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Community Shootaround: Jeff Teague To The Sixers

Earlier this week, we learned that the Hawks and Sixers discussed a deal that would involve Jeff Teague going to Philadelphia and Nerlens Noel going to Atlanta. It was reported that Nik Stauskas and/or Robert Covington could also be on the move in the potential deal.

In tonight’s shootaround, tell us what you think about the rumored Teague-Noel deal and let us know your thoughts from each team’s perspective.

Should the Sixers bring aboard Teague in exchange for Noel and possibly other pieces or should they look to acquire a younger player who may better fit with the rest of the team’s core? Philadelphia reportedly has been shopping Jahlil Okafor and Noel with the goal of locating the best deal. Is this Teague trade it?

As for the Hawks, are they getting enough in return for an established veteran who was an All-Star last season and helped the team win three playoff series over the last two campaigns?

Please take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the subject. We look forward to what you have to say.

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70 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Jeff Teague To The Sixers

  1. _sturt_

    From a Hawks perspective, I’m good with it except that I’d want to know what the plan is to replace Teague before I would endorse this. From Bud’s arrival, it’s been understood that the offense depends on a PG of Teague’s caliber to make on-the-fly decisions. I don’t see Schroder as that guy yet.

    • Then you didn’t watch at all last year he is fully capable of being at least what Teague is and more I think coach bud saw what he was doing in the playoffs and he has the go get it attitude that Teague doesn’t really have.

  2. Andrew C.

    The Sixers should make acquiring the Celtic’s #3 pick their top priority and using that pick to get either Dunn or Murray (I’d personally take Murray, but that’s just a side note). I think they’re wasting time trying to get Teague. He’s a solid player that would definitely bring a better basketball culture to the team, but I think you could get more for Noel than that. It’d be better to get Schroder for Noel if the Hawks really want Noel.

    I’d personally try to trade Okafor before Noel. I’m assuming that the Sixers take Simmons with their pick, making Okafor a poor fit with a Simmons-led team. At least Noel can serve as a defensive anchor who doesn’t need the ball, either as a starter or a sixth man depending on Embiid’s readiness. Okafor has real value as a consistent scorer, but his lack of versatility will be amplified if he stays with the Sixers. There are teams that could definitely use him as a primary scorer at the center position with personnel and playing styles that suit him better (i.e. Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, and Portland). I think he has enough talent to fetch more value than Noel, despite Noel having a playing style that is more compatible to today’s game.

    • Andrew C.

      As for Atlanta, they should be pushing hard to get this deal done. I don’t think Teague will be a Hawk for much longer and if he isn’t traded now, he will most likely be gone by next season’s trade deadline anyways. From the Hawk’s perspective, you’re essentially trading a solid expiring contract for a draft pick that’s ready to make significant contributions now and in the future (especially with Horford’s future in Atlanta being somewhat murky).

    • They are not giving up schroder he’s younger and is only getting better he will be and all star sooner than Teague was.

    • T. Martin

      I’d rather the Sixers not trade Noel or Okafor until Embiid’s actually cleared to play and use the 24th pick on either Wayne Baldwin or Gary Payton Jr. but I seem to be in the minority. If I had to trade one or the other I ‘d sooner send Noel to Boston than Okafor but I’m also not excited about doing anything that might benefit Boston. Okafor to Phoenix for the 4th pick could still net the Sixers Murray or Dunn.

      Last but not least I’d much rather have Ingram than Simmons. Ingram could coexist and spread the floor with Okafor or Embiid whereas Simmons is just another guy with no range which we already have in spades.

      • Chris Crouse

        They can certainly afford to keep all three centers, as they will be on rookie deals at least through next season.

      • Jeff Dommel

        I felt the same way about Simmons until I saw that video of him draining 3s the other day. He’s been practicing. I still look at the kid and see a sf though. He’s not as lanky as Ingram but he’s no J. Noah, hell he’s not even Kevin Durant. I liked Ingram as a better fit but I’m coming around. I wouldn’t trade none of our bags unless it was to pull the number 2 pick. If I knew I was getting Ingram for oak than yeah . Still maybe not Noel. Defense wins games and no matter how bad a team is you can’t inflate ur defensive numbers because of the team around you like you can offensively. Noel’s proven to be a studd on D. He’s the only keeper and maybe covington and grant out of the whole squad. Trade the rest

      • I’m of the opinion that if the Sixers keep Noel, then draft Simmons. If they decide to keep Okafor, then draft Ingram. Those picks compliment the existing players, setting up a better situation for all involved.

