Cavs, Mavs In ‘Serious’ Talks About Shawn Marion

June 21 2013 at 4:54pm CDT By Chuck Myron

The Cavaliers are engaged in "serious" discussions with the Mavericks about acquiring Shawn Marion and the No. 13 pick in exchange for the No. 19 pick, sources tell Joe Kotoch of Such a deal would have to be contingent on Marion opting into the final season of his contract, worth $9,316,796, though the veteran small forward is likely to do so. It would also have to include other players unless it took place next month, since the Cavs, with about $55MM in team salary for 2012/13, won't be far enough under the cap to absorb Marion's salary straight up until the league calendar flips to 2013/14 in July.

The Cavs view Marion as an upgrade over incumbent small forward Alonzo Gee, and they're targeting another small forward, Sergey Karasev, for the No. 13 pick they'd acquire in a deal for Marion, according to Kotoch. The Cavs are also willing to package the 31st and 33rd selections on draft night if they see a prospect they like available during the latter part of the first round. If the draft were held today, Alex Len would be the Cavs' choice for the No. 1 pick, Kotoch writes, though Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times hears Otto Porter is at the top of Cleveland's draft board (Twitter link).

As he unveils the latest version of his mock draft, Kotoch lists the Mavs, Timberwolves and Blazers as teams seeking to trade their first-round picks, as he's done in the past. Dallas is aggressively trying to unload its No. 13 pick, as a source told Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News this week that there's no chance the player taken with that selection winds up on the Mavs roster next season. Chad Ford of linked the Cavs, as well as the Thunder and Knicks, to discussions for the Dallas pick, with the Mavs' desired return as either a 2014 first-rounder or the willingness to take on Marion's contract.

The Mavs are seeking to clear the necessary cap space to sign a marquee free agent this summer, and while moving Marion's salary would be a key component in doing so, I'd be a little surprised if Dallas acquired the 19th pick as part of a deal with the Cavs. The savings between the cap hold for the No. 13 pick ($1,655,300), and the No. 19 selection ($1,223,200) would be minimal.

11 thoughts on “Cavs, Mavs In ‘Serious’ Talks About Shawn Marion

  1. It’s the right move but I’ll really hate to see Marion go. He was our only defense last year and still has plenty left in the tank.

  2. You need to check your math..the Cavs only have $32.5 million in committed salary for the 2013-2014 season. Casspi and Ellington are restricted free agents with qualifying offers of 3.3 million and 3.1 million respectively. Speights also owns a player option for $4.5 million and the team owns a team option on Miles’ 2.2 million. Even if all players were re-signed, the Cavs would only be at 39.9-41 million (rounding) and would have more than enough cap space to take Marion straight up. Here’s a great link to their team salaries: link to

    1. The $55MM figure was referring to 2012/13, since that’s the amount that applies up until June 30th. So if a deal was made on or before draft day, that’s the relevant amount. If a deal happens in July, you’re right that the Cavs will have plenty of room.

      — Luke

  3. At the end of the day…. Dallas sends Marion and 13 to Cleveland for both second round picks. Its the ONLY way Dallas saves on cap space….period!

  4. Ok, somebody help me, how is it i give up my 13th & a player but you only give me the 19th pick, is there more to the trade rumor or are NBA trades this way all the time.

    1. It’s all about the salaries. Even though Shawn Marion can give you decent production on the floor, he has slightly negative value in a trade, since he’ll take up $10MM in cap space. The Mavs want to pursue elite free agents, so having that extra $10MM to spend could be a big help.

      — Luke

  5. Perhaps we have forgotten what it was like when the best defender we could throw at the likes of Kobe and DWade was Josh Howard. If we give up Marion, we’d better have a strong defender coming in. Same thing just happened at PG. Once Kidd left, it was matador defense time, exposing the lack of athleticism on the front court. In today’s NBA, wing D is crucial. I hope this is not forgotten in the wild and likely futile hope of getting Howard to leave millions of Laker bucks on the table to sign here.

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