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Bulls Make Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson Available

The Bulls are determined to find an upgrade at the wing and feel like they need more shooting, and they’re open to trading either Joakim Noah or Taj Gibson for the best possible wing player available, executives from around the league have told Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, as he said on “The Vertical” podcast (audio link via Twitter at one-hour, three-minute mark; transcription via Blog a Bull). Noah, poised to hit free agency this summer, said today that he’s expected to miss two to four weeks with a “slight tear” in his shoulder, a comment that came after Wojnarowski recorded his podcast. Gibson, signed through next season, has higher value on the trade market, a Western Conference GM said recently to Sean Deveney of The Sporting News.

Jimmy Butler caused a stir with his recent criticism of coach Fred Hoiberg, but he’s well-entrenched on the wing with a new five-year contractTony Snell is shooting 38.7% from 3-point range as the replacement starter for the injured Mike Dunleavy at the other wing position, but he’s averaging just 5.6 points in 22.8 minutes per game. Dunleavy still appears to be a month or two from returning to play in games after a recent setback in his recovery from back surgery.

Wings are in high demand around the league, as former Nets executive Bobby Marks said to Wojnarowski on the podcast. The Timberwolves have reportedly made shooting guard Kevin Martin available, and the Bulls were apparently among the teams interested in him last season, though it’s unclear if they’re still eyeing him or if they’d be willing to relinquish Gibson or Noah for the career 38.5% 3-point shooter who turns 33 in February. Multiple reports have indicated that the Clippers are thinking about trading Jamal Crawford, though he’s a career 34.9% 3-point shooter who’s hit on only 30.9% of his attempts from behind the arc this season. The Nuggets are reportedly dangling Randy Foye, though he’s posted only 5.9 points in 20.0 minutes per game with 28.0% shooting this season.

Noah, who’s averaging a career-low 4.5 points per game, is making $13.4MM this year, while Gibson, a recent addition to the starting lineup, has an $8.5MM salary for this season, with $8.95MM coming his way in 2016/17. Chicago is a taxpaying team, so the Bulls can only take in 125% of the salary they trade away, plus $100K, unless they bring in players with contracts that fit within the minimum salary exception. The Bulls, who haven’t made a trade since July 14th, 2014, don’t have any trade exceptions.

Which wing players do you think the Bulls could reasonably acquire for either Noah or Gibson? Leave a comment to let us know.

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24 thoughts on “Bulls Make Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson Available

  1. Chris Crouse

    It depends on what strategy the Pelicans want to go with for the rest of the season, but if they want to turn it around this year, why not trade Eric Gordon for Noah and an asset (possibly a pick)? Gordon would be nice on the wing in Chicago.

    • Chuck Myron

      I like this idea. I speculated about Gordon as a fit for the Bulls during a chat a couple of weeks ago. The Pelicans could then look to re-sign Noah and perhaps move on from Omer Asik in the offseason.

    • Sandra levy

      Great idea, Gordon would b a great asset to this team plus, he’s not soft will fit right in with rose & Jimmy

  2. Ronnie

    I heard Ty Lawson is available

  3. Aaron Jerg

    Taj is definitely the guy to be dealt. Noah won’t return until mid January at the latest along with his large salary and awful season not many teams would be willing to gamble on him. Taj is a scrappy glass eating big who could provide a defensive presence to a team that needs it. The Clippers should explore a trade for him involving Jamal Crawford, it would be an excellent fit for the Bulls off the bench come playoff time so they won’t have to rely on the young players like McDermott Mirotic. The Clippers could use Taj at the end of games to avoid the “Hack a DeAndre” method. As well as providing that back up big they have been looking for for years.

    • Danielle Amber Bellinie

      Noah or Gibson would fit in nicely w/ the Trailblazers if the Bulls want Mason Plumlee or Myers Leonard, plus a player or two and a draft pick in 2017. Either can help fans feel better after losing Lamarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez during the past off season.