        Personally, I wouldn’t trade either center for Teague – I believe he’s a free agent at the end of next season. I’d move Noel to the Suns for the 4th (hard to trade with the Celtics in the same division) and get one or two extra picks that they have stashed away as well. With the 4th they can get that young point guard, depending on who’s available.

        With that much talented youth going on in Philly, I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to sign a major free agent (or two).

        • What would the Suns want with Noel? They already have Len and Chandler.

          • Andrewc62

            JT my point exactly. They’ll never trade that pick. They’re gonna get Jaylen brown at that spot if he’s still there, which of course he will be.

          • Chandlers getting dealt to a contender before the allstar break if he hadnt just inked a new deal he prob would have been traded this year.

          • Len? Really? And Chandler’s best days are behind him – better off the bench now.

            Noel can play PF and is probably better suited there…and of course that’s if the Suns really believe that Len is the future.

    • Chris Crouse

      I like Murray at No.3 should the Sixers get the pick as well.

    • lakersfan27

      Good take! I agree 100%

  3. If I’m the Hawks I would push to get this deal done. Trade Teague and 1 or 2 second round picks for Noel, Stauskas, and Covington.

    • Yeah I’d do it in a heartbeat if I’m Atlanta. JT is a very solid PG, but they’re only chance to really improve involved getting something for him and Schroeder becoming the guy. Noel would free them up to dump Splitter and open some more room to add another guy before resigning Al. I’d love the fit of Covington too. They need a wing who can body bigger guys and grab a rebound, and he’s already a decent 3pt shooter. After seeing the Atlanta staff work on Demarre and Baze, I’d love to see what they could do with someone who has already exhibited NBA 3pt shooting touch

      • Chris Crouse

        Covington would be a major piece in this trade. He could be a really nice rotation player for a good team.

  4. This deal seems to benefit Atlanta more than the Sixers. We need more explosiveness. The only thing I’m hesitant on is Noel can’t shoot well. That would change a lot of the dynamics on offense as well as defense. He’s young and has to learn the system. But the Hawks would try to develop Noel’s shot like they did Bazemore’s shot. I like the deal but it makes me wonder what’s gonna happen with Horford?? If this deal happens, it essentially puts Hardaway on the backburner. Overall, if you want value for Teague he needs to be traded now.

    • lakersfan27

      They keep Al and slide him over to the 4. I think Al fits better there. They have enough shooting all around so Noel won’t hurt them.

  5. Also if Teagus goes, who would be Shroder’s backup? I have always liked the idea of starting Hardaway and having an aging Korver come off the bench. Hardaway is more explosive, can shoot the 3 effectively, can create his own shot and will continue to improve defensively. Korver would go against 2nd string players so he would still be effective bc he’s smart moving without the ball. I doubt we’ll get Durant so we should retool but not rebuild. Thoughts???

  6. Lennix

    Worst trade I’ve seen in awhile. Makes no sense for Sixers. Only benefits ATL.

  7. Garrett Brown

    It makes sense for both teams, you look at the Sixers, they’r in desperate need of a point guard. Players like Isaiah Cannan & Ish Smith are good, but not the ones that’ll get you to the next level. Teague is more consistent and has playoff experience that Philly lacks in. For the Hawks, Noel is a guy that’ll help their rebounding woes & lack of rim protection. The rim protection is the most intriguing because Coach Bud has spoken highly on improving defensively and becoming the team they want to be. Therefore I think both sides must agree to this trade.

    • agentx666

      Teague is almost 28 and can walk after this season. Makes no sense for the rebuilding Sixers to trade away a 22 year-old they still would have control over at the end of the season for a player that won’t even be on the team when they are contenders again.

