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Cavs Interested In McLemore, Ariza, Joe Johnson

The Cavaliers are one of multiple Eastern Conference teams with strong interest in Ben McLemore, league sources tell Chris Haynes of the Northeast Ohio Media Group and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Cleveland would quickly snap up Joe Johnson if he works a buyout with the Nets, Haynes also hears from league sources, though it doesn’t look like he’s one of the Cavs’ trade targets. Trevor Ariza is also on Cleveland’s radar, Haynes adds, as are Kyle Korver and Jared Dudley, as previous reports indicated, but it’s highly unlikely Cleveland ends up with one of those three, according to Haynes, who paints McLemore as the more obtainable target.

The Kings have so far resisted offers for the shooting guard, Haynes writes, but it’s widely known around the league that agents are pushing to get their players out of Sacramento amid organizational turmoil there, Haynes also reports. Trade candidate Rudy Gay wouldn’t mind a deal that ships him out of town, but the Kings haven’t found any offers for him that pass muster, Haynes hears.

Cleveland isn’t connected to Gay, but it’s a matter of when, not if, the Cavs will make a move of some sort, according to Haynes. The Cavs have been seeking a three-and-D wing player and have been linked to multiple names, including Omer Asik, who’s a center, and Tyreke Evans, who has an injury that threatens to wipe out the rest of his season. They’ve reportedly explored trading Timofey Mozgov, having met with rejection on that front from the Kings and also engaging in talks with the Pelicans that didn’t bear fruit.

Johnson said recently that he wouldn’t dismiss the idea of a buyout from his contract with the Nets, which expires at season’s end, and the Heat, like the Cavs, reportedly want to make a run at him if he shakes free from Brooklyn. One source close to Johnson told Moke Hamilton of Basketball Insiders that Johnson is “miserable” with the Nets and would welcome a change. His nearly $24.895MM would make a trade difficult, so a buyout appears a more feasible route.

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6 thoughts on “Cavs Interested In McLemore, Ariza, Joe Johnson

  1. Dana Gauruder

    Ariza would be an interesting pickup for them, though I’m not sure how much he’d play unless Love was out for an extended period.

    • Michaelm1584

      Ariza could come off the bench at the 3 behind Lebron as well.

      • VICTOR

        but what assests do the cavs have .. speaking as a rockets fan .. i dont want carrot top or jr smith or shump… maybe belladova

        • none.. they have trade exceptions…some young cheap guys..and 2019 2nd rndrs… and cavs are not splitting w/dellie lol… maybe mo will but not dellie…but as a rockets fan..u have to realize its broken…and gettn torn down nxt yr…might as well gather any assests along the way

  2. starlord

    McLemore has so much potential, excellent quickness and vertical. great shot, once his ball handling improves he’s could be something between wes Matthews and Jimmy Butler, kings best plus minus guard, yet they rather run Marco the brick layer with o-lay defense

  3. Kayden.welling

    As a cavs fans we could us a guy like maclemore is has talents all he needs to do is work on ball handling and shooting he is also really young and can step up when lebron gets old. Trever arisa is a good asset he can shoot he is really long so he can play defense but he is like 30 do when lebron retires our is really old he will be just as old.

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