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Knicks Emerge As Frontrunners For Steve Nash

5:15pm:'s David Aldridge tweets that Nash has yet to make a final decision on where he wants to play. He adds that the Suns are waiting on the Hornets' decision on matching Eric Gordon's offer sheet before engaging in sign-and-trade talks.

2:25pm: The Mavericks and Raptors haven't conceded yet, and remain in discussions for Nash, tweets's Marc Stein.

12:35pm: The Lakers were also exploring a sign-and-trade deal for Nash, but their efforts so far have been blocked by the Suns' brass, who have no desire to send Nash to a division rival, tweets's Marc Stein.

12:07pm: The Knicks have emerged as the frontrunners for Nash, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. According to Wojnarowski (via Twitter), the Knicks and Suns are in the "critical stages" of negotiating a sign-and-trade deal that would pay Nash $27-30MM for three years.'s Marc Stein tweets that the Knicks would prefer not to include Shumpert and are looking to include a third team to join the deal to avoid including him. However, they'll include Shumpert if they have to, a source tells Stein (Twitter link).

11:46am: While the Knicks and Suns haven't reached any agreement, the Knicks are offering a package headlined by Iman Shumpert, according to's Marc Stein.

11:32am: Berman now tweets that the Knicks and Suns are still working on a sign-and-trade deal, and that "nothing is done" at this point.

11:03am: Berman has since deleted his tweet, so it's unclear if his report stands. We'll keep you posted on the latest developments.

10:48am: The Knicks are "closing in" on a sign-and-trade deal to acquire Steve Nash from the Suns, tweets Marc Berman of the New York Post. In order to pay Nash a competitive salary and make a sign-and-trade palatable for the Suns, the Knicks will likely have to include Iman Shumpert and a handful of players on expiring contracts, including Toney Douglas, Jerome Jordan, Josh Harrellson, and Dan Gadzuric.

The Raptors, Mavericks, Lakers, and Suns are among the other teams in the running for Nash. Toronto appeared to deal a death blow to the Knicks' chances of a sign-and-trade for the veteran point guard when they agreed to sign Landry Fields to an offer sheet worth about $19MM. Fields had been viewed as the most likely candidate to be included in a sign-and-trade deal to the Suns.

Previous reports have suggested that if the Knicks do part with Shumpert in a sign-and-trade for Nash, it will likely be James Dolan's decision, as most members of the team's front office are reluctant to part with the young guard.


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48 thoughts on “Knicks Emerge As Frontrunners For Steve Nash

  1. PiratesFan

    I really hope the Knicks don’t do this.

  2. TommyGMorris

    AAAAAAHHHHH NOT SHUMPERT!!!!!!!! Nash is GREAT, but anyone but Shumpert…….

  3. hardcoreforhardcore

    I really don’t want to lose Shumpert.

  4. Tired_OF_FakeRumors

    If the Knicks do this trade their rivalry with the nets is going to be NASTY next season.

  5. jwsox

    This could be a solid deal for the suns. Finally a step in the right direction of rebuilding if they get shumpert. Plus dwade will love not having to be guarded by him anymore.

  6. twinsfan_2

    Trading Shumpert away for 2-3 years Max. with Nash is not smart. You’re giving up your future for a 38 year old. Not a smart move by NYK..

    • Fstuffup

      So you think new York can handle three more years of being a borderline playoff team that gets knocked out in the first round? Nash is easily a far superior player than Shumpert and Lin, now and in three years

      • Dfdfgdfgdfg

        So you think New York can even make it to the ECF with Nash? Even with Nash the next 2-3 yrs would still be considered a failure. Might as well build for the future.

    • dc21892

      This is the Knicks being in “win now” mode.

    • Adamg2197

      What future we only have Carmelo Amare n Chandler for 3-4 years…they’ll be out of their Primes n need new contracts smh

  7. Truitalian9

    Personally id rather linn and shump over nash and no bench.

    Im really curious if this can work… At the end of this season

    can we trade stat or amnesty him and sign chris paulfor 5 100m like stat

    it would be paul melo chand and shump and we would have money for a real bench

    could that work? Could we amnesty stat if noone wants him and sign paul?


      We already used the amnesty clause.

      • Truitalian9

        I thought you get it every other yeat

        • hardcoreforhardcore

          Nope, only once.

          • Mtothelnow

            Not to mention, if you magically get rid of Amar’e contract, yet you replace it with another max deal like Paul’s, this does not give you ‘money for a real bench’ you silly goose. It leaves you in the exact same financial situation, with a different player.