    • The Sixers need everything except centers. Teague is an upgrade over Ish Smith, but he isn’t franchise changing. Teague is above average at best and will not resign with philly. So why give up our lone defensive specialist and 2 other starters for one year of serviceable PG play. It does not benefit the Sixers in any material way whatsoever

  8. Andrewc62

    If I was them I would never trade for Teague, he’s obviously regressing and on an expiring deal. Noel has yet to realize his full potential. If they’re gonna trade one of their big men, trade Embiid, I’m sure there’s still a team that’s interesting in him. There are more then one team that needs a big man and has expendable guards. I.e the Magic

    • The Magic are not giving up Payton, Oladipo, or Fournier for Embiid…a guy who has yet to play a game. Embiid’s value is basically nothing until he plays a game. His potential and current ability means absolutely nothing if he never suits up.

  9. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    See, if the the Sixers trade Noel, then they can’t trade Okafor.
    Also, if they trade for Teague, then the Sixers cannot trade for Dunn
    They could drop down to third and select Murray and pick up more draft choices I would assume they would if they went that route.
    So who knows really.

    Bottom line is I would love to see the Sixers get Murray for SG and Dunn for PG that would be my ideal out of all the scenarios the Sixers could do.
    Keep Noel, trade Okafor and forget about Ingram and especially Simmons.

    • Phil Giampi

      Draft Ingram and sign Rondo on a 2-year deal and groom your PG of the future whether it be a trade for Dunn or someone in the 2nd round.

      • Chris Crouse

        You want Rondo mentoring the point guard of the future?

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Rondo is the reason why the Sixers fleeced the Kings last year.
        It would be laughable if the Sixers got him.

      • Sixers1

        The team with massive assets and cap space should target an old, negative, horrible shooting point guard. Stop it.

    • Chris Crouse

      Not a fan of Simmons?

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Not from what I saw during the regular season.
        Especially that game vs. Oklahoma.

  10. Sixers1

    Teague is decent but the Sixers need to target Schroder or one of Phoenix’s point guards. Okafor is a premier talent and you don’t give that up for anything less than an all star level young player like Butler. There is no evidence that anyone in the current draft is going to be better than Okafor. The suggestion of trading Embiid is nonsense. Noel is a marginal player. He always will be.

    • Noel had 4 Win Shares in his rookie season for the 6ers and 3 win shares last year. Okafor had 1.2. Noel was a better player for them despite playing out of position. PPG IS NOT the only stat line to evaluate.

      Jahlil is a below average rebounder for his size and his ceiling defensively is to average defender at best. He will never fit in with the team that they are trying to build. Okafor cannot exist with either Noel or Embiid and clogging the lane will limit Simmons and Saric effectiveness as well.

      The team performed much better (although still awful) with Noel in as opposed to Okafor. Go research some stats to see Noels number as a starting center when he wasn’t on the court with Okafor, they may surprise you. If they trade anyone, Okafor needs to be the one. Anything else would be very shortsighted based off of the construction of this team.

  11. Trading Teague for Noel not good for Hawks! I would rather get Okafor. He can shoot and be post presence that Hawks don’t have. Noel has no offense other than follow up shots or dunks. Also, his rebounding and blocks are about the same as Horford. I like getting Covington. He is a solid wing player. If Hawks can’t get Okafor, don’t do trade. They need a true center who can play both ways. I would be okay with D Howard.

  12. rxbrgr

    I hear a lot of people here saying the Sixers should acquire Boston’s #3 pick… I don’t think it’s that easily attainable and Ainge will extract a LOT for it. So Okafor wouldn’t necessarily be enough. Maybe Okafor, Covington at least one future 2nd rounder for #3 and James Young.

    • Kenweas

      It’s been already reported by multiple sources and is well known that Ainge offered that previously, at last year’s the trade deadline

      • Connorsoxfan

        Yeah, before the pick fell at #3. Trade would’ve been much worse had the pick fallen to 5 or 6.
        Assuming that was why the trade wasn’t pulled, as Philly seemed to like the trade, based on what I heard. Pick was just too risky at the time.

  13. Who’s who:
    17.4 pts, 6.6 asts, 3.5 rbs
    16.8 pts, 7.1 asts, 3.0 rbs
    Top is Brandon Jennings per 36, bottom is Jeff Teague. And Jennings is a year younger, won’t cost Noel, and won’t cost 20M a year to sign either.

