor money and go. This is a feeder team for nba……

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