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Dwight Howard Rumors: Wednesday

In yesterday's round of Dwight Howard rumors, we learned that the Cavaliers had pulled out of the complicated four-team talks that included the Nets and Magic. The Nets are still in the mix for Howard, but are focusing more on one-on-one talks with Orlando now. Meanwhile, the Magic continue to talk with other teams, including the Rockets, Lakers, and Hawks, about a variety of trade scenarios involving the star center. What will today bring? We'll track the latest right here….

  • According to's Sam Amick, the Magic could simply let the Nets fall out of the race for Howard and seek another trade partner. Amick adds that the Rockets have been calling around looking for a taker for Luis Scola, in an effort to allow the Magic to clear more cap space in a Howard deal.
  • Among the Nets' reasons for accelerating the Howard talks: They're concerned that the Trail Blazers will step in and sign Brook Lopez to an offer sheet after missing out on Roy Hibbert, tweets's Marc Stein. The Rockets represent another threat to the Nets if their offer sheet for Omer Asik is matched, adds's Chad Ford (via Twitter).

Earlier updates:

  • Neither Andrew Bynum or his agent have been contacted by another club to gauge their interest in a long-term deal, tweets Ken Berger of Presumably, if the Rockets or Magic were to acquire Bynum in a Howard trade, that topic would at least come up briefly before a deal was finalized. As of yesterday, the Lakers assured Bynum's camp that "nothing's happening" on the trade front, tweets Berger.
  • Chad Ford of tweets that the Nets have informed the Magic that if the two sides are to work out a Howard deal, it must be completed by the end of the business day.
  • The Nets intend to resolve their pursuit of Howard today, by either acquiring him or moving on, says's Ric Bucher. According to Bucher, Nets GM Billy King is meeting with Brook Lopez today with the intent of finalizing either a sign-and-trade deal or a new contract to keep him in Brooklyn.
  • Chris Sheridan of (Twitter link) hears from a source that the Howard talks are "all coming to a head," suggesting that a deal could happen today. With no clear frontrunner at the moment, I'd be a little surprised to see something come together that quickly, but there's reason to accelerate the process: Now that the moratorium is over, there's a chance that players required for sign-and-trade deals could start signing contracts elsewhere.


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12 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Wednesday

  1. BrickTops

    I can really see the D12 to Lakers, Bynum to Houston, and Talent Pile to Orlando happening. Makes sense for all involved. Much more than the Nets offer.

  2. Gonzalesv

    yeah the nets deal really isnt all that great .. the picks are more then likeyl gonna be late picks .. and then with brooks foot ..

    • BrickTops

      Yeah, If Lopez was that great then people would be clamoring to acquire him. The Rockets have the most to offer and the willingness to go along with it. I think Howard would stay with Kobe and Nash, Bynum wants his “Own” team and is young enough that Houston could probably sign him long term and then maybe make a run at CP3 next year. Orlando gets a bunch of draft picks plus probably 2 of the 3 Houston just drafted, and KMarts 13 mil expiring. That is a nice Haul. The Rockets have 2-3 first and 2-3 second rounders right now. Works all the way around

      • Gonzalesv

        i agree with you and as a rocket fan i am really excited about the possibilty of getting bynum .. i would love to see howard come here but he would probably just bolt after the season to the mavs ..

  3. Gonzalesv

    so if the nets were to not sign brooks and sign g wallace to a one year deal for 13 million .. wouldnt they be able to sign dwight in the offseason ??

  4. NAPosey

    Time for Dwight to come home to the ATL

    • Gonzalesv

      so atl would send orlando horford and teague and a number 1 ?

      i wonder if the magic would take j hardin, serge ibaka , and shefolsa from the thunder for howard ?

      • NAPosey

        Hardin and Ibaka would be great for Orlando, I hope the Thunder doesn’t offer it, because that blows Teague and Horford out of the water (well maybe not Horford with his Florida connect)

  5. Gonzalesv

    man i hope the bulls match the offer on asik .. the rockets are smoking rox giving him that deal .

  6. Gonzalesv

    why dont the bulls just offer noah,deng,and gibson a first rounder for howard,j richardson

    • Packmuly

      i think both sides would do it, but howard doesn’t wanna play there for some reason so bulls won’t do it for a rental player.

  7. Packmuly

    if there looking for a taker for scola, maybe the clips could take him and a future first rounder for the recently aquired odom with his expiring contract

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