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Pacers Trade Collison, Jones To Mavs For Mahinmi

THURSDAY, 4:51pm: Indiana announced the deal through an official press release

WEDNESDAY: The Pacers have traded Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones to the Mavs for Ian Mahinmi, who will sign a four-year, $16MM contract as part of the deal, reports Jonathan Givony of (Twitter links). Jones is due $2.9MM next season and Collison about $2.3MM, so, as John Hollinger of points out, that eats into the amnesty bid the team could make for Elton Brand (Twitter link). Presumably, this also takes Dallas out of the running for Aaron Brooks.

The Pacers are expected to either match Roy Hibbert's offer sheet from the Blazers or sign him outright, so Mahinmi will likely be the backup center for the team. Indiana also has 7'0" Miles Plumlee, the team's first-round draft pick. 


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13 thoughts on “Pacers Trade Collison, Jones To Mavs For Mahinmi

  1. Guest

    great job in making your team worse pacers

  2. thesultanofswingandmiss

    Do not know why they traded Collison. Could this all be the works of the Knicks?

  3. Bulls123

    ha wow

  4. SteveKollias

    god guess the pacers are gonna really miss bird and morway a lot

  5. dc21892

    They must have a lot of faith in George Hill.

  6. Andrew Ward

    They are trying to pull off a sign-and-trade with the Bobcats for D.J. Augustin

    • Tanner_applegate

      Who are?

      • Andrew Ward

        Obviously the Pacers? thats who this article is about.

  7. Tanner_applegate

    The Mavs are going to be terrible to, so dont worry about it.

  8. Trogdor

    Finally Mavs! Your offseason has sucked, but at least there’s a fighting chance for the bottom half of the playoffs next year with Collison and Kaman (though not re-signing Jet for such a small amount that he let them match is ridiculous).

    Now go get Brand/Landry to backup at PF, sign a defensive specialist (Pietrus/Raja) who can guard the elite scoring wingmen, maybe take a low risk/high reward flyer on a guy who can generate scoring off the bench (Nate Robinson) and call it good for the off-season.

    Thrilled the Mavs don’t have to go with Ramon Sessions at point. They would have gone back to the Allas Mavericks … No D.

  9. Cflip376

    They should of left larry bird in charge

  10. Gonzalesv

    collison is legit .. the mavs are doing ok in my book .. if they get landry to back up dirk .. they are gonna be a force .. they need to move marion or carter though ..

  11. bob dolan

    Dallas got a skilled PT Guard who can be effective on both ends of court.
    Got to admit the Dallas ORG. is 1st class operation and with Cuban’s co-op and money will put a 1st class team on the hardwood.
    NOT SURE IF THEY CAN COMPETE WITHOKC OR THE LALIf so he (CUBAN )will work hard to fill the needs(scorer and top DEF REB most likely a power forward.
    Surp[rised he didn’t go after RYAN ANDERSON a great fit in Dallas!!!
    Unfinished but geting there????

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