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Magic May Not Trade Dwight Howard

The Magic have told rival executives that they might not trade Dwight Howard after all, sources told's Chris Broussard.  An executive who has talked with the Magic said that the club only will trade Howard in a deal that is great for the franchise, a stance they have taken for the "last week or so."

Meanwhile, another exec who has had discussions with the Magic believes that they will start the season with the star center and wait until the trade deadline to move him.  However, neither executive would rule out posturing by the Magic.  Sources say that the Lakers and Rockets are also under the impression that the Magic won't trade Howard anytime soon.

In Saturday night's poll, nearly 57% of Hoops Rumors readers said that they believe Howard would wind up as a member of the Lakers.  Meanwhile, just under 14% of those polled predicted that D12 would finish out 2012/13 with Orlando.

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6 thoughts on “Magic May Not Trade Dwight Howard

  1. yuck_foo

    They cleaned house and still can’t make up their minds.

  2. Hannibal8us

    Further proof that the Magic are absolute idiots, let’s hold onto Dwight until all the teams that had interest in him move on to plan B and then try and trade him. His value won’t get any higher and the likelihood that another team steps up is very unlikely. Just dumb, no wonder Dwight wants to leave so bad.

  3. jwsox

    so instead of trading him to get value back

    houston for a ton of cap relief and picks

    the LA/Cavs deal for again tons of cap space and picks

    to the bulls for picks(bobcats)-a great defensive center- an all-star small forward- the rights to someone who is supposedly going to be more athletic Dirk

    nah none of that is good enough lets just keep him, deal with this drama all season to get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, then work a sign and trade eventually to take on bad contracts great new GM you hired there

  4. HaloeD

    lets not forget, he opted BACK IN to his contract. and as much as i would like to see him in a laker uniform… he made his bed; now he gets to sleep in it

  5. Matthew

    they will trade him, just watch

  6. Hector Cortes

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of ESPN’s mouths period so this report is very much likely false.

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