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Bucks Shopping Greg Monroe

TUESDAY, 11:48am: While the public stance from the Bucks brass is that they’re satisfied with Monroe, league sources tell Gery Woelfel of The Racine Journal Times that the team is “eager to move on” from him. According to Woelfel, because teams around the NBA know the Bucks want to move Monroe, he doesn’t have a ton of trade value. “They’re not going to get a lottery pick for him,” one GM said. “Not even a late lottery pick.”

Still, despite the fact that Monroe is not a major trade asset, some NBA officials believe he could land the Bucks a mid- or late-first-round pick. One agent tells Woelfel that he’d be “shocked” if Monroe remains on Milwaukee’s roster through the offseason.

MONDAY, 10:57am: Less than a year after signing him as a free agent, the Bucks are shopping Greg Monroe “hard,” reports Michael Scotto of Sheridan Hoops and The Associated Press (via Twitter).

Monroe, who turned 26 earlier this month, was his usual effective self during his first season in Milwaukee, averaging 18.8 points and 10.8 rebounds per 36 minutes to along with a .522 FG%. However, while Monroe was a productive low-post scorer and rebounder for the Bucks, his defense was lacking and he didn’t provide much rim protection.

In our Bucks offseason preview, Dana Gauruder observed that Monroe’s defensive shortcomings could prompt the team to explore the trade market for him, as was reportedly the case at last season’s trade deadline. Although Milwaukee ultimately told Monroe he wouldn’t be moved at that time, at least one report suggested that he would have been obtainable if a trade partner had been willing to give up a “decent” first-round pick.

It remains to be seen what sort of package the Bucks will seek if they move Monroe this offseason, but he’ll enter the 2016/17 season on an expiring contract of sorts. The ex-Piston is Milwaukee’s highest-paid player, with a $17.146MM cap hit for the coming year. He also has a $17.884MM player option for 2017/18, though there’s a good chance he’ll turn down that option and return to the open market a year from now, with the salary cap on the rise.

In addition to figuring out whether or not Monroe fits into their plans next season, the Bucks will also have to determine what to do with Michael Carter-Williams, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract. Carter-Williams will be extension-eligible, but he was the subject of a few trade rumors earlier this year, and may not have a long-term future in Milwaukee.

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49 thoughts on “Bucks Shopping Greg Monroe

  1. bsteady powers

    Bucks are one of the worst franchises ever! And irrelevant

    • lakersfan27

      The Bucks have a banner hanging up in their area and that isn’t something every franchise can say in the NBA. They have also had one of the best players of all time play for them.

      The Bucks, right now, have a nice young core with an emerging superstar in the Greek freak. They could be a year or two away from being a real contender in the league.

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        They are much further than that from being a “real contender” – unless you mean playoff contender. They can probably reach that point – being on the brick of the playoffs on a regular basis, making it about half of the time. Also, in a good year, maybe winning one series over an opponent who has had some bad luck with injuries.

        • lakersfan27

          I think they might be a year or two away from being a legitimate contender, not just making the playoffs in a weak Eastern conference. I think if they get a little more outside shooting and a Noel type 5 they could take a really big step forward.

          • Ravens_Last_Place

            … a big step forward to being a perennial average team.

    • Subxaero

      Last time i checked they are in the top 10 teams in terms of total records since NBA’s debut.PLus they had propably the most terrifying team NBA has seen with jabbar and big O.Your comment is irrelevant (aand i am not even a Bucks fan)

      • Steve in Chicago

        Uh, yeah maybe we can get in the hot tub time machine so all the wins with Kareem and Oscar Robertson count this year. Otherwise they are not contenders for anything but the draft lottery.

    • hill
      daren hill

      New owners, new arena, new logo, a charismatic star in Giannis, one of the NBAs best contracts with Middleton, a potential offensive star in local-ish good guy Jabari, tradeable assets on good deals like Henson and Monroe, a good coach, a new Asst GM and a lottery pick in the draft.

      If that’s irrelevant then yup, they sure are.

    • Ravensmist

      All the hate you spew can never cover your stupidity….Go Bucks!

  2. Thronson5

    I can see the Warriors trying to add this guy honestly and letting Ezeli walk while sliding Bogut to the bench or even getting rid of Bogut and keeping Ezeli for the bench. Interesting to see who goes after him. Lakers tries to get him and might try again

    • lakersfan27

      He doesn’t fit well next to randle. Whoever the lakers put in the middle needs to be able to define the rim.

      • Thronson5

        I do agree with that. I’m curious to see who the Lakers land to play Center. I’m assuming whoever they draft will be playing Small Forward because I doubt they land a starting Small Forward in Free Agency. I’m excited for the draft Thursday and Free Agency to start on the 1st. Glad that Finals went to 7 games so it wasn’t as many days without Basketball before the draft lol

        • lakersfan27

          I like the idea of signing Mahinmi. He had a nice year and didn’t have as much playoff exposure as Biyombo or Ezeli so I think they could sign him for a more reasonable contract. Then maybe going after the 5 coming out of Louisville with their second pick.

