Ray Allen Not Leaning Toward Cavs

Ray Allen has ruled out a return to the Heat, but says he hasn’t been leaning toward playing for the Cavs, as had been reported, as Allen tells Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald.   Allen is still considering retirement, of course, it sounds like he may have some reservations about playing for an NBA neophyte like Cavs coach David Blatt.

It will require a perfect storm scenario for me,” said Allen. “I’m in great shape, and I’ll continue to be in great shape, but I don’t want to go to a situation where I don’t understand the rhythm of how a coach coaches. He has to be a great coach, a veteran coach.”

While Allen is good friends with LeBron James and James Jones, he insists that his former Miami teammates haven’t tried to push him to Cleveland.  James and Allen vacationed together in the Bahamas, but that was before James made The Decision 2.0.

Of course, there are other suitors out there for one of the league’s best-known long distance shooters.  The veteran has also heard from his former coach Doc Rivers who would like him to come join forces with the Clippers.  Still, the 39-year-old won’ t necessarily play for cheap, if he plays at all.

A lot of teams want to be able to get me at the veteran’s minimum. I still have an ego, too. I still have a service to provide, and teams still have to pay me what I feel my presence is worth. I have to take that into consideration, if it’s worth putting my body through what it will take over 82 games.”

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2 years 1 month ago

I agree with Allen 100% if you’re good at what you do, you should be compensated. Me being a small service businessman also require to be compensated as well. So whoever, pay the man. There well never be another Allen. He could probably play way into his 40’s. if he wanted to.


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