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Dwight Howard Promised Trade To Nets

In a discussion with Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders Dwight Howard revealed the Magic promised he would be traded to the Nets in the summer of 2012. Howard was eventually traded to the Lakers that August.

Howard was “upset for a while” that he was not sent to Brooklyn but didn’t sign with them when he became a free agent this past summer. If Howard had been traded to the Nets, Brooklyn would have held his Bird Rights and been able to offer him a larger and longer contract than any other team this summer. Howard instead chose to sign with the Rockets, where he has averaged 17.9 PPG and 12.5 RPG so far this season. The Nets acquired Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and others in the blockbuster trade of the summer.

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6 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Promised Trade To Nets

  1. haran

    I wonder who the lakers would have got since they are interested in persevering cap space.

    • Kevin Sagui

      It would have been Brook Lopez. Giving Lopez the contract he has is why you save your cap space in the first place.

      • haran

        I think the 3 firsts they gave boston , humphiries and lopez to a 3rd team for more picks.

  2. yuck_foo

    Dwight needs to stop crying. You ain’t that good bro.

  3. link to

    Get your facts straight. The Magic promised him not the Lakers. Wow, I thought you guys had your facts down

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