Tim Duncan To Play For “Couple” More Years?

April 20 2014 at 4:39pm CDT By Zach Links

As the top-seeded Spurs look to bring another championship trophy home, questions persist about how long the current core will be able to stick together.  Manu Ginobili has admitted that, at one point, he considered calling it a career after this season and big man Tim Duncan has done the same.  However, after today’s game, Duncan told reporters that he only has “a couple more” playoff runs left in him (according to Marc SteIn of ESPN.com on Twitter) which would indicate that this season won’t be his last.

When asked to elaborate, Duncan said that he doesn’t “know what that number” is (link), but “a couple” would indicate that he feels he has at least two seasons left in the tank.  The future Hall of Famer will celebrate his 38th birthday on Friday and sounds intent to continue his career through age 40.

Earlier this month, Tony Parker told a French-language website that Duncan and Ginobili would return for another season in 2014/15.  Meanwhile, Coach Gregg Popovich, who once said that he’d call it quits when TD does, has walked those comments back.

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