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Dwight Howard Rumors: Tuesday

The Dwight Howard rumor mill was in full swing on Monday, as we needed multiple posts to round up all of the day's rumblings. I recapped the Monday highlights right here, including the framework of a possible four-team deal, but things continue to evolve quickly. So let's follow along with Tuesday's updates, which we'll add to the top of this page throughout the day….

  • As Marc Stein suggested (below), the Rockets have remained "strongly engaged" with the Magic on direct talks for Howard and haven't spent much time on three-team scenarios, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Earlier updates:

  • The Lakers have improved their chances of acquiring Howard by being more open to taking back Jason Richardson's three-year, $18.6MM contract, reports Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times (via Twitter).
  • The Rockets and Magic are discussing a simpler two-team trade that would send Howard to Houston, writes Marc Stein of Stein says the Rockets' position has strengthened due to the fact that no team has offered the Magic a better first-rounder than the one Houston will receive this evening from the Raptors in the verbally-agreed Kyle Lowry trade.
  • The LakersMagic, and Rockets have engaged in "preliminary talks" about a three-team deal that would send Howard to the Lakers and Andrew Bynum to Houston, according to Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld. Pincus cautions that nothing is imminent at all, but says Orlando isn't in love with the idea of tying up their cap with a long-term deal for Bynum or Brook Lopez, and may prefer a collection of young players and draft picks.
  • The Magic are "projecting confidence" that Howard will be dealt by the end of the week, says Ken Berger of (via Twitter).
  • The Magic have continued to talk to the Rockets and Lakers about deals for Howard, says Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Wojnarowski adds that some Orlando officials have concerns about committing maximum-salary money to Brook Lopez, given his injury history.
  • With the Cavs out of the picture, the Magic could receive as many as five total first-round picks if they agree to take on Kris Humphries, says Ken Berger of
  • The Cavs are no longer involved in the Nets/Magic talks, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports confirms. If Howard is to be traded to the Nets in the near-term, it will probably have to be a two-team deal, Wojnarowski adds (Twitterlinks).
  • The Nets aren't as optimistic about getting a deal done as they were a day or two ago, writes Fred Kerber of the New York Post.
  • The Bobcats are willing to give Kris Humphries a multiyear guarantee in a potential three-way deal with the Nets and Magic if they can also land MarShon Brooks, says Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio (Sulia link). It's not clear what Charlotte would be giving up in that scenario. On the other hand, Ken Berger of hears that the Bobcats are "not in the mix" at all (Twitter link), while's Ric Bucher says Charlotte wants a first-round pick rather than Brooks (Twitter link). It's safe to say that the Bobcats' involvement is a little hazy at this point.
  • In talking to several agents and GMs, Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio (Sulia link) no longer hears the Cavs mentioned as the third team in any Magic/Nets talks. Said one agent: "I'm not 100%, but from everything I've heard today, [the Cavs] are out."
  • The Magic have re-opened trade talks with teams besides the Nets, says Ric Bucher of Bucher hears that the Hawks are one team talking to Orlando, but they "aren't the best option."
  • Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld has the latest developments in the Nets/Magic talks, noting that the Bobcats are open to taking Kris Humphries (but only on a one-year contract) and that the Timberwolves have "real interest" in Jason Richardson and MarShon Brooks. Kyler adds that if the deal doesn't at least get within striking distance by the end of the day, the Nets may have to move on.
  • Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio (Twitter link) hears the Bobcats could take the place of both the Cavaliers and Clippers in the talks, which presumably means they'd acquire both Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks, among other pieces. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld (Twitter link) confirms that the Bobcats are in the mix.
  • Kennedy adds that the Cavs are having "second thoughts" about the deal and that the Timberwolves are another candidate to enter the fray (Twitterlinks).
  • As new teams become involved in the discussions, most are high on Brooks, but wary of Humphries, tweets Jarrod Rudolph of Rudolph adds (via Twitter) that the involved teams are likely to push for completion of the deal today, and Fred Kerber of the New York Post agrees that there should be resolution today. On the other hand, Amico is hearing that it's highly unlikely a deal is agreed upon before Wednesday.


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40 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Tuesday

  1. Butch Crassidy

    It’s sad that Dwight Howard would consider playing for the Nets, even with Deron Williams. They’d have to essentially gut their roster to land Howard. When Brook Lopez is your best trade chip, you might be in trouble when looking to acquire a player like Howard.

  2. Trogdor

    Can you guys adjust the site to where we don’t have to click “Continue Reading” to get to the rest of the article? The way MLB Trade Rumors has it is set up is really nice, to where you can just see all the bullet points off their main page, instead of (1) having to click on a link (2) waiting for the page re-load (3) Having to click the back button or another link button to get back to the main site.

    Thanks for investigating!

    • maristmetsfan

      100% agree

      • oyvey

        Definitely. I hate the continue reading. I also suggest getting more writers to diversify the content and make things a bit more interesting. I’m getting bored with always reading Luke Adams

        • Guest

          Luke Adams does a great job and there are plenty of other writers on this site. Bored, Oyvey? Really?

    • Ricardo0492

      I agree. They should also consider putting an edit and deleta button for the comments.

