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Following Specific Players On Hoops Rumors

Hoops Rumors lets you keep up with your favorite teams as they plot their moves, and we also provide ways to easily follow the latest on all of your favorite players and trade candidates. You can get news about players wherever you go with our Trade Rumors app, available for iOS and Android devices. The app is free and allows you to add a feed for any player and set up notifications that will alert you whenever we write about him.

Every player we’ve written about has his own rumors page. You can find any player by using our search box (located in the right sidebar); by clicking his tag at the bottom of a post in which he’s discussed; or, by simply typing his name in your address bar after, substituting dashes for spaces. For example, Kevin Durant’s page is

You can also set up an RSS feed for any of our player pages by adding /feed to the end of the page URL, like this: Entering that URL into the reader of your choice should enable you to get updates whenever we write about Bismack Biyombo. It works for teams, too. If you’re a Raptors fan, you can enter into your reader and stay on top of all the latest from Toronto.

In addition to players and teams, there are a number of other subjects you can track by clicking on the tags that we use at the bottom of posts. You can keep tabs on news related to the draft right here. Items about the salary cap can be found on this page. You can simply scan our top stories here. Again, you can set up a feed with any of these pages by adding /feed to the end of the URL.

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7 thoughts on “Following Specific Players On Hoops Rumors

  1. dadabo22

    Hey Eddie where do you think Durant will go this offseason?

    • Eddie Scarito

      My top three picks for Durant:

      1-Remain in OKC on two year deal with opt-out after year one.
      2-Sign with the Heat (NEVER count out Pat Riley from making a splash)
      3-Sign with Warriors (The team would have to change over so much of its roster to make this happen it almost seems unlikely)

  2. dadabo22

    How would the warriors have to change their roster? They have a ton of cap room right?

    • Eddie Scarito

      They have approximately $71.4MM committed to seven players for 2016/17, versus a projected cap of $92MM-$95MM. A max deal for Durant is over $25MM per season and then there are the restricted free agents to worry about: Barnes and Ezeli, both of whom are valuable to the team. That doesn’t allow for a bunch of wiggle-room. Even if the Warriors land a number of veterans on “take less money for a shot at the title” deals, there would have to be a number of roster changes made. Things get even tougher if Barnes and/or Ezeli sign offer sheets early in free agency…because then the team will either have to renounce or match. If the Warriors match…there goes any and all cap flexibility..

    • Because part of the Warriors’ success is their depth. They can easily go 10 deep in a game and they can give plenty of rest to their stars because they have adequate backups at each spot. In regards to the cap room, they have (from what I’ve seen from other sites) about $70-$80 million locked up next year. That’s not counting contracts to Barnes or Ezeli (both of whom would theoretically be let go if Durant was the target). However, the problem after that is that after next year, Curry, Bogut, Iggy, and Livingston are all free agents. No way they are able to keep Green and Thompson under max contracts, sign Curry and Durant to max contracts and still keep a good bench. They could make those four I just listed as a “Core Four” but they won’t be surrounding those guys with players of Bogut/Livingston/Iguodala/Speights/Barnes type of quality.

  3. nicksciulli22

    Eddie do you think that Durant could go to Boston? They have a decent amount of cap space and are a young team with a lot of upside.

    • Eddie Scarito

      Could he, sure. They have the cap space to add two max free agents. But if Durant leaves OKC, it’s for a ready-made title contending situation. That’s not going to happen in Boston next year. Things could change if another star wants to sign along with Durant…but even then I don’t see Durant coming to Boston. More likely to happen is Cs swing deal for a player like DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Love, etc using their wealth of picks.

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