Suns Acquire Brandon Knight

9:16pm: The trade is official, the Suns have announced. In addition to Knight, Phoenix receives Marshall, who will be waived, from the Bucks. Milwaukee gets Ennis and Plumlee from the Suns, and Carter-Williams from Philadelphia, and the Sixers garner the Lakers’ top-5 protected 2015 first-round pick from Phoenix. By the looks of it, the component involving the Celtics will go as a separate transaction.

4:31pm: Phoenix will waive Marshall, according to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic. Coro sums up Phoenix’s side of the deal. It’s Knight, Thornton, Marshall and the Cavs’ top-10 protected 2016 first-round pick, which Cleveland had owed to the Jazz (Twitter links). The Suns are sending Ennis and Plumlee to the Bucks, Thomas to the Celtics, and the Lakers’ top-five protected 2015 first-round pick to the Sixers, Coro tweets.

4:10pm: Kendall Marshall, who’s out for the season, is headed to the Suns in the deal, reports Shams Charania of RealGM (Twitter link). It’s undecided whether the Suns will keep him or waive him, Charania adds.

2:30pm: The Celtics will send Marcus Thornton to the Suns and the Cavaliers’ first round pick in 2016 to the Suns, according to Jeff Goodman of (on Twitter).

2:25pm: The breakdown, according to Stein (on Twitter) is as follows: Knight will go to the Suns.  Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis, and Miles Plumlee will go to the Bucks.  The Celtics will acquire Isaiah Thomas.  Meanwhile, the 76ers will acquire draft picks.

The Sixers will get the Suns’ protected first round pick via the Lakers, according to Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today (on Twitter).

2:15pm: Thomas is headed to the Celtics, according to Marc Stein of, in what essentially functions as a four-way deal with the Bucks, Suns and Sixers (Twitter link).

2:00pm: The Bucks are trading Brandon Knight to the Suns, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link). There are conflicting reports regarding other details Michael Carter-Williams and Tyler Ennis are going to the Bucks, and Isaiah Thomas and picks go to the Sixers (Twitter link), according to Marc Stein of, while Wojnarowski has Thomas heading from Phoenix to the Celtics (Twitter link). Miles Plumlee is also headed to Milwaukee, according to Jeff Goodman of (on Twitter). The Sixers are getting the Lakers’ protected first-round pick that they owed to the Suns, tweets Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today.

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22 thoughts on “Suns Acquire Brandon Knight

  1. Scott Singer

    I’m not sure how to feel about this as a Bucks fan. It looks like it’s about Brandon Knight’s contract.

    • Ronald Washington

      Why? There is plenty of money…for him. Kidd just wants the money to go to his agent Jeff Schwartz. Had nothing to do with basketball. It was shady business. The ONLY part of the deal I liked was getting Plumlee a Center to take over for Sanders and maybe Ennis…but I would have rather had Archie Goodwin. We didnt need MCW. We could have traded Ersan and and a pick for Mason.

      • Thunda-Pig

        Mason Plumlee? I doubt the Nets would trade their only young solid player for a pick.

    • guccci7383

      lakers better make a play on knight this offseaon.. how much do u think he’ll get as a F.A

  2. DieHardMsFan

    WOW. Watching the Bucks Knight was their best player and they are going to be a playoff team this year. Why throw it away….

    Great trade by the Suns though. Good replacement for Dragic.

  3. Ralow

    Those two Syracuse PGs should thrive under Jason Kidd…just like Knight did. The only difference is that both of these guys are very similar to Kidd…big PGs who can pass and rebound but can’t shoot. Kidd improved his shooting with work and I bet these two will too. They also get Plumlee to replace the ghost of Larry Sanders.

    • Thunda-Pig

      They need a big to replace Sanders and were probably not comfortable paying Knight 10+ per year. They added a guy on their rookie contract and a young pg with potential. It’s a shame that Knight left cuz he has been big for them and the biggest reason they have been so good. Remember the Bucks are not playing for this year (not good enough to win EC), they are still building for the future.

  4. Well bucks traded a pg and got two PGs with talent not a bad trade for the bucks in my mind

  5. Thunda-Pig

    knight had been huge for the surprising Bucks…should have been an all star. Hard to see him leave but this isn’t a make or break year for bucks, still building for future. I wonder if they were not going to try to resign him. Also like adding Plumlee.

    • Ronald Washington

      Building for the future….Knight WAS THE FUTURE. He is younger than MCW is….Face it Kidd just wanted his agents client more.

      • Thunda-Pig

        I like Knight but the deal makes some sense. Instead of letting Knight walk after losing in the first round they attained some value. They got a decent pg prospect who looked good at cuse but has problems in his game. They got Plumlee to replace Sanders. MCW Is not younger but is still in his rookie contract. Also he fits nicely into Kidd’s defensive scheme. I like Knight but I can see why they did this.

  6. Thunda-Pig

    Thomas is a steal on that contract. If I was Phoenix, I’d keep him over Bledsoe and Dragic. Ball breakdown called him as good as Uncle drew.

  7. Zak Arn

    So… Sixers look like they are positioning themselves to take Mudiay by clearing out MCW.

    • Z....

      I would probably agree with this. They’ll either take Mudiay or Russell, and then take a big, like Willie-Cauly Stein or maybe another draft and stash…

      • How many bigs do they need? They just drafted two. Don’t you think they need a SF or a SG?

        • Z....

          There arent any wing players that are rated that highly in this coming draft. If there are, there are only a couple of them, and if they even end up with the Lakers pick, its likely right out of the top 5

          • Zak Arn

            I think Stanley Johnson is the only 3 in this draft. Maybe Winston Justise. But if somehow they got the #1 overall. There’s no doubt that they’d take Okafor. There’s no guarantee on Embiid.

  8. Z....

    this makes a little more sense b/c of the Larry Sanders situation. Also, The Bucks are going to be a ridiculously lengthy and athletic team. I love the deal from the Suns perspective

    I understand what Philly is trying to do, but I just think that at some point, you have to start doing something with your assets. If you keep accumulating assets to trade for more and more picks, dont you eventually have to field a team? I dont know how good MCW really is, so I guess thats their thinking. I just think they could identify a couple of pieces on that team as possible core guys,

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