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Timberwolves Looking To Move Up In Draft

The Timberwolves will try to deal Derrick Williams and No. 9 pick to move up in the draft, according to Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press.  It's not known who the Timberwolves might be targeting, however.

This certainly isn't the first time that the Wolves have explored a trade for Williams and finding a solid return for him could prove to be difficult.  The former No. 2 overall pick hasn't lived up to his potential in Minnesota, averaging 10.5 PPG with 5.1 RPG in his first two seasons.  

A change of scenery might do Williams some good, however, as he's just a couple years removed from his status as a promising prospect.  The forward attacked the basket in his days at Arizona and did well with his opportunities on the free throw line by converting 75% of the time.  The 22-year-old boasts above-average raw strength but often times has found himself outmuscled by larger opponents in the NBA. 

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7 thoughts on “Timberwolves Looking To Move Up In Draft

  1. Sargeant_Snippy

    Anyone willing to take on Derrick Williams should make Minnesota move down in the draft … LOL.

  2. Alldaybaseball

    Bobcats would make sense

  3. Sky14

    Derrick Williams overall line isn’t that impressive but they do not tell the whole story. His Per 36 numbers are pretty good with 17.5 pts and 8 boards. In the middle part of the year when he finally was given a shot to start, he succeed. His post all star break numbers are 15/6 in 30 min a game. Adelman has made in difficult for him to be successful by yo-yoing his minutes through most of the season.

    • Sargeant_Snippy

      I will concede Williams improved last year. However, Per 36 can be skewed (garbage time, line-up mismatches, limited duty). Based on what Mike Miller did in limited action against the Pacers, calculate that to a per 36, and you’d think his was the best playoff performer to ever don a uniform – I kid and realize that’s not a fair comparison.

      I do believe there are inherent problems in Williams game. (1) He is a undersized big man. (2) He has absolutely no outside shot (3) His FG% is pretty pitiful as an inside guy too (4) He has no great aspect of his game – a meh foul shooter, a meh rebounder, and not much of a ball handler. That being said … this year’s draft class is incredibly weak at the top tier, so trading up shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and if a team wants to take on Williams for 1-2 years — their prerogative. Once upon a time, I think people thought Derrick Williams’ ceiling could be Elton Brand. But now … I really think you’re looking at a project bench guy who if he puts it together, it won’t happen anytime soon, certainly not before he plays out his current contract.

      Now what I find really ridiculous is rumors that Cleveland wants Minnesota to send Kevin Love for the #1 draft pick. Really? Minnesota gives up Kevin Love so they can get Hasheem Thabeet version 2 (Nerlens Noel)? Shakin’ my head …

      • Sky14

        Those problems with Per 36 numbers don’t really apply to Williams as thats not how he accumulated his stats. A fair argument could be made that over 36 min. those numbers are likely to decline because players have to conserve energy. Williams showed after the all-star break that he can at least come close to those numbers given starters mins. Does he have flaws? Absolutely (rebounding/fg%) and if he ever wants to be an above average player he will need to iron out a few of those weaknesses, but for the right team(one who is willing to give him mins would be a start) he could get better though probably not even close to an All-star.

        As for the Love trade, I agree absurd to even suggest it for Cleveland.Now, if it was the top pick in next years draft there could at least be a conversation (though still tough to pull the trigger) but in probably the weakest draft in a decade with no top talent that’s absurd. Of course Cleveland would love to deal that pick for Love but midaswell say you would deal the pick for James, Griffin, Durant and a lot of other pipe dreams.

  4. justin

    Were gonna be looking to land in the top 2 picks. I don’t like this tho. Derrick williams is a good player if you watched him last year after the allstar break you would kno. Somethin fishy is going on tho. Why trade him? He looked really good afrer the allstar break and he only played like 25 minutes a night imagine what he could have done in 40minutes pernight. Hopefully the wolve s don’t trade away another good up and coming player for a shitty pick

  5. mgsports

    Magic because he can play PF and that what the Magic need because David and Harrington arn’t coming back.

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