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8 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Chat Transcript

  1. What will the thunder do before the trade deadline?

  2. Philip

    Think the Cavs make a move, or end up sticking with the current roster, until buyouts begin?

  3. I’ve heard the Celtics are most active in talks. Any of it true? And if so, names being talked about? Never know with Danny Ainge

  4. thunderfan900

    Who thinks thunder might do something?

  5. spartyon

    How much would it take for the Pistons to get collison from the Kings? Dinwiddie and a 2nd rounder enough? This might be way off m my good at valuing nba players and picks.

  6. spartyon

    What would it take for the Pistons to get collison? Dinwiddie and a 2nd rounder? Or oils a first rounder be needed?

  7. bobhutt99

    The Nets are auctioning off the tag team combination of Lopez

  8. Should the Bulls start over trade all the players that team are looking to grab from the Bulls for players like
    For picks and young players with high upside

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