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Rockets Consider Using Amnesty On Luis Scola

While an earlier report suggested the Rockets are trying to trade Luis Scola to clear space for a Dwight Howard deal, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle says the team is considering using the amnesty clause on him, likely within the next 48 hours. Scola is set to make close to $8.6MM next year, and has another guaranteed year worth $10.2MM after that. He also has a non-guaranteed $11MM season tacked on the end of his deal.

Trade talks between the Magic and the Rockets grew "serious" Wednesday before the Magic backed off, Feigen writes. The Rockets will be careful to preserve assets conducive to a deal as they pursue free agents like Aaron Brooks and others.

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7 thoughts on “Rockets Consider Using Amnesty On Luis Scola

  1. Gonzalesv

    they just gave scola that deal last off season .. now they want to play take backs .. and im sorry but scola is good enough to trade .. im sure the mavs,thunder,nets, any team would take him on to be their back up power foward .. morey what are you doing ?

    • Guest

      Too much money. They’ve been shopping him hard since the draft.

    • Wradtyler

      Way too much money for a backup. They’ve been shopping him since before the draft, if they could trade him they would have.

  2. Nate421

    Scola could start for a lot of teams..I think the Rockets are asking to much or the other teams dont want to pay him what he is owed….They need to make a package deal for Kmart and Scola for a up and coming star! Lets go young and fast and see what happens Morey!

    • Wradtyler

      Well apparently they don’t want that for Howard, so who do you suggest?

  3. Ozziebanicki

    Scola is very talented and under-paid. He would make more in short time elsewhere.

    • Wradtyler

      No he wouldn’t. There is a reason they can’t trade him, he has a bad contract. He is too old when it ends.

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