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Celtics Sign Amir Johnson

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Minnesota Timberwolves

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

JULY 9TH, 7:58pm: The signing is official, the Celtics announced. Since it’s not a sign-and-trade, and the amount is too large to fit within the mid-level exception, that means Boston is using cap space and has lost its long list of trade exceptions, including one worth $12,909,090 left over from the Rajon Rondo trade.

3:47pm: The second year is non-guaranteed, according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald (Twitter link).

JULY 1ST, 2:36pm: The Celtics and Amir Johnson have agreed to a deal, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter links). It’ll be worth $24MM over two years, a fairly significant outlay. The incumbent Raptors, as well as the Knicks, Celtics, Mavericks, Pacers, Lakers and Spurs also expressed interest in the Kevin Bradbury client, as Jeff Goodman of reported earlier (on Twitter).

Chris Mannix of reported Tuesday that Boston was expected to show interest. Johnson said in 2013 that he wanted to play for Toronto the rest of his career, but declining numbers this past season seemed to make that proposition less likely.

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56 thoughts on “Celtics Sign Amir Johnson

  1. scann

    Celtics get their only guy….congratulations….lol

    • Rolltide3332

      Not true, we did re-sign Jerebko. Lol

      • scann


  2. This will get them to the finals for sure..

  3. Rolltide3332

    We missed on Kevin love so…This should make up for it…right…..right

    • Doug

      Didn’t miss on Love – you can’t miss out on something you were never going to have. If you can then I missed out on Giselle and that is the story I am sticking with!

  4. beantownchris

    Paul Pierce is next… right?

    • beantownballer

      And then rondo too lol

  5. JayDeJesus

    He better put in work….don’t really like him, didn’t really watch him play… But he’d be better than sully who can’t even lose weight. And probably better than Oly on protecting the rim. So for me it’s a + and a –

    • Tim Dierkes

      Slight edit made for language

    • Adhish

      Amir johson is one of the hardest working guys in the nba

  6. ashish

    As a Raptors Fan I watched Amir Johson Play. He is a team guy and will dowatever it takes to win and is a fighter

  7. Devon

    Is this a joke? Another power forward … For 12 mill a year Id rather re sign another Gerald Wallace… Stupid stupid great move Danny #tanking

    • 2008champs

      Gerald Wallace? Are you kidding? Amir Johnson impacts the game in far more ways than Wallace does. I swear 90 percent of nba fans do not understand the game.

  8. Zachary

    Raptors screwed up

    • Tim Dierkes

      Slight edit made for language

  9. Tom Yeo

    I know you wanted K love Beantown, but Amir Johnson is one helluva player. Ive never been so torn as a Raps fan to watch him leave. Good luck Amir. I am so glad you goit paid, but it sucks your playing for a Division rival now.

  10. beantownballer

    I’d be happier with greg monroe

    • scann

      Monroe is Knicks guy sorry…….

  11. Big Moe

    Kiss Crowder goodbye. Once again, good job Danny boy !!! Go Celtics (nowhere) !!!

  12. Danny Ainge’s BS is really starting to get annoying. This guys is not worth 12 Million a year, and he hasnt ever had a big impact in games. Step it up Danny

    • 2008champs

      He had a big impact with Toronto, and with the cap increasing next year, 12 mil isnt what it used to be. Championship teams need players like Amir

  13. We can still resign Crowder dont be ridiculous. And with the cap jumping from $67 to $90 million next year $12 million a year isnt what it use to be

  14. Why is everyone annoyed about this!! this will drastically improve our team! he’s a rim protector and a great scorer! if we get rid of Kelly and Sully we’ll have a great team

    • CjBeanTown

      Sounds good to me

  15. Dylan

    Everyone needs to relax, just give Danny some time. #itrustdannyainge

    • Doug

      Why does everyone think Danny is so darn brilliant. He did the Garnett / Allen deal when my son was in 8th grade. My son is going into his Jr. year of college. A long time to wait for the second act. He held onto those three (the big three played in the 80’s thank you very much) for too long and the team is paying for it now. He overvalues players like Avery Bradley so we are stuck with a bunch of guys that could fill out the back half of any bench in the league quite admirably.

