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Remaining Preps-To-Pros Players In The NBA

The 2005 draft was the last to feature players jumping directly from high school to the NBA, and as time goes by, there are fewer of those players remaining in the league. The NBA, since 2006, has required high schoolers to wait at least a year after their class graduates before entering the draft, sending would-be draftees to the college ranks and a few, like Brandon Jennings, to professional leagues oversees.

There are still about two dozen players currently on NBA rosters who had no college or international experience prior to being drafted. That contingent includes the man who started a decade-long influx of high school players, Kevin Garnett, the fifth overall pick out of Farragut Career Academy in 1995. Most of these players are doing well financially, though the list obviously doesn't include those who washed out of the league early in their careers. All the remaining preps-to-pros are listed by team below, along with the draft statuses and their 2012/13 salaries in parentheses.

DeSagana Diop, drafted eighth overall in 2001 ($7.372MM)

Monta Ellis, drafted 40th overall in 2005 ($11MM)

C.J. Miles, drafted 34th overall in 2005 ($2.225MM)

Kevin Garnett, drafted fifth overall in 1995 ($11.566MM) 

Josh Smith, drafted 17th overall in 2004 ($13.2MM)
DeShawn Stevenson, drafted 23rd overall in 2000 ($2.240MM)
Lou Williams, drafted 45th overall in 2005 ($5MM)

LeBron James, drafted first overall in 2003 ($17.545MM)
Rashard Lewis, drafted 32nd overall in 1998 ($1.352MM)

Al Jefferson, drafted 15th overall in 2004 ($15MM)

Travis Outlaw, drafted 23rd overall in 2003 ($3MM)

Kobe Bryant, drafted 13th overall in 1996 ($27.849MM)
Dwight Howard, drafted first overall in 2004 ($19.536MM) 

Al Harrington, drafted 25th overall in 1998 ($6.687MM)

Tyson Chandler, drafted second overall in 2001 ($13.604MM)

Gerald Green, drafted 18th overall in 2005 ($3.5MM)

Amir Johnson, drafted 56th overall in 2005 ($6.05MM)

Shaun Livingston, drafted fourth overall in 2004 ($3.5MM)

Andrew Bynum, drafted 10th overall in 2005 ($16.889MM) 
Kwame Brown, drafted first overall in 2001 ($2.819MM)
Dorell Wright, drafted 19th overall in 2004 ($4.106MM)

Jermaine O'Neal, drafted 17th overall in 1996 ($1.352MM)
Sebastian Telfair, drafted 13th overall in 2004 ($1.568MM)

Kendrick Perkins, drafted 27th overall in 2003 ($8.301MM)

Martell Webster, drafted sixth overall in 2005 ($1.75MM) 

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3 thoughts on “Remaining Preps-To-Pros Players In The NBA

  1. How do you leave out one of the best ever to make the transition from H.S. to Pro in Dwight Howard???

    • HoopsRumors

      Rob Hennigan talking in my ear, maybe? ;) Dwight’s on that list now. Thanks for catching that!

  2. Gaurav Aulakh

    Monta Ellis is on the Bucks guys..

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