    • HoopsRumors

      Tim and I prefer the look of the site when it’s formatted like most news sites (a click-through to read the full story), rather than throwing all the text on the main page. It’s a bit cleaner and it’s let you just click through on the stories that interest you. We’re not out to intentionally inconvenience anyone — I’m not sure whether this comment represents the majority view or not. We’ll certainly take the suggestion under consideration.

      — Luke

      • Table

        I’m fine with the current format. As you say this way I can continue to read only the stories that interest me.

      • Sports Center

        I believe I speak for the majority when I add (as nearly everyone else has here) that the site would be a much more enjoyable read if there were no ‘continue reading’ snips. Taking an extra 0.1 seconds to scroll past a long story is MUCH less painful than having to click ‘continue reading’ for every single story you’re interested in, then having to wait several long, monotonous seconds (or minutes, if your connection is bad) to go back. Since I like reading rumors on my iPhone, this is of particular interest.

        Just observe how many likes are on the comments asking for a change to MLBTR format :)

      • I’m almost to the point where I don’t even read any of the full stories anymore because of how annoying the continue reading link is.

      • Blacky

        No, this way sucks ass.

      • tidBit4815162342

        I find it a little annoying to click the link when there is only a sentence or two left in the article. I’d suggest adjusting the length of the displayed text if you want to stay with the current format, or maybe using an AJAX request to load the end of shorter articles based on word count and letting longer ones click through.

        I prefer the MLBTR format, but I think the standard news style can work with a tweak or two.

    • Fstuffup

      I agree!!

    • OMG 100% agree! i dont even click on most even though i want to read them because its such a pain the …..

    • Kstyle14

      Please! So annoying

    • Jonathan


    • jwsox

      First world problems!

  3. I agree. Please return to the way MLB Trade Rumors are posted.

  4. Sky14

    Would love to see Brooks with the Wolves and agree about the links thing as well.

  5. gr8testsoxfan

    Why aren’t the Bulls in on Brooks? Ahh Gar Forman where are you

    • Trogdor

      Disregard post.

      • gr8testsoxfan

        Well actually Brooks is a shooting guard who can create his own shot something the Bulls sorely need. It wouldn’t cost the Bulls much maybe just a 1st round pick. Also Brooks is still under his rookie contract so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

        • Trogdor

          Disregard earlier post.

          • Sky14

            MarShon Brooks not Aaron. Not sure why you felt like bringing up Aaron Brooks in a Nets link.

          • Vince

            the Brooks in this case is Marshon who is still on his rookie scale contract not Aaron brooks

          • Trogdor

            Whoops. Totally misread that one. Duh. I should have connected the dots.

          • Sports Center

            It’s okay Trogdor. You made the most valuable contribution to this thread which was informing Luke how terribly unacceptable the ‘Continue Reading’ links are

          • Lalalalalalalala

            Trogdor, your sucha retard. I was like “who are you talking about?”. Bet you feel pretty dumb….. so sad

    • jwsox

      Because that would be a logical trade and would require them trading away the bob cats pick which would be a semi risk. Gar and pax have proven time and time again they refuse to take even a slight risk they prefer the safe trades/signing because in all reality they have no clue what they are doing

  6. cseehausen

    The Nets aren’t getting Dwight. The rumored return the Magic would be getting was ridiculously low. New GM isn’t going to come in, only to make his first trade a highway robbery where the other team comes out like bandits. Dwight will go to LA, Houston, or Atlanta.

  7. Where are these 5 picks coming from?

    • HoopsRumors

      Would be four from the Nets and one from the Clippers (assuming they were still in the mix with Brooks).

      — Luke

  8. Gonzalesv

    not to be the purpostrus trade suggestion guy but i would love this 4 team deal if it went down like this

    2 1st round picks from bkn
    1st rd pick from rockets (from toronto lowry deal)
    2 1st round pick houston unprotected
    terrance jones
    chandler parsons
    k martin (expiring contract)


    m brooks
    b lopez
    dj augstine
    tyrus thomas

    j richardson
    c duhon
    p patterson

    i think it works out for all teams involved .. bobcats get rid of thomas and dj .. magic get rid of bad contracts plus get a boat load of picks .. plus get 2 players with upside … bkn gets best starting 5 in nba with dwill,jj,wallace,scola,howard.. and rockets get a center who can score the rock ,m brooks has upside , thomas is the athlete they need and augstine can knock down threes from the kick out from lopez and r white ..

    • Sky14

      Seems like Houston would get the worst end of the deal giving up 5 quality players and 3 first round picks while only getting Lopez, Brooks, Augstin and Thomas. The Nets only give up two 1sts, Lopez and Brooks but get arguably the two best players in the deal in Scola and Howard.

      Sorry, but you are the preposterous trade guy.

      • Gonzalesv

        i disagree the rockets get brook lopez as their center for the next 5-10 years and marshon brooks is gonna be a real player .. and thomas is a legit 8th guy in the rotation and dj augstine can drane open 3s .. and can play the point guard which the rockets dont evn have right now

  9. dc21892

    Bynum to be Houston would be sick. Only question is do they add enough around him to keep him long term.

  10. chinob53

    Does anyone know why Bynum was not added to Olympic team? They have been saying that they are lacking a true big center.

    • Alex in Burbank

      Bynum was asked but politely declined in favor of his knee!

  11. thesultanofswingandmiss

    Am I still the only one who was surprised when I heard Dwight Howard can play Power Forward?

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