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Celtics Aggressively Shopping No. 3 Pick

Barring an unexpected turn of events, Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram will almost certainly be the first two prospects to come off the board in next Thursday’s draft, likely in that order. However, there’s some uncertainty about which player will be the third selection — and it sounds like there may also be some uncertainty about which team will make that pick.

According to A. Sherrod Blakely of, the Celtics are “really shopping” the third overall pick in the 2016 draft. Blakely suggests that the club is “trying to be as aggressive as possible in trying to move that pick.” Boston’s goal is to get an impact player who can contribute and help the team win immediately.

It’s not clear exactly which players the Celtics will be targeting as they dangle that No. 3 overall pick. Jahlil Okafor of the Sixers and Kevin Love of the Cavaliers have been frequently mentioned as possible targets, though that has been primarily speculation based on prior interest — there has been no confirmation that Boston will have its sights set on those players this summer.

Within his report, Blakely mentions Bulls star Jimmy Butler as one player the Celtics have their eye on, but it remains to be seen whether or not Chicago will be willing to discuss potential trades involving Butler, who is under contract for three more seasons, with a fourth-year player option in 2019/20.

If the Celtics do make a trade involving the third overall pick, it could also involve multiple other picks and/or players, depending on the return, says Blakely. Boston is armed with eight selections in this year’s draft, so even trading half of those picks in a mega-deal for an impact player would still leave the C’s with four selections to make this year.

According to Blakely, the Celtics are taking a long look at former California wing Jaylen Brown in the event that they do keep the No. 3 pick.

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27 thoughts on “Celtics Aggressively Shopping No. 3 Pick

  1. Boston2AZ

    May be true, may not be. What IS true is that no one pays much attention to A. Sherrod Blakely and his “inside information”.

    • ryanmcg125

      This is true he is untrustworthy

  2. Steve in Chicago

    Crowder + Bradley + 3rd pick for Butler, Bulls grab Buddy Hield, might shake things up and prepare for the post-Rose era in Chicago

    • lakersfan27

      That’s a lot to give up. 3rd pick and Bradley should be enough. They could draft Dunn and have one of the better defensive backcourts in the league.

      • sportingdissent

        No, it really isn’t. I understand wanting to keep Crowder, but he’s the key to any deal for a two way superstar like Butler. It’s doubtful the Bulls would listen on a long term, young asset without getting comparable value. Short of sending a young superstar two way player back, this is the kind of deal you’re looking at.

        • jvjc1233

          It is a lot to give up but it’s what the Bulls would want for Butler-If I’m the Cs I try to hold onto Crowder at all costs though

          • sportingdissent

            That cost would likely be Jimmy Butler.

            C’s need to ask themselves if Crowder is good enough to be Butler, because there’s no real way that can obtain Butler without giving him up.

            Maybe the answer to that is yes for them. They’d be wrong, but hey, wouldn’t be the first time.

          • There’s almost no scenario where the Celtics are able to acquire a young stud player (Butler, George, Cousins) without giving up Crowder. The #3 pick and Bradley/Smart just isn’t enough. Bradley/Smart are nothing more than good players who are necessary for a championship team, but they’re not going to be perennial all-star caliber guys (like the three I mentioned above). That #3 pick also has varying levels of value based on the acquiring team. A team might fall in love with Murray/Hield/Dunn/Bender/etc and feel that they are worth giving up the proven star. Other teams are going to think differently and say, why give up a proven star for a possible star.

      • ryanmcg125

        They dont need another defensive guard and cause a bigger logjam in the backcourt. A wingscorer is what this team needs to advance in the east.

  3. PittsburghFan412

    Cavs trade Love for the 3rd Pick. Put Hield with Lebron, Kyrie, Thompson. Move JR to sixth man.

    • ryan1017

      IF that were to happen, I’m not sure buddy would start over JR.

      • Not right away. JR would at least start most of the year. But I don’t see the Celtics giving up #3 for Love straight up.

  4. ZCosenza

    Okafor 24th and 26th pick to Celtics for the 3rd

    Kris Dunn, Simmons, Saric, Noel, and Emiid

    • Kevin6CD

      That might be the worst spacing a lineup in today’s NBA could have.

    • DannyQ3913

      Too much for #3 and Saric isn’t coming over now.

  5. Fecalbulk

    Jimmy Butler and the 14th pick
    To Lakers for
    D’Angelo Russell
    And #2

    • sportingdissent

      That’s a very interesting proposal. I can see the appeal for both sides.

    • Aaaaand keep dreaming. If the Bulls trade Butler, they are going to start rebuilding. They’re not going to trade the #14 pick. Since Butler is a proven commodity (whereas Simmons/Ingram isn’t) Butler is more valuable than the #2 pick. Adding Russell sweetens the deal, but that’s still not enough in my opinion. I’m a Pacers fan so I would love to see Butler get traded and for Chicago to get robbed in a deal (such as this) but this deal won’t ever happen.

      • Must’ve been cut out, but they’re not going to trade the 14th pick if they are going to start rebuilding, makes no sense for them to do so.

    • Priggs89

      D’Angelo Russell has almost no value right now. Nobody wants him in their locker room.

  6. Dionis Beato

    Bring Big Cuz to Boston for them picks Danny, get the Garden rockin!

  7. ryanmcg125

    Love cant come to boston he is not good enough to be a top 3 player on a championship team . He only plays half the game because of his struggles on defense. He is a white less athletic version of carmelo anthony. I would only trade for love to flip him in a separate trade for better value. The celtics need to go hard after jimmy butler he is a star player a great wing scored and an all-nba defender. He is a perfect fit for this team. If you get butler crowder can go in the trade. It would end up being 3rd pick crowder smart and a mixture of other future picks maybe one brooklyn pick. Bulls start a rebuild with smart get one of the best bargains in the league in crowder and there choice in the 3rd pick. As long as bulls are willing danny will pull the trigger.

    • The #3 pick, Crowder, Smart/Bradley plus other picks/other young guys seems to be what Chicago wanted. I think Chicago asked for that earlier in the season but Ainge balked at giving up Crowder. Keeping Crowder is fine, but I just don’t see a scenario where the Celtics keep Crowder unless they give up both Bradley and Smart and multiple first round picks (#3 without a doubt, probably another first rounder this year, plus another two future first round picks at least). Considering most their targets seem to be a young wing player, they need to give one to get one. Crowder fits that role perfectly in a trade as Smart/Bradley are more restricted to the guard spots.

  8. Here is what I think Boston has to offer to get Butler.
    1. 3 out of 4 from the following assets: Smart, Crowder, Bradley, #3 pick
    2. One of either the Celtics ’17 1st rd pick or Nets ’18 1st rd pick
    3. A couple ’16 2nd rd picks

    Bulls would make out pretty well in this deal. Boston gets an elite player to hopefully entice another max level player to sign with the Celtics and they still have enough picks and money to help fill out the roster.

  9. Celts should Not Overlook Buddy Hield

  10. Big Question for Celts is, do they sign Ivan Turner??? If not, then we see Butler maybe or a Dunn/Hield pick. To me Olynik is up in the air.

  11. I’m a Blazer fan and I think we have a couple pieces that could lure the 3rd pick. Sign and trade CJ, along with Ed Davis, and future pick of Cleveland for LAL? Then Portland should draft either Dunn ,Heild, or even trade back, say Denver 7th and 15th.

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