          I would also like to see the lakers go all in on Crabbe. They could start him at the two and let Clarkson lead the second unit. Imagine the floor spacing with Russell, Ingram, and Crabbe, and having a bench led by Nance and Clarkson.

          • Crabbe is a RFA right? If so, I don’t imagine the Blazers letting him walk unless another team throws him a max contract…which at that point it might be worth it to let him walk.

  3. PeeWeeHerron618

    Shouldn’t have never signed him, they knew he was a bad fit in the 1st place smh.

    • brewcat

      I agree. If the Bucks dump him already it will only make it harder for MKE to sign big name free agents in the future. It was supposedly a coup to get him.

      • hill
        daren hill

        totally disagree. they have a good, young unselfish team. each party thought they made the right choice and it didn’t work out. how does that affect free agents in the future? how does his 3 year deal with an opt out affect future free agents? Give me data or logic not random assertions.

        • It was rumored that the Bucks were hesistant to really shop Monroe mid-season because of the image it would create. That image being that they trade big signings quickly if it doesn’t work out (creating a sense of disloyalty…the player most likely wanted to be in Milwaukee only to see himself get traded). Not saying this is true, but it makes sense. Monroe most likely signed with the Bucks because they offered money but maybe because he also wanted to be there. If that was the case, trading him just a few months after would make Monroe feel as if the loyalty was broken…he signed a contract with the Bucks to be there, not so he could get traded to another team that he might not want to play for. If Monroe/his agent felt that the Bucks were being disloyal, then other free agents/sports agents might’ve stayed away from Milwaukee to prevent something similar happening to them.

  4. @CW_Crouse

    Tyson Chandler and the No.13 for Monroe and the Clippers pick next year?

    • I think the Bucks would jump all over that. That’s a steal for them.

    • hill
      daren hill

      They already traded the Clippers pick to get Greivis. And it was the ’16 pick.

  5. Maybe the Pacers offer something for him? I think he’d do well next to Myles Turner who could make up for the rim protection. There might be defensive concerns but it would no doubt add more offense for the Pacers. Not sure who the Pacers move to make this happen, maybe their first and a body?

  6. Steve in Chicago

    The Nix might take him, for Calderon.

    • I think the Knicks would take him in a heartbeat if it didn’t involve them giving up Melo or Porzingas. Lopez for Monroe, with some other pieces switching hands, makes more sense and might be an attractive option for both teams. Bucks get their defensive minded center and Knicks get an offensive big that could help Porzingas (who would probably slide to the 5) and Melo.

      • Danthemilwfan

        He’d be a good fit with porzingus. Not sure what the Knicks have that we want, but I’d be happy with Lopez and a draft pick maybe.

      • aarongill

        I wouldn’t do Lopez for Monroe if I was the Knicks. The only he has on Lopez is a post game. Lopez is being underrated. He’s a guy you love to play with, but hate to play against. He’s a hustler, grabs boards, shoots the midrange, blocks shots, unselfish, passes the ball well for a big. I would rather have him over Monroe

  7. Andrew

    Channing Frye,Sasha Kaun ,and Mo Williams for Greg Monroe and MCW. Deal?

    • hill
      daren hill

      I was thinking he’s a good fit in Cleveland too. Instant offense on the 2nd unit, maybe he runs 5 mins beginning of each half with the starters.

      Mozgov and Frye?

      • CAVS0223

        Trade Love for Monroe and the Greek. Give up a future pick and role player maybe. If you’re trading offense and no defense then you may as well go pound for pound for Love and Monroe. And the Cavs can justify trading the future for Love my getting another you played with potential. The Bucks only signed him to trade him in the first place. Monroe can be a true 5 albeit weak on defense but can at least rebound and won’t screw up offensive transitions like Love does when James HAS to get him involved. With the Greek and Monroe actually knowing they’re roles, they’d fit in better. And the Bucks would actually have a star to market for once.

        • lakersfan27

          Are you saying trade love for Giannis and Monroe?!? Are you still drunk from the celebration party?!? After they moved Giannis to the point last year he put up magic Johnson like numbers.

        • hill
          daren hill

          you don’t know anything about anything. try

        • LarryJoeBird

          No way they trade Greek for Love even straight up! How about Love to Dallas for Wes Matthews?

  8. McConaughey'sLincoln

    Kevin Love is the ‘star’ in this deal? Bucks aren’t trading Giannis anywhere.

