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Draft Rumors: Embiid, Nets, Celtics, Lakers

The Cavs are strongly leaning toward taking Joel Embiid first overall, a source tells Chris Mannix of Of course, earlier reports have indicated leanings toward Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, and Cleveland threw a curveball with last season’s selection of Anthony Bennett at No. 1, so it’s tough to get a read on owner Dan Gilbert’s team. Still, Mannix and others have plenty of intel surrounding the draft with eight days to go:

  • The Nets are seeking a first-round pick, according to Mannix, who echoes earlier reports that the Pelicans and Knicks are doing the same.
  • The Celtics like Aaron Gordon the best among the power forwards likely to be available at No. 6, Mannix hears.
  • The Lakers are leaning toward keeping their No. 7 pick rather than trading down for multiple picks, believing there’s a drop-off after the top 10 prospects, according to Dave McMenamin of McMenamin nonetheless doesn’t say whether the team is leaning toward keeping the pick rather than acquiring a veteran, and the Lakers and the Kings are reportedly more open to trades than any other lottery clubs.
  • The Jazz aren’t necessarily seeking Parker as they attempt to trade up from the fifth pick, as Chad Ford of writes in a chat with readers.
  • Several teams were disappointed when Kristaps Porzingis decided to withdraw from the draft, and one executive told Mannix that he believes the Latvian has a decent chance to become a top-five pick next year. The Thunder, who’d reportedly promised to draft him, and Mavs were particularly high on him, according to Mannix, while the Hawks were also enamored with him, Ford says in his chat.
  • The Grizzlies appear likely to trade into the second round, as we passed along earlier.
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10 thoughts on “Draft Rumors: Embiid, Nets, Celtics, Lakers

  1. lakers need players so why not trade to get 2. even if they arent a top 10 pick. it shouldnt matter since some of the best were after the top 10. aka bynum before bad knees and kobe i believe was pick 13 boozer 2nd round,Manu Ginóbili 2nd round and so on. plus there should be some good players past top 10 like guys from ucla lavine ,adams and anderson. etc.. every pick a hit or miss no matter where they get pick there no sure things in the draft.

    • guccci7383

      i think at 7 they get a sure fire career start for the next 10 plus yrs. after then all bets are off. those guy u mentioned from ucla could turn out to be nothing more then rotation players at best

      • true but laker need players since they only have 3 unless they chose to keep kelly than they would have 4. so why not try to get 2 picks because good free agents arent going to come cheap. we got lucky with young last season.

        • guccci7383

          i wouldn’t worry about the draft too much. it looks like LA is staying at 7. they will get a starter with that pick. i’m more concern with if they resign Gasol and how much they give him, and if not who do they target, Deng or lowery and how much they spend on each long term.
          Not to mention we still dont have a coach

          • there will be alot of people the lakers can target, from guys like rudy gay to deng, to greg monroe. unless pau can be sign for cheaper i wouldnt do it. i would sign someone else. lakers really need a big who can defend the rim.

          • guccci7383

            i like monroe depending on how much money he wants.. his post defense is bad tho, he wont be the shotblocker you want.
            and deng feels like a old 29/30 yr old lot of mileage on his body plus he gets hurt alot..
            Gay has a 19 million $ player option, but i’d take him for around 4yrs 50 mill if he’ll take that kind of deal

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