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Lakers Acquire Steve Nash Via Sign-And-Trade

JULY 10TH, 11:10pm: The sign-and-trade sending Nash from the Suns to the Lakers in exchange for four draft picks is official, tweets Mike Trudell of The Lakers confirmed the news in a press release.

JULY 4TH, 8:09pm: Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic tweets that the Suns will receive the Lakers' 2013 and 2015 first-round picks and their 2013 and 2014 second-round picks.

8:07pm: Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports updates Nash's contract to $27MM over three years. He adds in a separate tweet that the Suns receive $3MM in cash from the Lakers in the deal.

7:53pm: Marc Stein of reports that Nash's contract will be worth $25MM over three years.

7:30pm: The Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a sign-and-trade that will send Steve Nash to Los Angeles for a package of future draft picks, KATR-AM Phoenix radio host John Gambadoro reports (via Twitter).

Details of Nash's contract with the Lakers are not yet known, but it can be assumed that the first year of his new salary will fit into the $8.9MM trade exception the Lakers received when they sent Lamar Odom to Dallas in December. Details of the picks Phoenix will receive are also not known.


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60 thoughts on “Lakers Acquire Steve Nash Via Sign-And-Trade

  1. leachim2

    Just what they need

  2. Mitch does it again.

  3. Tnt74133

    Nice! Now, ditch Gasol for Deng and Boozer

    • Carlosp1021

      Nah boozer a bum. I’d rather josh smith his athleticism wit Nash would b sick

      • Chris Hernandez

        What he really meant is ditch Gasol. lol

    • Deng maybe but Boozer absolutely not!

      • jwsox

        Considering Kobe has a ton of respect
        For send and really likes him. It could be done with the bulls simply saying “the only way you get debt is if you take boozer and we get pau” this actually makes sense for the bulls because it rids them
        Of pau who we all
        Know kobe is done with, and they get deng who Kobe really likes.

      • baseball52

        No thanks, we’ll keep Deng.

    • Heck no, thats stupid, Boozer can’t play defense and isn’t as great offensively as Gasol. I trade Gasol to the Hawks for Josh Smith and Devin Harris or to the Wolves for Derrick Williams and then sign Beasley or trade for Pekovic.

      • Tim Parente

        well the stats say boozer is one of the best defensive players in the league

      • THE MAMBA

        Beasley is signing with the Suns.

    • Cheguiii

      You are a bulls fan, right?


      No way Dude. Don’t mess with stress. Try to reason with the few brain cells U have left. We do not need boozer. we need smith and Harris or williams Twolves.

  4. ronald

    nice, nice, nice nxt..mitch

  5. Wow! Mitch is a magician! Lakers pulled this one out of their you know what.

  6. hardcoreforhardcore

    You have got to be kidding me.


      Happy or not Happy

  7. Danielsikko

    Now get rid of mcroberts for someone else thats better than him and it will be perfect, there were also rumors abou Bynum leaving for Howard! Hope that happens


      I think the lakers are trying to land Antouine Jamison? Rumor

  8. Adherbin

    Excellent move. Now get the big man from Orlando..

    • Carlosp1021

      Hell no. Screw Dwight he an overrated power forward

      • RFsnapple

        lol righttttttt

      • thesultanofswingandmiss

        Dwight is a power forward? Last time I checked he was a center.

    • Do you want a diva that’s not even sure he will be able to play at the start of the season and had major back surgery for a guy who has major potential and is two years younger and has title experience?

    • Guest

      They just gave away the draft picks needed to get Howard. They will not get him now.

  9. CWeezy

    L.A. L.A. Big city of dreams!! Black Mamba getn sum help!!

  10. Rduarte

    Nice! Let’s see Stern block this move! GO LAKERS!

  11. BDdaBeast

    A stab in the back.

  12. Nickstiggy14

    A knicks fan here, wishing the best of luck to Nash. I’m sad he chose not to come to NY, but happy, to see him playing for a team that could get him a well-deserved ring.

  13. Eric George

    Why why nash why Toronto was about to give you the team

  14. Jbhoward1967

    Omg the lakers just got worst j terry best fit pau says thise two guys noway


      Jealous Buddy

  15. chris_synan1


  16. BobbyRockhard

    Get rid of Bynum for Dwight Gasoline for Iguadala get back hill
    Starting line up


    • BobbyRockhard

      I mean gasol… Stooped iphone

      • Manny Hernandez

        one of the best autocorrects ive seen


      I think Hill will be back. 4 sure

  17. Mingle_2010

    I love it Nash is a beast would love to see Ray Allen sign for mid level then we would be unstoppable!

  18. Joe Mcgrath

    Why didn’t Nash just sign with the Lakers?

    • leachim2

      Not enough cap space

      • Joe Mcgrath

        kk, thanks.

      • Ricardo0492

        How could they not have enough cap space when they didn’t let go of any players and they gave $3 million to Phoenix?

        • HoopsRumors

          Absorbing Nash’s salary into the $8.9MM Lamar Odom trade exception.

          The $3MM they’re sending out is unrelated to the salary cap — it’s just money that teams can throw into trades to make them more appealing to ownership (up to $3MM per year).

          — Luke

  19. Dave Kocher

    way to much la for some reason does not like to keep draft picks and were just getting older geesh come on get a clue we need younger players

    • mqrpr



      Relax buddy. They still have Bynum to build around and they didn’t lose a step with this deal. those picks will be High picks and then U have to wait until the player develops. so Kobe has another 5 years. Great deal.

    • chief00

      Picks can be replaced in subsequent deals. Good teams rely on veterans to put them ‘over the top.’ I’m a Celtics fan and I’m jealous of this move.

      • Dr. Gonzo

        Well said sir. Thank you for being honest

  20. mqrpr

    We’ll see if Nash is still effective while not running a run and gun offense. Also, if his effectiveness is limited do to Kobe dominating the ball so much.


      Kobe made it work with shaq and Pau and it will work with steve because they need each other. Kobe will be motivated to get the championship for Nash. I’m as close to heaven as can be. This is a Good day. Now U have to worry about Kobe Nash Bynum and Maybe Gasol. If not maybe Smith from the Hawks. The best part is we might land Grant Hill too because of this deal. Happy Happy Happpy. Go Lakers

  21. Biggoo

    trade bynum,world peace, and blake get Howard and Turk and amnesty turks contract aND FREE UP SOME MONEY FOR NEXT YEAR

    • Dr. Gonzo

      You can’t amnesty a traded player. Know your rules

  22. Leia24k

    This move doesn’t help as much as ppl think. Nash couldn’t stay in front of a college point guard at this stage of his career. They need a better defensive point.


      I take his sure shot and assits over defense alone. He use to frustrate me watching him cut the defense down. Glad he’s on our side. let the opponant’s defense worry. We’ll be fine.

  23. Tim Parente

    they’ll still be over cap next year Bryant contract kills the lakers

  24. Cheguiii

    Sooo at this point, what can the lakers do? They dont have cap space, they couuld amnesty mwp or/and trade gasol to create space otherwise we are going tO keep the same bench players?

  25. remyngtin

    wow , talk about setting a fire to the trade wires

  26. ShortBanks

    wow , blockbuster

  27. Michael Jenkins


  28. Terrence877

    go lakers! ditch gasol for josh smith and bynum for d12

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