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Pistons Shopping Josh Smith, Want Assets

12:28pm: The Cavs are not interested in Smith, tweets Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio.

11:20am: Other teams say Pistons indeed shopping Josh Smith, but they’re demanding more than just dead expirings, tweets Zach Lowe of  It has been reported that Joe Dumars & Co. have been eager to deal the veteran forward but, so far, they have been unable to find a taker.

It’s safe to say that the Pistons are having a bit of buyer’s remorse when it comes to Smith.  Detroit signed Smith to a hefty four-year, $54MM deal that could reach $56MM through incentives.  After Dwight Howard and Chris Paul – universally regarded as free agents 1A and 1B came off the market – Smith was the top prize to be had for clubs with cap space.  Today, they’d like to move on from the 28-year-old, but they want more than a salary cap reset.

While Smith is averaging a respectable 15.9 PPG and 7.0 RPG, he’s putting up career lows in field goal percentage (41.7%) and PER (14.8).

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14 thoughts on “Pistons Shopping Josh Smith, Want Assets

  1. Mo Vaughn

    Here’s a deal that may work…

    Detroit Receives: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass

    Houston Receives: Rajon Rondo

    Boston Receives: Josh Smith, Omer Asik, Patrick Beverley, Aaron Brooks, 1st round pick from each

    The only thing that would kill that deal is that the Celtics are rebuilding, and probably wouldn’t want to add a big contract like Smith’s, though they do get rid of Green and Bass’ contracts.

    • Afroi9

      We’re rebuilding so it’s not just the contracts we wouldn’t want. We don’t want players that would make us win if we are trying to rebuild! And plus rondo and j smoove want to play together so smoove would only go to Boston to play with rondo

      • Mo Vaughn

        That quad of players isn’t gonna win more games that Rondo, Green, and Bass, and plus, Smith doesn’t have a choice, he plays for which ever team the Piston say he plays for. Either way, it won’t happen, but why not experiment?

        • Afroi9

          You’re right it won’t happen but the celtics would be: Beverly, Bradley, smith, sullinger, and asik. That’s an above average starting five that would win many more games than they are now

  2. Chrisput

    Dumbars trying to unload yet ANOTHER mistake. Gores, what are you waiting for?

    • ScottS42444

      I agree. He has shown that he does NOT know how to handle salary cap space. Of course, Jennings and Smith are better than the previous “spending spree” of Ben Gordon and Charlie V. Hell, in order to afford Smith the Pistons had to give away a draft pick to Charlotte for them to take on Gordon. Now, the Pistons are forced to cut ties with Monroe because they can’t afford him and they have to move Smith to the 4 full-time in order to limit their mistake with the huge contract. Just terrible. Oh, and let’s all remember Darko over 3 other decade long all-stars. Terrible.

    • MrTroyMercy

      A mistake that averages15 and 8 boards ? Smh… get a grip….they shouldve never traded 3 good players for brandon jennings , that was a mistake.

      • Chrisput

        He should have been fired, for the Darko pick alone.

        • MrTroyMercy

          I do agree.

  3. You would have to take out Aaron Brooks due to the fact that he has a player option on any trade. Houston is going to have to give up more than Asik, Beverly, a third player (not named Dwight, James, or Chandler). No way this deal goes down. Asik, Lin, and Beverly wouldn’t get it done.

  4. ezpkns34 .

    If other teams wanted him at that salary, wouldn’t they have signed him as a FA this offseason (or pull a sign & trade for him)?

  5. ThatsMyCommentPunk

    The Pistons? At least the Lions are fun to watch….at times.

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