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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 4/12/16

According to Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times, Bucks GM John Hammond will either be fired or resign from his post soon, and people close to the team told Woelfel that coach Jason Kidd is on shaky ground as well. Lottery-bound Milwaukee has disappointed this year and can finish no better than 35-47 after last season’s 41-41 record. The news on Kidd lends credence to a February report from The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski that noted the coach was losing his influence with Bucks owners in the wake of player personnel moves Kidd spearheaded that haven’t panned out.

The Bucks were expected to take the next step forward toward contention this season, especially after landing Greg Monroe in free agency last summer. But the big man hasn’t been a great fit in Milwaukee’s system and the franchise reportedly had talks with the Pelicans about Monroe before the trade deadline. Bucks owners vetoed a would-be trade with the Pelicans that Kidd was spearheading, according to Wojnarowski, though it’s unclear if that deal would have involved Monroe. Milwaukee also made the controversial decision to trade Brandon Knight last season in exchange for Michael Carter-Williams, who doesn’t appear to be the team’s long-term answer at point guard.

This brings me to the topic for today: Who is more to blame for the current state of the Bucks — Jason Kidd or John Hammond?

Do you place the majority of the blame in Milwaukee on Kidd, whose fingerprints are on a number of the team’s recent roster moves and who coaches the team on a nightly basis? Or do you blame Hammond for the overall construction of the roster, as well as its deficiencies? Take to the comments section to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter. We look forward to what you have to say.

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10 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 4/12/16

  1. brewcat

    I blame Kidd. Hammond has done modestly well as GM, but bringing Kidd in the way they did (and against Hammond’s better judgement) and gave him a say in player moves made Hammond a de facto GM. Really, it’s on the new owners who fancied Kidd and waltzed him in with his spotty record with the Nets and gave him so much control, screwing over a good coach in Larry Drew. It’s pretty amazing that the situation didn’t implode in spectacular fashion.

  2. We really don’t know how much to blame Hammond. Before Kidd he had to deal w Kohl. Kidd, in my opinion is one of those coaches that had all the natural talent God gave him to play, but can’t convey/communicate it to his players. With a young team you need a coach that can teach……

  3. Jason Kidd, hands down. Unproven and clearly overrated coach who could not last in NJ without major drama and will not last in Milwaukee, either. Enough of this player to coach without any real experience. It doesn’t work….Jason Kidd, Derek Fisher are two prime failing cases.

  4. bobhutt99

    Kidd has always been known as a Coach Killer as he does not play nice with others. So why should it be any different for him as a coach? With the Nets he ousted Byron Scott when the Nets were good. Then in his first year as Nets Coach he tried to oust the GM Billy King. He was promptly shown the door as the owner dumped him. Now with all the talent he has in Milwaukee they’re in the lottery? Are you kidding me? Kidd has to be a cancer!

  5. Chris J

    Hammond has done a poor job of drafting shooters. Jabari doesn’t count as that was a given. Kidd does not coach fundamentals well at all. Get rid of both.

  6. Arthur Hill

    The Bucks fooled themselves with the huge jump in wins last season. With so many young players to develop and trying to adjust to the addition of Greg Monroe and the virtual addition of Jabari Parker, it’s not surprising this was a transitional year. I think they’re on the right track whether or not Kidd and Hammond come back.

  7. Steve in Chicago

    Uh, didn’t Kidd miss a good part of this season due to illness? Discontinuity could be a factor as much as anything else. I love to hate Kidd as much as anyone else, but this is not yet a contending team. Sine very good pieces but they need a few more. That could be blamed on Hammind, but really the mgmt spent most of this year focusing on getting state money for a new stadium rather than paying attention to the product on the court. Kidd is kind of a jerk, but so was Thibs and he was very successful. I think they should give everyone a little more rope.

    • agreed

  8. They are rebuilding. Just because they had one good year last year doesn’t mean it’s gonna be the same. I think both have done a great job in there roles, besides the fact that Hammond let Kidd some say in players, which he made some bad moves, but it’s a bright and upcoming team that should be given a chance

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