    • Danthemilwfan

      Giannis is already a top 10 player in the league at 21. He’s one of the best defensive players in the league and does things on the court that make Lebron say wow. He also loves Milwaukee and recently said his plan is to win a championship and have his number hanging in the new arena we are building. Love plays bad defense and jacks up 3’s. Love was made a star by a bad team that catered to his game in Minneapolis. We also have a pf in Parker so we don’t want love. If the cavs got Monroe and Giannis for love they’d have to rent another private jet to fly to Vegas and celebrate. Maybe the Bucks would accept kyrie for Giannis but even that would disappoint most of us bucks fans.

      • Okay calm down, Giannis is not a top 10 player in the league. He’s probably a top 10 two-way player in the league, but he’s not one of the top 10 best guys in the league just yet (although he certainly has the potential to be). Just to name a few guys who would arguably be in front of him (in no particular order)…LeBron, KD, Westbrook, Curry, Anthony Davis, Cousins, CP3, Harden, and Kawhi Leonard are all definetly in front of him. I would also argue that (again, in no particular order) Kyrie, Wall, Lillard, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Blake Griffin are also better than Giannis. Depending on what skill sets/attributes/stats that you favor more, you could also argue that Marc Gasol, Drummond, DeAndre Jordan, Melo, Wade, a healthy Chris Bosh, and LaMarcus Aldridge might also be better (not to say all of this last group of guys are ahead of Giannis, but just offering some other names that would fall into that lower second/upper third tier of NBA players that are around Giannis).

        Although I do agree that Giannis is insanely valuable, as he should be basically untouchable in any trade talks given his still developing two way game and seemingly vast potential.

  9. CAVS0223

    Kyrie is a million times better then Giannis. And he is no where near a top 10 player. He has potential to be top 20 player at best. Jabari is better for that franchise than he is. He put up “Magic like numbers” because the lineup is ridiculous as far as positions go. Parker needs play the 3 and Giannis needs to play the 4. Giannis was good at four because he was able to produce those numbers being unguarded by guys a foot smaller than him. You can’t sell that high on your players. Otherwise that organization will continue to suffer.

    • Learn some NBA

      But Giannis played his best at the 1, not the 4… You have to be an idiot to thing his ceiling is “top 20.” 21 years old and putting up the second half numbers he did is something we haven’t seen in a while.

      Love is nowhere near a good enough trade piece for him, let alone him and Monroe. Seriously, do you guys even watch the NBA?

      • hill
        daren hill

        Monroe for Love is about fair. I think Love is a slightly better player but given his contract and two wasted years in Cleveland developmentally, it’s even. If the Bucks added another small asset it would feel about right.

      • CAVS0223

        I don’t pay much attention to the Bucks since they’re not important to the league and they finally landed their first free agent in years and are trying to make it seem like he’s some huge trade asset when he’s just ok. He’s a better post score option than love and just as good at rebounds but still a defensive liability. The fact that you compared the Greek to Magic makes no sense. He really isn’t that good. He’s just as good a PG as far as ball distribution as MCW.

        • You just argued against your own argument. You can’t say you don’t watch a team and then say a guy on their team is bad. Giannis is an absolute freak and is a top 25-30 player in the league. While the Magic comparison is a bit over the top, its not that crazy considering Giannis’ size and passing ability (like Magic). And while MCW and Giannis are similar players in ball distribution, Giannis does a lot more. He can actually score and is a good defender. MCW’s only good trait at this point is his ball distribution.

    • hill
      daren hill


    • lakersfan27

      Kyrie is plays horrible defense and is injury prone. If I am starting a franchise tomorrow I would pick the Greek freak over him and wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. The only thing Kyrie does better is score. We haven’t even seen Giannis best basketball yet.

      • CAVS0223

        Not every player can be AC Green. My hat’s off to Giannis for playing 80 games but if you really wanna pick a guy that’s only played a healthy full year of basketball vs a guy that’s played four good games than you’re out of your mind.

        • lakersfan27

          This is the first season Kyrie has finished healthy. Look at how the team played with out Bron. Kyrie can light it up but he’s not going to be the guy to carry your squad. He only plays one side of the ball and is always a risk to break down.

  10. Connorsoxfan

    Monroe to the Celtics for one of their first rounders after #3? Not sure of the numbers off the top of my head.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Probably #23, now that I’ve looked.

      • I don’t think the Bucks would make that deal. With their core (Parker, Giannis, Middleton) they’re not trying to add further long term pieces. The Bucks would probably ask for one of Olnynk/Johnson/Zeller plus one of Smart/Bradley. Not a good trade for Boston, but the Bucks and Boston don’t really match up well on a trade. Their needs are somewhat similar with both looking to contend. Bradley/Smart would probably be an ideal swap for Monroe but I doubt Boston wants to give up one of them for Monroe and I doubt the Bucks would do it straight up.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Contract may even be cheaper than resigning Sullinger. Does an RFA leaving give compensation? Cannot remember for basketball.

        • No, a RFA in basketball can only be given a tender which would allow the team to match any deal he’s offered. There’s no compensation involved though.

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