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Celtics Sought Nerlens Noel For Marcus Smart?

WEDNESDAY, 10:05am: The Celtics also offered Kelly Olynyk in the proposal, a league source tells Jake Fischer of SI Now (Twitter link). The offer included another Boston player, too, Fischer reported earlier (on Twitter).

TUESDAY, 11:13am: The Celtics were looking to trade Marcus Smart and the 16th and 28th picks in this year’s draft to the Sixers for Nerlens Noel and the No. 3 pick, but the Sixers were uninterested, league executives told Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times. That the Sixers would turn away such a proposal is not altogether surprising, since Noel, a First-Team All Rookie selection, would seemingly have value that’s higher than or at least equal to that of Smart, a Second-Team All-Rookie pick. Plus, the Nos. 16 and 28 picks probably wouldn’t be nearly as coveted as the third pick would be. It’s unclear when the Celtics made their play.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge confirmed to reporters today that he’s trying to move up with his pair of first-rounders, according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald (Twitter link), though he didn’t make mention of any other component to Turner’s report. Ainge did say that no one on Boston’s roster is untouchable, tweets Herald scribe Mark Murphy. Boston has a pair of second-rounders, too, at Nos. 33 and 45, while the Sixers have their first-rounder at No. 3 and five second-round picks.

Smart and Noel were No. 6 overall picks in back-to-back years, and while Noel, a 2013 selection, sat out 2013/14 with injury, he’s one year closer to the end of his rookie scale contract than Smart is. That might have allowed the Celtics to believe they had a shot at obtaining Noel in such a package, though that’s just my speculation.

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37 thoughts on “Celtics Sought Nerlens Noel For Marcus Smart?

  1. Dean

    Danny Ainge is a joke of a GM if he thought Hinkie would be dumb enough to take this deal.

    • Mike

      He was dumb enough to take Joel Embid last year so why not?

      • Anthony

        Didn’t realized the 76ers made an offical announcement that Joel is out for the season? Joel was seen this past week walking just fine workout a boot and informed his Kansas coach he did not experience any pain and and the foot was not broken.

        • Brian

          And Michael barkann said yesterday that his source told him embiid was healthy and will be in the starting lineup game 1. He also Instagramed with wroten saying excitedly that he couldn’t wait for the season to start.

      • Brian

        Embiid is fully healthy right now, and will be a top 5 player in 2-3 years.

      • Dean

        No player taken after Embiid has talent like he does, there was no better option at #3 last year. Every GM would have taken him 3rd, some even higher.

  2. Lmao….sure they did… “LA Times” need I say more?

  3. Dave

    Dean, what’s the problem here? He took a shot. It didn’t work. So what?

  4. Lafertydaniel

    I’m legit offended by this offer. They could give us all their players and picks, nothing they have is close to as valuable as nerlens

    • Your father

      Nerlens blows, idiot.

      • Andrew

        Nerlens doesn’t blow, idiot.

      • Brian

        All time defensive potential for Noel, with an offensive game that improved dramatically from game 1. You have to remember he had a year and a half off, then came into the best league in the world, and it took 2 months for him to adjust. After the break he averaged 14pts 11reb 2asst 2.8blks 2.7stls…. Go find me 2 rookies who have ever matched those numbers across the board, ever? You can’t, because they’re only 1.

        • Brian

          Because there is only one***

  5. Izzy

    If that trade went through I would immediately pull myself from Boaton’s fan base. Noel will always be limited on offense and I wouldn’t doubt it If he’s a terrible ft shooter as well. Smarts ceiling is SSOOOOO much higher than Noels 1 dimensional game.

    • Tim Dierkes

      Just had to make a minor edit on this comment, please be mindful of language.

    • Brian

      Lol, Noel had all time defensive potential. He had a month of March that no player, not rookie, but player, has had since Hakeem in 94.

    • John

      Lolwat? The Boston offer is the joke, not the other way around.

    • Eric

      Nerlens shoots just as well as Smart from the outside, terrible, the difference is Smart is a guard and is expected to be able to shoot, as mentioned before, I wouldnt accept that trade ev

    • Eric

      Marcus Smart makes MCW look like Stephen Curry

      • Marcus Smart shoots 34% from 3 while MCW shoots 25% from 3. Great call mate.

        • Brian

          Marcus smart shot 33% from 3, and 36% overall…. Yikes….3reb, 3asst…yikes…. Noel after he got accustomed, after January he averaged 14pts 11reb 2asst(1lless then smart) 2.8blks 2.7stls….. Amazing all around numbers for a rookie .

  6. David

    The deals would have sucked both ways. Marcus Smart can’t shoot and Nerlens is a post up player in the “new NBA” where post up players are practically meaningless. The guys with value are 3 point shooters who can play defense. BTW… Ainge is no joke. That’s just ignorant to say and Hinkie hasn’t done anything yet. Yeah he’s made a bunch of moves, but until that turns into a title, it’s just a bunch of moves.

    • You have to two things wrong, first smart is a lot bettering shooter than people give him credit for and Noel is not a post up player he’s like deandre he’s there for screens, lobs and boards

      • * excuse the to at the start

  7. Brian

    What a joke, in can’t believe ainge had the nerve to even ask with that deal. Noel averages 14 11 3 2 after the break.. No way

    • Brian

      I wouldn’t trade Noel for that package let alone Noel and #3

  8. Frank K

    Keep sweetening the deal for the #3 or 4 pick

  9. Whoever says that Ainge is an idiot is just stupid. Done a great rebuild. He has a rising team and 22 draft picks in the next 5 years(11 firsts and 11 second)

  10. John

    Massive Sixer’s fan here, and I too think this trade offer is a no-brainer pass for us; however, Hinkie’s breed of madness has made it a legitimate offer. Everyone know’s his affinity for picks, so why not throw any offer involving multiple 1st rounders at him? Who knows, maybe Hinkie likes Smart better than either top PG in this draft, believes Embiid is healthy/our cornerstone and that Dario will slide into 4 when he gets here. Again, I don’t personally think any of that is the case – I love Nerlens. All I’m saying is that Hinkie’s recent pattern has made it so that nothing is out of the realm of possibility. That being said, I can’t wait to see Russell suit up with Noel and Embiid next season.

  11. That offer is laughable. What was Ainge thinking there? Was he hoping that Hinke was drunk?

  12. Majik515

    Danny Ainge is the WORST EVER we need to get rid of him!!!!

  13. Eric

    If Hinkie made this trade, he would need to hire a new coach as Brett Brown would walk out of the building and never return

  14. Kent

    If he wouldve added brooklyns 1st next year do you think hinkie wouldve took it?

  15. Izzy

    I cannot believe he added Olynyk as well. Noel isn’t what we need sure he’s a rim protector but he’s garbage offensively. Smart’s ceiling is SO much higher. Noel might as well be peaked, he will probably won’t even get to convert 70% of his free throws. Marcus Smart’s already an above average defender to say the least, and he’s proven this year that he has a reliable jumpshot that should improve.

    • Tim Dierkes

      Last sentence removed for language, please keep an eye on that.

    • docregi

      Noel is far better than anyone on this roster.

  16. sixers999

    This trade offer is a joke. Nerlens is worth way more than smart. Plus asking for the 3rd pick for two late first round picks is insulting.

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