            The Heat have it right. Get 3 players, have them all sacrifice 3-5 million per year on their deal, manage to sign 2 players to 3-4M each, and add a MLE each year, or get lucky with a prospect. Otherwise, even two 20M players on one team ruins the cap. That’s why I’m still baffled that the Nets added JJ with Deron…

          • Truitalian9

            We have the cap to get nash right? So if we magically switch stat contract with paul than we have what we would have spent on nash contract for a forward and bench players.

    • Harris K.

      Nash and no bench? If we bring in Nash in a S & T instead of giving Kidd the MLE, then the Knicks still have their MLE available for a lets say Marcus Camby. Plus, where Nash goes, the solid vets follow (i.e. Grant Hill). I’d rather have Nash, Camby, Hill and a legitimate chance to win than Shump and Jason Kidd.


    Don’t do it Dolan.

  9. Knicks suck

    wow knicks are desperate go do it… give up your entire team for nash smart move…go raptors


      You are pathetic, at least admit that the Raptors are going nowhere if they don’t do something quick. The Knicks have a much brighter future than the Raptors and are in Win now mode.

      • Khakisoul1313

        Where in his post did he say raptors were going somewhere? We know our role. The only thing we can do is hope for another Vince Carter type player – someone we draft and control for 4 years, and hope it lures another player or two.

        It’s actually very arguable, whether or not the Knicks have a brighter future. A 10M+ center who can’t score, a 20M pf who can’t play D, a 20M sf who can’t pass… that’s an awful lot of money for 3 players. The only reason it hasn’t blown up in NY’s face, is because you guys hadn’t made the playoffs in a while. Now that you’ve made it, people are expecting an upgrade. Ain’t gonna happen. You will be 4-8th seed each year of this Carmelo/Amar’e experiment, just like when Camby/Houston/Sprewell were the core. Enjoy the financial inflexibility for the next 10 years, because when Amar’e and Carmelo expire, you’ll probably trade their contract for other max-money scrubs.

        Anyway – go raptors go. Notice how I didn’t say we were going anywhere? All I did was show how NYK sucks badly. You can’t just expect everyone else to think you’re good, when you’re still behind the Pacers, Heat, Celtics, 76ers, soon Cleveland and Washington…I mean come on. We all know the Raptors suck (but I still love them) but people seem to think the Knicks are good. So not true.

        • NYPOTENCE

          “Financial Inflexibility for the next 10 years”- Nice Exaggeration there buddy Chandler, Stat and Melo are under contract for the next 3 years and then they are gone so if it does blow up the Knicks could jump out of the the hole rather quickly. And as for your assumption that the Knicks can’t jump into the elite ranks, your wrong, if Nash gets the Knicks 3 to click they can do plenty of damage in the Atlantic division at least much more than the Raptors can.

      • Guest

        The Raptors have plenty of young players. Sure, they aren’t good now but they have a bright future. The Knicks have and injured-ridden PF and C. Plus they own the ball-hog, cancer at SF. And they want to trade one of they’re only young guys? Who has a much brighter future?

      • Chris Gill

        man if we trade away shump and smith doesnt resign … we end up with no defense besides at the center position … we wont win a damn thing… nash has been good but hes one injury away from being sidelined for the season … hes past his prime … he can still perform but we need to think about the future and giving nash the world isnt it

    • dc21892

      Upset Raptors fan I see.

    • knicks

      ok shumpert and 4 expiring contracts isnt their whole team and obviously your just a pissed raptors fan

  10. apollo

    Nash will get destroyed by Leberon & Wade, Shumpert can actually gaurd guys like Wade & Rose, Dolan is stamping his mark as the NBAs worst ownere by not thinking things through. Stupid trade that does nothing for NY, just sign one of the other dozen Free Agent PGs out there if you need a PG so damn bad!

  11. BarberYankees25

    Well the knicks prove they don’t like winning championships. Maybe when Dolan dies right? 30 years from now….. Here’s to Knicks 2040! Maybe then we can win a championship! But Nets you seem to be NYs best hope for a basketball championship now.

  12. Go2themike

    Shump should be an untouchable!!! Don’t do it Dolan if the Knicks get Kidd instead they will be more competitive in the Playoffs with Shump!!!!!

