Rockets Aggressively Shopping Jeremy Lin

July 7 2013 at 12:19pm CDT By Chuck Myron

A source tells HoopsWorld's Bill Ingram that the Rockets are working hard to move Jeremy Lin, but Houston is finding little interest in the point guard (Twitter link). The Rockets' pursuit of a deal comes in spite of GM Daryl Morey's insistence this week that he's not looking to move Lin and Omer Asik, and a more recent report from Ken Berger of indicating the team was open to keeping them both.

Luke Adams of Hoops Rumors surmised that Morey's comments might simply have been an attempt to boost the value of Lin and Asik while easing possible tensions should the two remain on the roster into next season. Asik doesn't seem placated, as Berger heard Friday that the center wants out of Houston and isn't interested in playing on the same team as Dwight Howard. It appeared Lin and Asik might have been at the center of a trade proposal to the Hawks for Josh Smith, but there were conflicting reports, and Smith ultimately wound up agreeing to sign with the Pistons.

The cap hit for Lin will be $8,374,646 in 2013/14, and an identical amount in 2014/15. Asik has the same deal, as both came to the Rockets via offer sheets last summer. Since Houston wrangled the pair from their former teams using the Gilbert Arenas Provision, their payment schedule doesn't align with their cap hits. Both will be paid slightly more than $5MM this coming season, with balloon payments of more than $10MM set for 2014/15. That could be one reason why teams are reluctant to take on Lin.

Lin and Asik likely represent the most attractive package the Rockets could offer in pursuit of a third star to go with Howard and James Harden, unless they want to throw in Chandler Parsons.

17 thoughts on “Rockets Aggressively Shopping Jeremy Lin

  1. The Knicks make plenty of terrible decisions on their own, but thankfully Morey saved them from this one…

  2. I think trading Lin at this point would be a huge insult and slap to the face. I know he wasn’t Linsanity for most of last season but he did have plenty of good moments and helped them make the playoffs. He started and played in all 82 games which says a lot. The right move would to be keep him , Harden, Parsons intact with Howard no reason to move whats already been working

  3. excuse my language… BUT HELL NAWWW, WE AIN’T TRADING PARSONS, YOU CAN FORGET THAT and lay off JLIN, dude can ball, he’s just sometimes inconsistent but he should be starting for the Rockets

  4. I doubt the veracity of this article. Lin has a very compatible style of play for Dwight Howard’s game. He’s excellent on the pick and roll and he’s a pass first point guard. He’s also improving.

    They let Aaron Brooks walk which means that Patrick Beverly is their only other point guard with any experience.

  5. This is plain insanity on the Rockets part should they trade Jeremy Lin, the best point guard since Steve Nash at his peak. Look at what Lin did to the NY Knicks. He made them respectable and very exciting to watch running games, lobs to Chandler as well as timely passes to 3-point shooters. Lin stats could have been much better had Harden not hog the ball. With D Howard in, Lin is best point guard to distribute the ball. How could you trade a high IQ Harvard grad out of the rocket group of lower IQ players? This is insanity! On the other hand, the coach that knew of Lin’s unique ability is Mike D’Antoni. LA has a huge Chinese and Asian fans!

  6. If the Rockets offered a package of Lin, Asik and Parsons, quite a few teams might be interested, lol.

  7. He would have the best chance of success with the Lakers. He had his best moments under D’Antoni and he could be mentored by Nash.

  8. If Asik asked to be traded, Lin should also ask for the same thing in order to maintain his own dignity. The chance of Lin’s development with Rockets becomes minimal. He will have a better chance with another team.

  9. What I find absolutely stunning is that this writer doesn’t consider the possibility that a further developed Jeremy Lin isn’t that “3rd star” the team is looking for. Amazing the discrimination of the sports press against Lin. When Tony Parker in San Antonio was being developed, you didn’t see the media speculating that the Spurs needed another ‘star’ and that trading Parker was the answer.

    Might I remind the media what Lin showed during Linsanity and during sporatic games last year? Including a 38-point season-high head to head against Tony Parker, the best point guard in the game and a 29-point performance going head to head against Russell Westbrook, and dueling effectively in direct matchups with CP3 in multiple meetings against the Clippers during the season.

    So, why exactly isn’t Jermey Lin considered the ‘3rd star’ on this team if given further development? It’s amazing how prejudiced the sports media analysts are.

  10. Unless the Rockets can get a superstar point guard like Paul or Williams or Parker, it is just pants over head retarded to trade Lin. McHale, the rookie hater, is going to turn over the team to Beverly or that Murray State guy?! Not going to happen.

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