  14. Honestly think PHI makes out in the deal. Teague is probably the best PG that will trade hands this off-season and Brown runs the SAS O to which Teague has flourished under. Further, they can demand to negotiate an extension with Teague before the deal goes down so the 1 year rental argument isn’t valid. People are high on Noel but you have to wonder how much of that is prospect bias. He can protect the rim, but it seems the lack of bulk hurts him on post D. He had 25 PER against at the C position last year. There’s always some give for a rim protector but that number is too big can’t be easily explained as such. Very real possibility Noel is just a rim protecting backup C type down the line.

    As for ATL, seems they are backed into a hole some. They’ve got 2 PGs and need some size and youth. It also behooves ATL to deal Teague in this league year so they are more motivated to get the deal agreed on. Hence, the overpay…

    • What makes you think Teague would want to sign an extension with Philly? There is no way Philly should do this without an extension but the way salaries are getting out of hand, Teague will probably get a close to max deal and he’s not worth it especially when Philly has the picks and players to make a deal to get someone that is under contract for awhile. Philly is not winning in the next couple of years and by then Teague will be on the downside or not even with the team. Noel is also Philly’s best defender and that would really hurt them going forward. Okafor is a defensive liabilty.

      • Michael

        Hard to argue that the PG position is incredibly deep (not necessarily you, but even one above says PGs like Teague are a “dime a dozen”) and that a 2nd tier PG (or thereabouts) would bolt in FA for a near max contract. Simple supply and demand. This is also why Teague would sign a contract. Either sign and ensure your spot or get caught in a game of musical chairs where you could lose out. At least you could argue PHI is a team going up – much better than being a backup on a team going down.

        I also think you missed the bigger point: PHI holds the cards there. If Teague doesn’t agree to an extension then they don’t have to pull the trigger on the trade. Of course it couldn’t be announced immediately but handshake agreements that don’t happen until the new league year are commonplace.

  15. DannyQ3913

    Noel to the Hawks plus additional pieces

    • Kenweas

      Plus more… For a guy who will be with you for one year.,, no way Teague resigns, horrible move for the sixers

  16. Jeff Kerr

    I believe that the Hawks are relying on Schroder, but if they feel they cannot sign Horford, I would go after Okafor. Noel is limited offensively, but he is a good defender and rebounder. The Hawks need to replace Teague with another PG that can take on the starting role of Teague if Schroder starts falling apart. I would say the trade hinges on the other players involved.

  17. Ravens_Last_Place

    The Sixers are idiots if they trade Noel for Teague. A quality point guard is much easier to develop/acquire than a quality big man. Noel has shown flashes and is still very, very young. Teague is in his prime and is not a top PG. He is very good, no doubt, but PG’s like him are a dime a dozen.

    Talk to BOS about trading Okafor for their #3. Then draft a PG, sign a decent veteran one, or acquire another. PG’s at Teague’s level can be had for less than Noel. ATL would be robbing Philly if this happens. ATL better toss in a 1st rounder or two for this to make sense for Philly.

  18. Purcell

    I would definitely not trade Noel I would trade Okafor to Boston for the #3 over all pick & give Boston the #24 or the #26 1st round pick and draft Kris Dunn……Nerlean Noel is the better defensive player Okafor is a liability on defense if it were up to me I wouldn’t trade either one until I know where Joel Embiid stands he’s coming off 2 foot surgeries and it may not hold (I’m praying that it does) up so I think they should hold fast for a minute and see how this plays out

  19. reg grn

    It all depends on what’s out there.what have we read is legit,and what’s just rumor.Could Okafor get us a combination from B.Knight,E.Bledsoe,4th,13th picks from Pheonix,or 3,16, rather go 1 of those rputes,but if that’s not a option,there’s not alot of options on the free agent market at pg,and we do need to get 1.

  20. hill
    daren hill

    I actually like Noel better than Okafor next to Ben Simmons and in a rotation with Embiid and Saric.

    Dump Okafor and his one dimensional old fashioned back to the basket game.

  21. Calvin Dunbar

    We are looking to take the wrong Hawks guard! If we are going to make a trade with the Hawks, I’d prefer if we took Schroder!