  13. Fever865

    trading shump is a HUGE mistake. hes our defensive stopper. i understand wanting nash but at the cost of losing one of the few that play defense. not a good move, i hope the suns dont do what the nuggets did and we give in

  14. Scott N

    Getting Nash is great, but not for Shumpert. Iman Shumpert had a great rookie year unfortunately ended by injury but he is going to be VERY good in a few years when Nash retires. So long term giving up Shumpert for Nash isn’t a good idea for NYK.

  15. Lavmight69

    hopefully we can find that 3rd team n dont have to giv up shump

  16. Jonathan Gallo

    We trade Shumpert then I am becoming a Suns or Nuggets fan.
    Hate seeing young players go.

  17. Wow, the Atlantic Division will be sick next year! The Raptors will still suck, and the 76ers will be basically the same team as last year, but the Celtics, Nets, and Knicks lineups I think will look like this:

    C: Dwight Howard
    PF: Gerald Wallace
    SF: Joe Johnson
    SG: Jason Kidd
    PG: Deron Williams

    C: Kevin Garnett/Fab Melo
    PF: Josh Smith/Jared Sullinger
    SF: Paul Pierce/Jeff Green
    SG: Ray Allen/O.J. Mayo
    PG: Rajon Rondo/Jason Terry

    C: Tyson Chandler
    PF: Amar’e Stodumire
    SF: Carmelo Anthony/Steve Novak
    SG: Toney Douglas
    PG: Steve Nash/Mike Bibby/Baron Davis



      Lin should be there and probably JR as well

    • Adam Gingrich

      So Atlanta just gives away Josh Smith in your scenario?

      • Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, and future picks for J-Smoove.

  18. Smizz_xxx

    They gave everything away for Melo and looked how that worked out, this will result in the same way. I say get a average PG to back up Lin. Let Stat run the second team instead of having no place to play on the floor with Melo and Tyson.

  19. JFoley27

    I would give up shumpert…hes gonna be a very good player IF he gets a consistent jumper….Nash would blend amare and melo…

  20. CanadianBravesFan

    a) I’m just sick of the NBA salary cap, it’s so confusing and complicated… EVERY SINGLE source that I have seen, has said that the Knicks could not give Nash more than 3 million in a straightup sign, and no more than 5 million in a sign-and-trade, what’s going on!

    b) Colangelo, you’re going to look like a bonehead if you lose Nash to the Knicks; you put all your eggs in one basket, even going as far as to overpay Landry Fields. You’ll probably lose your job if this season doesn’t work out.

    c) I’m glad to see that at least Knicks fans aren’t happy about this either…

    • HoopsRumors

      For what it’s worth, the $3MM figure for a straight-up signing is accurate, but there’s no $5MM limit for a sign-and-trade. If the Knicks were to include Shump, Douglas, Jordan, Harrellson, and Gadzuric, I believe Nash could sign for about $8.3MM — probably even more, assuming the Knicks won’t be in the tax after the deal.

      — Luke

  21. CanadianBravesFan

    I see a lot of people saying the Raptors aren’t going anywhere, and I disagree…
    Without Nash, there’s probably a 75% chance they won’t make the playoffs, I’ll give you that,

    but Bargnani is an elite scorer at age 26(not so much an elite rebounder though… seems more like a 7-foot SF),
    DeRozan is 22 and very talented,
    and Jonas Valanciunas is a rookie, with a ton of potential (there’s a reason he’s won MVP and Gold medals at all-three FIBA tournies he’s been at) Many have said that he would have went second in this year’s (quite talented and deep) draft, if it had been his draft year.
    Terrence Ross, is another talented rookie…
    Ed Davis is also quite young, with a fair amount of potential…
    James Johnson, Jared Bayless and Amir Johnson are solid, young players as well (not that their ceilings are incredibly high)

    • mcody28

      i am a celtics fan from boston and i agree with you

  22. Mrkrtldg

    Nash needs to go with Bynum, Kobe, pick&roll to a Championship?


    It would be Nash’s end. he will not win nothin with NY. first off the Knicks will be manhandled with or without nash. Amare needs someone to talk to so he thinks of himself not his buddy. stupid move. tooo many ballhandlers. The Lakers R the best fit for him. Heck he’s better off joining Dallas than NY. Knicks R fading and the Nets are sprouting.


    Nash will be a Laker very soon. deal goin down.


    Ok Knick Fan I take it back.

  26. N O Vativemusc

    They would’ve been a beast if D’Antonio were still coach. And don’t count Stat out just yet, he’s a prideful player that will return healthy and playing that pick and roll perfectly with Nash again.

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