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Heat Considering Mario Chalmers Sign-And-Trade

Miami has explored the possibility of sending Mario Chalmers out in a sign-and-trade to add more talent, sources tell Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders (Twitter link). The Heat are meeting with LeBron James today after agreeing to deals with Josh McRoberts for the value of the non-taxpayer’s mid-level exception and Danny Granger for the equivalent of the bi-annual exception.

Chalmers, 28, struggled mightily in the playoffs, averaging only 6.4 points per contest, and was benched for the team’s final postseason game. It was the first time he didn’t start for the Heat in the past three seasons, and he recorded a career-high 14.0 PER this past year during the regular season. He tied his career mark with 4.9 assists per game, and his 9.8 PPG approached his best, too.

The Sam Goldfeder client has expressed interest in returning to Miami for next season. Still, the Heat made a run at Kyle Lowry before he re-signed with the Raptors, and the club apparently envisions bringing in someone new to play his role. Chalmers would have to agree to go elsewhere in any sign-and-trade, though the Heat could attempt to force his hand and decline to make an offer for him to stay.

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6 thoughts on “Heat Considering Mario Chalmers Sign-And-Trade

  1. sherman anderson

    I like LeBron James but switching teams ain’t gonna get him a for sure ring on his finger stay put

  2. ssw265

    It all depend on who on the team, if there are 2 all star say Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving than he at the very least will be going back to the Championship.

    • And dont forget Andrew Wiggins

      • ssw265

        The problem there is if they get Love they probably have to trade Wiggins to get him.

  3. Chalmers stock went down when he was bench he did not cause the Heat to loose that series the heat was playing poorly the whole season we did not see Miami heat Basketball this season coaching, locker room problems at some point what ever decision has to be made for the best for the team and the as fans we supported LBJ when the world was against him going back to Cav every mistake will cause more damage they will never forget or forgive it is time to make a decision and the chips fall were it may. When a Man get married he leaves home not go back.

    • ssw265

      I don’t know what LeBron is going to do, but you statement about when a Man leave Home is not relevant to this case just like he made the Decision he has every right to make another Decision concerning where he want to be that’s why they call it FREE AGENCY.

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