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Latest On Mike Miller

MONDAY, 8:04am: Miller asked the Cavs to move him, one source tells Lloyd, who writes in a full story.

SUNDAY 8:35pm: Mike Miller, who was reportedly traded from the Cavs to the Blazers tonight, will likely be released by Portland soon, Marc Stein of reports (on Twitter). Miller, who is owed $2.8MM in the final year of his contract, is a strong candidate to negotiate a buyout with the Blazers, according to Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski (on Twitter).

The Grizzlies, Thunder and Mavericks are three teams already interested in Miller, Stein tweets. LeBron James was OK with the Cavs dealing Miller, reports the Akron Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd (on Twitter), who cites a source who said Miller wanted out and a chance to play again. James was upset when the Heat cut Miller two years ago, as’s Brian Windhorst points out (via Twitter), but does not feel that way about this move.

If Miller is waived by the Blazers, the veteran sharpshooter is prohibited from signing with the Cavs for one year, former Nets executive Bobby Marks tweets. Miller is coming off his worst season and only played 13.5 minutes per game in 52 appearances.

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15 thoughts on “Latest On Mike Miller

  1. Z.....

    Heat HAVE to jump on this. I dont care. Just do it. Get rid of Chalmers, Birdman, and McRoberts. Pickup a cheap backup 5 like Khem Birch, and let it fly…

    If they cant get him, there are a bunch of teams that could really use Mike Miller

    • Brian

      If getting rid of Bird, Rio and McBob was that easy, it would’ve been done already.

      • Z.....

        Maybe they were trying to decide to keep McRoberts and/or Birdman? Also, there wasnt a perfect fit for what they need right now on the market…and that player just so happens to be a 2x NBA Champion with the Heat just a couple of years ago, with all the same people there, and another chance to win soon if they stay healthy

        • Will Joseph

          I’d like the move for the Heat, but the cost would have to be right for an older guy coming off his worst season.

          • Jeremy

            I dont think Miller could ever get more than the league minimum now. In fact he probably opted in to get an extra mill+, yet still get out of Cleveland.

    • Jeremy

      You’re obsession with Khem Birch disturbs me lol. Anyway of the teams reportedly interested.. the Thunder are not a fit because of playing and the Mavs aren’t contenders. Miller will probably choose between Miami and Memphis.. The Heat probably look better as a fit and because they have a better chance to compete in the east than the Grizz do in the west.

      • Z.....

        I didn’t realize that I didn’t clarify that I’d prefer to move Rio and McRoberts before Birdman. If they move Birdman, I want someone similar, hence my suggestions of Birch

  2. Jeremy

    Good to see Lebron getting away with more hypocrisy if he was really “fine” with the Cavs trading Miller (something cited as the reason he left Miami by Miller himself)

    As a Heat fan I hope Miller comes back. Fills a need (perimeter shooting) and adds another swing man on a team that might need more injury insurance throughout the season. Would push out James Ennis, but a drastic upgrade on a team looking to contend in my view.

    • Chris Crouse

      It would be ironic if Miller goes back to Miami after getting rid of him ticked LeBron and apparently impacted his decision to leave. I don’t see how he gets minutes on Memphis or Miami. If he went to Dallas, at least he might play. Dallas isn’t a contender for the championship, but they are a serious eighth seed candidate.

      • Jeremy

        Miami has a need for him. The only real shooter on the team now is Gerald Green. Green isn’t really a SF.. something Miller can be anytime. Also on days Wade does not play Green / Miller would be the go to guys for the 2 spot. Now that Napier is gone Mario Chalmers just became full time PG back up

      • KnicksCavsFan

        The Heat lack depth. Behind Dang they have Winslow and that’s about it.

        With the Cavs Miller was playing behind LBJ and sharing time with Jones and Jefferson. Also, Blatt did a poor job of using his bench last year and maybe Miller felt like the same would happen this year.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      I’m inclined to think you have some sort of bias with LBJ. If you read the article (and maybe your post came out before it was updated or you didn’t read the earlier ones) Miller ASKED to be traded because he wanted to play more. Clearly, on a team like the Cavs his time is going to be limited. I assume he probably mentioned that to LBJ. Big difference between WANTING to be traded vs being happy on the team your on and being traded to save money and avoid paying the lux tax.

      • Z.....

        Well, think about it. He gave up a good amount of money to sign with the Cavs, and then he doesn’t play, even though he and Marion would have helped them. I’m not surprised he wanted out. I’m guessing he posted before the update to the article

    • Z.....

      adding Miller wouldn’t push Ennis out, especially with Zoran gone. That being said, I’m slightly less inclined to want to move Chalmers right away after moving one of our combo guards. Still, I would assume the Heat don’t think Zoran will improve his shooting, and therefore decided to get his money off the tax. I like his game. If he gets playing time somewhere, I think he can contribute. I like Tyler johnson and Josh Richardson better though lol

  3. Jeremy

    I’ll be the first to report it because Hooprumors won’t until everyone but Miami is ruled out first lol…. according to sources Mike Miller wants to play for either Miami or Memphis next season.

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