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Even if it was him, I’m not sold. Noel may turn into a very good big man in the league. Very good big men are always more valuable and harder to develop or acquire than quality guards. Look at the abundance of good PG’s and SG’s in the NBA right now compared to quality big men. There are far more good little guys.

  22. Jeff Dommel

    No the sixers better not. Noel’s our best player. You can score a lot of points if you’re on a shitty team with no other scoring options, defense is a whole different story. I wouldn’t even trade oak for Teague. Now throw Schroder are way for oak and then we can talk but you can’t have Noel. We’ll burn this bitch down in the delph

    • Best. Comment. Ever.

  23. pleydet

    I wouldn’t like it either way.. But possibly including a sign

    • pleydet

      Possibly include sign and trade including Bazemore

  24. James McQueen III

    Jeff Teague is a good point gaurd. I dont kmow why people think we can do SO much better. Has Noel done anything to cause a higher trade? Teague played 78 games last year and averaged about 16 points and 6 assists a game. You take this trade and then trade Okafor so we can draft Buddy Heild and there’s your back court.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

      I still would rather have the backcourt of Murray (SG) and Dunn (PG)
      To me that would be the best step in the right direction for the Sixers.

  25. 40% on 3s this season, 35% on 3s for his career. But he can’t shoot? I know you want more for Noel, everybody wants more for their guy in a trade. But no need to trash JT, he’s a top 10 pg…… I don’t think you can do much better, interns of quality of player now. Only having one year on his contract remaining is the only problem I see. And now having his Bird rights would give the 76ers an avenue to get somethings back in a S & T if he decides to leave.

    I could see the 76ers targeting younger pg’s, however other clubs are not willing to give those guys up. Pg and centers are the hardest positions to fill in the NBA. I do think they should call the lakers and see if A Snitch for Jahil and future pick is available.

    • Is he worth 20M? No not to this team. Hes a FA in a year.

      • Do I think he’s worth 20 to the Hawks? NO! Dose CoLangelo think he’s worth 20 to the 76ers is a better question. The price for players is going to sky rocket over the next few seasons and there is a salary floor that each team has to spend. Dose that mean over spend on avg players? NO. But again Teague’s not avg. Name 10 pgs better? So on a team with no high Salaries like the 76ers, a small over pay is not going to hurt you. I also don’t know if he gets 20 mil.

        I also think a combination of a Teague trade and drafting Simmons gets you to the 35 win mark. Maybe even .500, if things go right with other free agents.

        Last he’s not worth that to the Hawks because of DS and other high salary players they are trying to keep and aquire.

  26. Sixers should not make that trade, I think they should keep Noel and focus on acquiring another pick to select a point guard

  27. WTF…. No. When you just sign Conley and keep Noel. Yes he is NOT a 20mil player. Trust the process. Dang nab it.

    • It’s not that simple. Conley will be the top FA pg on the market, why would he choose the 76ers?

  28. johnd25

    As a Sixers fan Im not understanding this trade. Teague has one year left before becoming a unrestricted free agent. Therefore this trade isn’t helping us for years to come, and possibly not even for next year. Only way I’d accept this trade is if Teague will accept a contract extension before the trade or shortly after. Which will not happen, Teague will not want to finish his career as a Sixer and know he will not even make the playoffs. To give Noel, Stauskas (who cares) AND Covington is way to much for just Teague. Noel and Stauskas will be fine, however if its going to be Noel/Covington I’d ask for Schroder who I believe has potential to be better than Teague.

  29. Trade Okafor to Boston for the 3rd pick. Trade Noel and the 3rd pick to Toronto for Lowry (Philly kid, I think?) and Ross ( a Colangelo draft pick). Instant backcourt for the Sixers (Lowry has 2 years, Ross 3 years on their contracts). Then no conflict upfront between Simmons and Okafor. Boston gets its 5. Toronto gets cap relief to resign DeRozan, a center to replace Biyombo. takes Murray with the 3rd pick. Philly and Boston are instantly better. Raptors are better the year after.

    • No.

  30. If I am trading Noel its to get Murray to go along with Simmons and Okafor. Draft Valentine or Trimble. Sign Brandon Jennings.


    not a terrible squad

  31. Well…… Jeff just perposely nixed this trade with that bs tweet!

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