  4. J-AllDay

    Rudy Gay

  5. Z.....

    I personally wouldn’t trade Taj Gibson. He can play the 4/5 spots, but he also can guard multiple positions, and he can knock down the mid range jumper. He is pretty versatile. Maybe that could get you a better return, and they do need a wing player, but moving him would open up an issue defensively at the big positions, as Mirotic, McDermott, and Portis are poor in that regard, as is Pau Gasol. It is difficult to figure out who they can get. As stated, wing players are very valuable right now

    • Chuck Myron

      Agreed. What happens if they trade Gibson and Noah and Gasol bolt in free agency? They’d have Portis and Mirotic, two guys with lots of upside but not much experience and nothing on the bench behind them (unless Cristiano Felicio is the real deal, but then he doesn’t have much in the way of experience, either).

      • Danielle Amber Bellinie

        Portland is a a team that has Myers Leonard who will be a restricted free agent and will not cost a lot to replace Gasol next season. He recently turned down a contract as trading him before the deadline will not be a bad idea in exchange for Gibson or Noah.

  6. NageGelson1

    Keep Taj and trade Noah. Taj has proved he is still valuable to the Bulls from the last few games, Noah on the other hand has not, trade Noah for a solid sf.

    • Danielle Amber Bellinie

      Would Noah fit in w/ Portland Trailblazers as he, Damian Lillard, and CJ McCollum can form Run DJC similar to the Warriors by Chris Mullins, Mitch Richmond, and Sarunas Marciulionis? Speaking of the Warriors, Blazers w/ those trio when healthy can pull of a surprising upset in the Western Conference playoffs should they meet in the first round.

  7. Jerome

    I know this may sound crazy but the Bulls should go after Solomon Hill from the pacers! Yeah I know his 3pt% is 33.?% but after the all star break he shot 36.? %. I believe Hill bring all the stuff Snell doesn’t. Toughness, Physical,Attacks the rim. Better Rebounder. I know you might think I’m crazy now but watch out for Hill. You got Rose,Butler,Hill, Mitroc and Taj. Hill is only 24 with room to grow.

    • Z.....

      He actually did cross my mind initially, but I think they would probably look for a better shooter, and it also seems as though Indiana wants to move him, so he could be had for less than someone like Gibson or Noah

      • NageGelson1

        Snell for hill?

      • Thebare54

        Maybe Hill – pacers for Tony Snell Bulls

  8. Bo Deal 74

    All them players are not doing Ish this season.

  9. Dana Gauruder

    Both players have some value. Gibson is a hard-nosed rebounder; Noah has unusual skills for a big man. Unfortunately, he’s hurt again, so that shelves any trade talks there. But over time, I think Noah can revive his career with the right medical personnel/training program to keep him on the court.

  10. Steve in Chicago

    Noah was looking good before the injury. He can still get something for a team that needs what he provides. However the Bulls locker room would suffer. If you have to trade someone I’d rather trade Noah than Taj though. Better contract, more upside, more versatile. No trade will be a net gain I think, they just need to try to get these guys to play up to their abilities.

    Bulls have to re think building around Rose most of all. Change of scenery would be great for him and the Bulls if they could get someone to do a deal.

    Trade Machine sez Jamal Crawford & Wes Johnson for Taj works. That means dumping that bum Bairstow, but at least it’s a two-fer so losing Taj doesn’t hurt as much.

  11. Strauss


  12. Danielle Amber Bellinie

    Which of the following players can help the Trailblazers to be a playoff threat as a 7 or 8 seed team between Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Jamal Crawford, and/or Kevin Martin? Blazers could use any of those players w/o giving up too much. Swapping draft picks might be a good idea should either teams and Blazers can work out the deal.

  13. NageGelson1

    Trade Noah for Marcus Morris

  14. I personally think it is time for the bulls to try and pivot into a full rebuild. Rose is not going to get back to playing like a star and the bulls do not have the ability to make up the difference. Butler is amazing but he isn’t in the same class as some of his peers to win games on his own. Noah is gone in the offseason and the bulls have enough young players to be some what exciting if they part with the vets.

  15. Strauss

    Bulls should make Paxon and Heard available. Two arrogant asses.

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