Heat Sign Josh McRoberts

JULY 14th, 5:05pm: The Heat have made the announcement that the deal is now official. Of the signing, Pat Riley said (Twitter links), “We felt from day one that he was one of our main targets. We are delighted that this multi-faceted player will help us immensely in being the kind of team that Coach Spoelstra wants with his versatility.

2:58pm: The deal that McRoberts received from the Heat was slightly better than the Hornets’ best offer, as Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer hears (Twitter link). The Heat released a statement today acknowledging their agreement with the power forward.

JULY 7th, 2:03pm: Josh McRoberts has verbally committed to sign with the Heat, reports Marc Stein of ESPN.com (Twitter link). Miami appeared to be in a two-way battle with the Hornets earlier today. It’s a four-year deal worth the full value of the non-taxpayer’s mid-level exception, with a player option for the final season, Stein adds (on Twitter). That would make it worth $22,652,350, as I explained.

The use of the mid-level will make the Heat hard-capped for the 2014/15, meaning they can’t go more than $4MM above the tax level at any point. That hard cap is projected to be about $81MM.

Charlotte apparently made the same offer to retain the slick-passing power forward, but the Heat have seemingly won out. An increasing number of executives reportedly believed that the client of agent Mike Conley Sr. would indeed end up with a deal for the mid-level.

It’s the first agreement so far this month for the Heat and team president Pat Riley, who’ve been courting LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in the hopes that the star trio will return. McRoberts isn’t the sort of significant free agent addition that Marcin Gortat, Kyle Lowry and Luol Deng, all of whom the Heat have reportedly had on their radar, would have been, but he is coming off a career year. He averaged 8.5 points and 4.8 rebounds in 30.3 minutes per game for the then-Bobcats, but he also notched one of the league’s best assist-to-turnover ratios, averaging 4.3 and 1.1 in those categories, respectively. The Blazers, Mavs, Cavs, Clippers, Knicks, Spurs, Suns and Lakers were all among his reported suitors.

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22 thoughts on “Heat Sign Josh McRoberts

  1. AB4EYE

    Most overrated player int he NBA as this dude didn’t even have a 14 PER last year with all those assists.

  2. Z....

    WHY? We just spent over $8 million on Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts?!?! I dont even believe this. Neither guy fits a need. Pz LeBron. Have fun wherever you end up. Same to you Chris Bosh. At least we still have D-Wade to enjoy watching. Sad end of an era today. As I said when this whole thing started, I wont blame Pat Riley for failing, nor will I blame those guys for leaving. Just an unfortunate situation where we apparently couldnt identify the proper needs

    • Table

      What would you have preferred they do?

      Anthony was not going to happen

      All of the restricted free agents would cost too much to pry away

      Deng, Stephenson, and Ariza are not worth the money they want (at least not considering how much the Heat have to spend)

      Now the Heat can sign either Jameer Nelson or Mario Chalmers to start at PG, bring back the big 3, and pick up some underrated role players to round out the roster.

      Lebron ain’t going to Cleveland, Irving/Bennet/Wiggins are not ready to help him win a championship and he’s not ready to throw away his age 30-31 seasons for nothing.

      The only real threat might be the Suns

      • Z....

        well, I pretty much answered this on the other post (in the Granger article)

          • Z....

            I mean…its not “over.” That was a little overly dramatic, but still. This isnt what we should be doing. We’re trying to do the same garbage that got us beat in the Finals. This team is meant to play small and athletic. The acquisitions needed for that are out there and are obtainable for not too much money. Josh McRoberts doesnt even make any sense for this team. He may be a playmaker out of the high post, but why would we take the ball out of LeBron, Wade, or Bosh’s hands for McRoberts to run the offense? I could then expand that to include Ray Allen, who ever our PG would be, etc. They may come back, but this team NEEDS more ATHLETICISM to compete at the level they would need to play at

            • Table

              The Spurs did not beat the Heat using athleticism. The Spurs had a team where every player was a shooter, every player was a playmaker, and they had lots of players. McRoberts bring similarly brings shooting/playmaking/depth to the Heat

              • Z....

                the Heat played big against the Spurs, which made NO sense. After playing small for 3 years, they randomly decided to change rotations in a way that made zero sense against that matchup. Birdman played wayyy too much, as did Ray Allen. Battier didnt play at all, and he was our most important player in that matchup. Rashard Lewis played well when on the court, but for some reason didnt even play after the 1st quarter of game 5. I would have even accepted Beasley and Douglas coming in. At least that would have matched up better against the Spurs

                • Table

                  Well offensively a front court of Lebron, Bosh, Mcroberts would not really be “big”, at least not in a limiting way. It would be very versatile offensively. Defensively It’s not amazing or anything, but again those three are versatile enough to match up with plenty of lineups. Whether or not Mcroberts fits in to your ideal crunch time lineup next to the big three, I think you have to admit he should be a very strong member of the rotation

                  • Z....

                    Defensively, he just doesnt fit into the type of disruption this team needs. Offensively, I will stick to what I said before. He could still provide some spacing, but why would you bring him in if he isnt going to be using his skillset as a facilitator. I just think it would have been way smarter to go after athleticism on the wing

                    • Table

                      He’s not a PG, he doesn’t need the ball in his hands constantly to make plays. You can swing the ball around to him for a 3, and he can dish the ball in to an open player under the basket etc. He just fits the Heats team oriented style of play. As for Athleticism and defense on the Wing, I honestly thing Granger provides some of that.

                      • Z....

                        he hasnt in 3 years, and I especially dont know about the athleticism from him

  3. Trey King

    Who the hell is going to rebound for them? McBob got 5.7 PER36 last year as a starter which is amazingly low and he could be replacing a guy who got 7.4 in Bosh or 9.8 in Birdman.

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