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Atlantic Rumors: Hornacek, Brown, Hinkie, Embiid

Running the triangle may not be a job requirement for Jeff Hornacek if he becomes the next coach of the Knicks, writes Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. Hornacek’s teams in Phoenix were at their best when he was using a two point guard approach and playing at a fast pace. During an appearance tonight on Sirius XM Radio, former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy said team president Phil Jackson is willing to be flexible with his favorite offense. “The things I’ve heard is that he’s not going to be required to run the triangle,” Van Gundy said. “Which is smart from the standpoint that he’s never taught it before. So you don’t want to come in trying what you’ve never played in or taught. I’m interested in that. But I think it’s an inspired choice.” Bondy notes that Jackson has been a fan of Hornacek for some time, as he tried to acquire him as a player for the Bulls in 1994.

There’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Sixers coach Brett Brown told Chris Mannix of The Vertical that he expects to see former GM Sam Hinkie back in the NBA soon. Appearing on The Chris Mannix Show podcast, Brown credited Hinkie with helping to build a bright future in Philadelphia. Brown said Joel Embiid is “doing great” both from an attitude and a physical perspective, and the Sixers are optimistic that he can play next season, although no decision has been made about summer league.
  • GM Bryan Colangelo turned down the Sixers when they first asked him about taking the job, according to Zach Lowe of He didn’t change his mind until six weeks later, when team owners explained the different direction they were hoping to take.
  • If getting the No. 3 pick in the draft gives the Celtics an opportunity to trade for Sixers center Jahlil Okafor, they should jump at the chance, contends Gary Tanguay of CSNNE. Tanguay commented on a rumor that Philadelphia would be willing to give up Okafor in exchange for the pick so it can take Providence point guard Kris Dunn. The writer thinks Okafor would improve dramatically in Boston because the Celtics have a better coach in Brad Stevens and players who would do a better job of getting him the ball in the low post.
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15 thoughts on “Atlantic Rumors: Hornacek, Brown, Hinkie, Embiid

  1. Seriously on that last link??? I’m not a Celtics fan nor a Sixers fan but that is probably the least informed piece of NBA journalism I have ever read. Better coach? (They are both plus coaches) Celtics would have beat Hawks if they only had this rookie? I like this site but linking to that? Zero maybe less than zero substance!!!

    • Krahril45

      @Glen Willis the sixers coach brett brown is terriable so yeah a better coach. And that was enough information to know whats going on so it was a good article. Okafor is a really bad player and teammate in phili so he should be moved. Dumbass!!!

      • DannyQ3913

        You’re a dope

      • No one can accurately judge how good or bad a coach Brett Brown is. Given how little stability the roster has had over the past few years and how bad its been as well, no coach could do well with those players. Their best players (Noel, Covington, Smith) are rotation players while Okafor still needs another year or two to develop.

  2. I agree Glen. As soon as I saw it was written by Gary Tanguay, I knew it was going to be a waste of time. Referring to them as the Philadelphia Dumbsixers? Everyone in Boston can’t stand Tanguay and his only schtick is to play the devil’s advocate and always arguing against everyone else’s opinion just to be relevant. I despise Gary Tanguay.

  3. As terrible as Tanguay’s article is, the trade scenario makes almost too much sense for the Celtics and 76ers. It would allow the 76ers to draft one of the two best players in the draft (Simmons/Ingram) while also allowing them to address the point guard spot (with Murray/Dunn). For the Celtics, it gives them the big man they’ve been seeking for the past few years who would probably fit nicely next to Thomas. There would probably have to be additional pieces on one or both sides to get a deal done, but the #3 pick for Okafor base of a deal just makes sooo much sense.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I mentioned this to someone at work yesterday morning. Sixers getting the third fit Okafor is a decent deal if they bring in Dunn and Simmons and Embiid is actually healthy. Add in Saric and the front court is crowded

  4. smittybanton

    Trade deadline, Sixers already turned down BKN16 and Marcus Smart Jahlil Okafor, presumably because it didnt guarantee a top two pick. Now that its not a top 2 pick, let’s do it for less???

    Maybe this is why the league is glad Hinkie is gone, so they can take advantage of BC?

    We can play that game too: Jahlil Okafor and the Lakers 2017 pick back to them for D’Angelo Russell. Lakers have a logjam at guard like the Sixers have up front. Russell, Simmons and Embiid all went to Montverde Academy.

    • reg grn

      Gonna take more then Russell to get Okafor and that pick back.Russell might not get either 1 alone,let alone both.just because we have a log jam at center don’t mean we’re gonna take a garbage deal to clear it up.if there’s a rumor of us getting the 3rd pick alone,why would we do that instead.

  5. I can’t say Brad Stevens is a better coach. I can say he’s had better players to work with than Berry Brown but I can’t say he’s a better coach. If they had comparable players and Stevens was taking his team to the playoffs and Brown was terrible then that’s a different story. Brown has done a decent job with the junk provided in his first 3 years. Hell, I think Noel actually hit a three this year.

  6. Dana Gauruder

    Biggest surprise to me is that Hornacek would want to deal with the New York media on a daily basis.

  7. 1st. They are not passing on Simmons. Ingram is an ok looking player, he does NOT compare to Kevin Durant, he just “looks” like him. Simmons DOES compare to LeBron.

    C- Embiid/Noel
    PF- Okafor/Saric
    SF- Simmons
    SG- Larry
    PG- Moe
    Bench- Curly

    They need to figure out a way to get a 25 or younger PG or SG so they can actually develop their Bigs – Ish is terrible. And they need to do so without giving up Noel/Okafor until Embiid plays at least until the deadline.

    Using the Laker’s Top-3 protected pick for next year and the 2 late round 1s. Of guys that are “get-able” with picks/players: D. Schroeder-2yrs, A. Bradley-2yrs, B. Knight-4yrs, T. Burke-2yrs, A. Burks-3yrs

    Kris Dunn could fall – 3 Boston, 4 Phoenix, and 5 Minnesota are not taking a PG. 6 NOLA could. 7 Denver is not. Sacramento will. So they could find a trade partner before Sacramento to deal next year’s Laker’s Pick and probably the 3rd 1st round pick they own this year. I’d also do the same dealing to try and land Murray or Hield (even if he’s been called the black version of Jimmer Ferdette)

    They won’t get Conley or DeRozan, and have slim chances to get Beal or Clarkson both RFAs. So you’re looking at Brandon Jennings on a multi yr deal or outside the box idea is to offer Rondo big money for 1 year if only to have him come in and break some assist records. There really isn’t much on the FA market that they can go out and get.

    • The only reason trading Okafor/Noel for a guard makes sense right now is because Simmons doesn’t have an outside game. If he doesn’t show signs of one in the preseason and early regular season then the paint is going to be extremely clogged.

      • reg grn

        Okafor/Noel are back to the basket centers,Simmons is a ball handler who can drive to the basket.they wouldn’t clog the paint like the Noel/Okafor combination.

    • reg grn

      You’re overvaluing that Lakers pick.i don’t see any of those top 7 teams trading their pick this year for a pick in the 20s and I pick that nobody knows where it’ll end up next year.the Lakers have money to spend,and they’re more then likely gonna use it.they could be top 3,top 5/10,or they could be in the teens.theyre not a that’s expected to tank.and if we initiate talks with any of the top 7,they’re gonna value 1 of our centers more then that pick.youre looking at the situation from a 76ers point of view,not both ways.any team with a top 10 pick wants immediate value from that pick.

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