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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 9/30/15

The injury bug has once again stung Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, who sustained a left orbital fracture after taking an inadvertent elbow to the face during practice. Rose underwent surgery today, and he is expected to miss approximately two weeks of action. While the team and Rose dodged a bullet with the point guard not expected to miss any regular season contests, this is just the latest bit of misfortune for the point guard, who has only appeared in a total of 100 games over the last four NBA seasons courtesy of various maladies.

Rose probably didn’t help his cause with the Chicago media and fans of the team when he indicated during the team’s media day sessions that he was looking forward to hitting free agency. The point guard, who is signed through the 2016/17 campaign, did note that he expects to remain in Chicago for the long term, but Rose added that the allure of an increased salary cap and plenty of teams willing to spend would certainly give him reason to test the market.

This brings me to the question/topic of the day: Would the Bulls be better served if Derrick Rose departs after the 2016/17 season as a free agent? 

The 26-year-old was well on his way to becoming one of the best players in the NBA before injuries began to take their toll on his body and production. A healthy Rose would no doubt be worth the maximum salary, whatever that may be by the time 2016/17 rolls around, but pegging his current (or future) value is certainly a difficult task, and it’s one that will make or break some GM’s career when the time comes. The Bulls are hamstrung by Rose’s current salary of $20,093,064, as well as the perpetual worry about if and when he will next succumb to injury. While his current injury can be chalked up to bad luck, Rose’s knees will always be a source of concern, and as he ages his durability isn’t likely to improve.

If you were the GM of the Bulls, would you want to re-sign Rose? If so, what would be the largest contract you would feel comfortable handing over to him? Or would you decide to cut your losses and allow Rose to depart via free agency? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions. We look forward to what you have to say.

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10 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 9/30/15

  1. maksim

    I think that he can maybe be get half the price like curry signed 4 years 40 million

  2. Nick

    Depends on how many games he plays in the next 2 years. If he only plays in a fraction of games the next 2 years then you cut bait. If he plays in almost all the games the next 2 years then you re-sign him.

  3. I’m not sure hes top 7 PG in league even when healthy after the injuries he’s suffered. I would be very hesitant to sign him to max long term. Also would depend on who else was available at max. ( see top 7 PG)

    • Chris Crouse

      He’s probably still is a top 7 PG. Chicago might not be the place for him, but he could still be a major contributor for someone. It just seems like he needs a change of scenery.

      • Arthur Hill

        I think there’s still some lingering bad blood over his injury status from two seasons ago. Even though he’s a Chicago kid, Roses future may wind up being elsewhere.

    • Cann

      He isn’t even a top 10 PG anymore. CP, Curry, Westbrook, Wall, Kyrie, Conley, Lowry, Lillard, Teague and Dragic are all better than he is now. I don’t know if I would even put him ahead of guys like Lawson and Parker, another injury bug. Even young guys like Reggie Jackson and Bledsoe can at least stay relatively healthy and score more efficiently.

  4. jeff

    I really don’t think bringing D Rose back is going to happen in Chicago. There’s just nothing the Bulls can do. He’s untradeable because of injuries & price tag, they won’t extend him, and they won’t get into the bidding when he’s a FA. That’s fine with this former D Rose fan. Bulls need to re-make this team.

    • Chuck Myron

      Yeah, I’d agree with you on that last point, Jeff. Unless Hoiberg can work some kind of magic this year, I think we’ll know the ceiling for this Bulls team doesn’t allow for a championship. Age will probably have taken a toll on Noah and Gasol by the time 2017 comes around (presuming they re-sing Noah this summer), and with Rose’s contract coming off the books and a projected $108MM salary cap, it seems like the perfect time to move in another direction and maybe snag a star free agent to pair with Jimmy Butler.

      • Xyrak

        Agree wholeheartedly with both you guys. The window will be closed by 2017. Draft a point guard and cut bait.

  5. Chuck Myron

    If he were willing to stay on at a discount, sure, but that doesn’t sound likely at this point.

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