      • Z.....

        Lol he totally fleeced the Nets trading those 3. What are you talking about? Also, Avery Bradley is a good player. He isn’t a number 1 guy or anything like that, but he can defend multiple positions, and he can shoot the 3 pretty well

      • Trader Danny Fan

        Just shut up

  16. Dick

    Overpaid every single one ……..role players make 10-12 million

  17. maddie

    Awful. 12 million on a player that avgs 9pts 6rebs and less then one blocked shot a game? Is he going to take over the starting job for sully? No, and now he is the second highest paid player on the team. Way to improve the team Danny.

    • Raptor Fan

      You can’t always measure a players impact with statistics. He is a great post defender and all though he does not ALWAYS block others shots, he challenges their shot in the post which leads to a limited amount of points in the paint for the other team. He comes in handy during clutch situations and never forces any shots. If I were you, I would also look at his field goal percentage.

      • 123redsox

        As well as what he does in the locker room. I agree with you completely. Solid signing!

    • 2008champs

      With the Cap set to increase next season, this will look like a bargain contract for an underrated player

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking!

    • Steve

      The second year isn’t guaranteed, they weren’t going to sign any of the big fish, so the value amount really doesn’t matter. Sullinger is an over weight injury prone big man. Does two traits dont really go well together. I would have rather see them sign a guy like Asik, but this move certainly isn’t awful. It fits Brad Stevens 4 position system.

  18. pissed off Celtics fan

    Are you kidding me?

    • Tim Dierkes

      Slight edit made for language.

  19. scann

    Go get Wes Matthews….Danny….give him the Maxxx……….

  20. dave

    He is just a piece still more to come from trader danny

  21. scann

    Go get Wes Matthews….Danny….use the Max deal as the closer….bet no other team offered him the Max deal so far…..

  22. Mario

    If the Celtics bring in Gerald Green the bench should be pretty good, I just hope Ainge can trade for a real difference maker

  23. [email protected]

    It says a lot about Amir Johnson that Raptors fans (quicker to turn on any player) still have his back. He’s a great asset in the locker room for the Celtic’s young players. Plus he never misses (see FG%) and I bet you he’ll be a fan favourite before you know it. He’s solid.

    • This. But raptors fans don’t just turn on ANY player. Just the disappointing ones. They’re a very emotional invested fan base.

  24. Z.....

    Close to a $4 million per year overpay, but still a decent fit at the 4 to replace Bass. They need a rim protector though, and they could probably use another wing player, preferably one that can shoot. I liked a couple of their draft picks, but I don’t know what their thoughts are on their potential spots in the rotation

  25. Z.....

    I would also assume that Paul Pierce is probably no longer in play for them

  26. Z.....

    And this just became a very, very good deal with the new info

  27. Whats the attraction with this guy and what’s the hurry on locking up cap space so soon? Another undersized player at his position PF! THIS seams to be a nice pattern of aquiring guys who don’t fill a need and repeats what we already have. Unless they intend on moving jared sullinger and Marcus smart for Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried. I suppose this also means Kevin love is definitely not interested?

    • Z.....

      Kevin love had already resigned with the Cavs…

  28. I think it’s time for Danny to go . No one wants to deal with him anymore . Wasted draft this and probably the same next year .

    • Jerry

      I agree if Danny doesn’t get a big name get him out of there!

    • Z.....

      He has made some great moves yo give them a lot of assets and he had a good draft in my opinion, besides passing on Robert Upshaw, but every other team did that too

  29. Jerry

    I feel like they’re signing players just to sign them. Celtics need a center and they can’t let Greg Monroe slip away.

  30. Brian

    I love Amir Johnson’s game and his leadership but 2 years, $24M? If Amir is worth that, Robin Lopez will probably get $15M a season.

  31. justin

    Why is Danny determined to put out a team of 3 undersized guards and 2 power forwards? And Johnson is a solid player but he’s not more than solid. he doesn’t fill our needs and he also doesn’t really upgrade the things we already do well. 12 mil is a lot for a team to pay just to not.get worse

  32. Drake

    Thanks so much Amir, you are a great Raptor :)

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