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Raptors Interested In Rajon Rondo

We can add another team to the list of clubs that have interest in Celtics star Rajon Rondo.  The Raptors have their eye on Rondo as they listen on offers for their own starting point guard, Kyle Lowry, writes Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun.

Rondo has several fans in the Toronto front office and the Raptors are eager to bring in a bonafide star.  Of course, the Celtics and GM Danny Ainge have gone on record many, many times to say that they won’t part ways with Rondo.  However, anything is possible and at the very least, the phone lines have been open in Boston.

The Knicks still want to pair Rondo with pending free agent Carmelo Anthony, though it’s hard to see them putting together the necessary pieces to swing such a deal.  Earlier tonight, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports reported that a deal sending Rondo to the Kings for Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, and two picks was nixed due to the C’s star being unwilling to re-sign with Sacramento in the summer of 2015.

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6 thoughts on “Raptors Interested In Rajon Rondo

  1. alphakira

    ” though it’s hard to see them putting together the necessary pieces to swing such a deal”

    Why? The ball is clearly in Rondo’s hands, not the GM. Of course he could decide he doesn’t want to sign an extension with the Knicks either, but I’d think the pairing with Melo is a bit more intriguing than…whatever it is in Toronto.

    • Z....

      What exactly would the Knicks be able to offer them? Obviously Rondo agreeing to stay is important when determining his destination, but the return still needs to be worth moving him

  2. guccci7383

    kings have some nice young pieces. next season looks brighter for them then the celtics..rondo should accept the trade and see how things wprk out with cousins and rudy gay.. thats some nice young talent right there

    • Z....

      I think that part of it is that the Kings probably dont want to move all of those assets unless they are assured that Rondo will stay when he gets to free agency

  3. Sportsbozo1

    Here’s the bottom line if you want Rondo it’s going to cost you 2 unprotected 1rst round picks. DA isn’t budging on the price! They might do a sign and trade type of thing to help facilitate the transaction, but they are adamant they want the draft choices and they don’t want strings attached…

  4. TigerFan1968

    Can’t people see that Rondo is damaged goods ? Think Derrick Rose. He is never going to be much of a shooter and now that he has lost a step what do you really have? Meanwhile Toronto have the best pure point guard in the East and all the talk is about giving him away. Toronto should have gotten Spencer Hawes or anyone that can play inside tougher than Valanciunis.

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