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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround: 12/27/15

The positive momentum the Suns gathered from nearly landing LaMarcus Aldridge this past summer was short-lived. Markieff Morris demanded a trade later in the offseason, and though he seemingly recanted that at the start of training camp, Phoenix has apparently engaged in serious talks about dealing him away, and coach Jeff Hornacek is reportedly in danger of following him out the door. Eric Bledsoe isn’t going anywhere, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be on the court anytime soon, as the initial belief is reportedly that he’ll be out until the All-Star break is through with an injured left knee.

Suns ownership and management has been reluctant to fire Hornacek, but owner Robert Sarver and GM Ryan McDonough had one-on-one meetings with Suns players today to try to understand why the team has fallen to 12-20, a record that includes an ugly home loss to the Sixers on Saturday, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Assistants Mike Longabardi and Earl Watson are possible replacements if the Suns oust Hornacek, Wojnarowski writes. A source with ties to the Suns who spoke with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck a few weeks ago speculatively predicted that the Suns would get rid of Hornacek and go after Warriors interim coach Luke Walton in the offseason (Twitter link). Morris is in the middle of a two-game suspension the team handed down after he threw a towel that connected with Hornacek during Wednesday’s game, though Morris says he didn’t mean to hit the coach.

It all leads to our question for the day: What do the Suns need to do to fix their issues? Should they fire Hornacek? If so, with whom should they replace him for the short term and long term? Should they trade Morris? If so, who or what should they realistically try to obtain in return? If they keep Hornacek and Morris, what’s the solution to their problems?

Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter. We look forward to what you have to say.

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22 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround: 12/27/15

  1. One word: Tank.

    • Chuck Myron

      Alas, they tried to do that two years ago and won 48 games.

      • Which would lead one to believe that Hornacek is the man for the job. He can certainly get the most of his players, but no coach, no matter how good, can thrive with true dysfunctional pieces like Morris. Keep Hornacek, and sell of pieces like Knight, Morris, and give guys likes Tucker and Chandler to rebuild some value before deciding to either move or keep them (I’m not sure Morris’s value and rebound much given the current situation). That should open up some playing time for young guys like Booker, Warren and Len. You’ll likely have a top ten picks for next year, and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe there is a chance they can snag the Lakers if it falls out of the top 5. This can be relatively short rebuild, possibly only a year much like the Celtics.

        • aarongill

          Lakers pick is owned only to sixers if 4-30 sixers get it. If it’s 1-3 lakers get it

        • Chuck Myron

          Yes, Aaron is right. They gave up the Lakers’ pick, which is now top-three protected, in the Brandon Knight trade last year.

      • Arthur Hill

        Hornacek found success by using three points guards, and the Suns were contending again last season until they traded Dragic and Thomas at the deadline. It’s a raw deal for Hornacek if he gets fired after the front office messed up what was working

        • Chris Crouse

          I agree. Hornacek isn’t the major problem here.

  2. Dean Gant

    Really the owner & GM need to be replaced. Phoenix is not going anywhere positive anytime soon & Walton needs to stay away from taking over as coach next year. JMO

    • Chuck Myron

      Do you think it would have helped if Lon Babby were still president of basketball ops?

  3. The GM built this team if Ryan wants to keep his job he might want to get rid of the COACH, before he loses his job.

    • Chuck Myron

      Who would you most want to see NcDonough hire to coach the team next?

  4. Look at the Lakers, they tanked last year and are doing it again this year.. The Suns need to follow in their footsteps..

  5. Starship Pegasus

    As hard as it may be for the Suns fans and the organization, it’s time to blow it up. Their whole offseason was revolved around getting Aldridge and it failed, and it was their only chance of aquiring a star. Outside of Conley, the FA PG market is pretty weak, so it would be within their best interest to move BOTH Bledsoe and Knight by then end of the 2016 offseason. If the start over now and make the right draft choices, they can be playoff contenders within 5 yrs

    • Chuck Myron

      I think the Suns entered the season thinking the Aldridge flirtation signaled they were close to landing a star and could make another strong run in next year’s free agency. But that’s not looking good right now.

  6. aarongill

    Lawson for Morris? Teams exchange headaches but with Bledsoe out Lawson could thrive and rockets want Morris.

    Or young bass for Morris? Morris is still young and would fit lakers rebuilding stage

    • Chuck Myron

      Lawson = too many point guards for Phoenix. Don’t know that the Suns would be interested in Nick Young. Brandon Bass sounds interesting, though.

      • aarongill

        But Bledsoe going out plus can’t trust Ronnie price.

        • Chuck Myron

          Bledsoe should be back in six weeks, so I don’t know that I’d make a drastic move just for that.

  7. Chris Crouse

    Suns should rebuild on the fly around Eric Bledsoe. He’s growing into a top-20 talent. Trade Morris to the Rockets for T Jones and cap filler, then look to move Tyson Chandler, maybe to the Pelicans. A deal centered around Chandler and Morris for Asik and Anderson wouldn’t be the worst thing for either team.

  8. CarlosHDTV

    First get rid of Morris. An bad attitude like that can poison a locker room. Morris’s beef isn’t even 100% with Hornacek, it’s with management. So the new coach will still have to deal with an unhappy Morris.

    Then just tank. Get your lottery pick and start playing Booker/Goodwin/Warren more. Develop them. They’re part of the future.

    Next season don’t overspend for players. Tyson and Knight got overpaid and now they’re are stuck with them.

  9. Coach is not the issue. Keep the coach and toss the rubbish players

  10. Wegytj

    I think everyone forgets the problem. The real cancer has been Sarver. Since he was owner he’s made the worst decisions and it only seems like he wants to increase the money in his wallet (I mean who trades an all star in Marion for an aging shaq?). Then the decision of over paying for josh Childress? We should have tanked after the 2009-2010 season. Could have easily been a great team if we drafted right. Smh sarver

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