Hawks, Sixers Discuss Deal Involving Teague, Noel

7:48pm: Sixers shooting guard Nik Stauskas and/or small forward Robert Covington could be included in the potential deal, Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer relays. Philly has shopped both Noel and Jahlil Okafor to approximately 15 teams in an effort to locate the best deal, Pompey adds.

5:34pm: The two sides have discussed the deal recently, but an agreement isn’t imminent, Charania relays in a full-length story.

5:00pm: The Hawks and the Sixers are discussing a trade that would involve point guard Jeff Teague going to Philadelphia and big man Nerlens Noel heading to Atlanta, Shams Charania of The Vertical reports (Twitter link). It’s unclear how far along the talks are, or what other pieces are involved, though any deal would likely be completed prior to the NBA Draft on June 23rd, though that is merely my speculation.

This is a deal that could potentially benefit both teams, though Noel is six years younger than Teague, which means the Hawks could be the ones receiving the better long-term benefit from the swap. Atlanta may need to find a replacement for Al Horford, who is an unrestricted free agent this offseason. While Noel lacks Horford’s offensive game, he more than makes up for that on the defensive end of the floor. It remains to be seen how well Noel would fit in Atlanta’s system, but acquiring the young big man would be a bold and exciting move for the team.

The Sixers desperately need backcourt help and Teague would be a major upgrade at the one spot for Philly. Atlanta can spare a playmaker, with Dennis Schröder waiting in the wings and making no secret about his desire to be the starter going forward. Perhaps Schröder would be a better fit with the Sixers due to his age, 22, but the franchise has stated it wants to add veteran leadership, something Teague could provide.

Noel, 22, is set to earn $4,384,490 in 2016/17 and will be eligible to become a restricted free agent next summer. He appeared in 67 games this season and averaged 11.1 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in 29.3 minutes per outing. His shooting line was .521/.500/.590.

Teague, 27, has one season remaining on his current deal that will pay him $8MM in 2016/17, after which he will become an unrestricted free agent. He appeared in 79 games this season and averaged 15.7 points, 2.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 28.5 minutes per night. His shooting numbers were .439/.400/.837.

Which team would get the better of this potential swap? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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52 thoughts on “Hawks, Sixers Discuss Deal Involving Teague, Noel

        • All-star quality point guards don’t just grow on trees. Noel or Okafor alone is not bringing back an all-star caliber point guard. Teague isn’t a bad option if it clears that logjam.

    • Soldiermonkey1

      The 76ers have Okafor as center, and would have embied if he were healthy, so can spare a center but desperately need a guard, they pretty much only have smith although I agree Schroeder would be better for the long term

    • basicmo

      I agree but if more came back to philly it would make more sense. Future picks or atlantas first this yr if they have one


      I Agree, J.Teague is an Unrestricted FA they can still get him no trade needed.

  1. Sixers76

    For the Sixers to get a very good point guard without giving up a major asset, would be a huge victory. Noel is marginal at best. Teague is in the second tier of point guards, maybe close to the top 10.

  2. Salvatore Tarantino

    Noel had chemistry with Ish Smith, I think it is a mistake to trade him. If an upgrade, distributing PG came in, he could do damage with Noel. Okafor’s stock isn’t as high as it was 6 months ago

  3. I like Teague but the Sixers would be morons to do that. Okafor is a defensive liability, and you simply cannot count on Embiid to ever be healthy. You have to treat him like he’s Greg Oden and assume he’s going down again any minute. Noel is a rare rim protector and has shown some flashes of offensive ability. And he’s still so young. Can’t do that deal.

  4. Thronson5

    I actually think this makes sense for both teams. Hawks probably lose Hordord to free agency, 6ers have plenty of bigs if Embied comes back with Okafor as well and they could use a good guard. I’d imagine there would involve more than just these two guys though right? I wonder what exactly the trade looks like if it happens.

  5. Sixersfan4

    Unless the sixers are getting the Hawks first rounder this year and next year this trade is horrible

    • Noel-for-Teague straight up isn’t a great deal…but Teague plus two first rounders for Noel is a massive overpay. Noel has only proved to be a rim protector with an uninspiring offensive game. Teague is a former all star (whether or not he deserved it, he’s still a former all star) and is definetly more valuable than Noel.

      • Sixersfan4

        Yeah but giving up a player yet to hit his prime at 22 and get a 28 year old player is a terrible trade. I don’t think it going to happen, the sixers are looking for the best offers

        • Considering their need for a point guard, its not a bad trade. Schroder would probably be the preferred player but Atlanta seems to value him a lot since he is young as well. Getting the “best offer” isn’t going to be easy. The Sixers should be targetting a point guard in any deal (or at least a top draft pick that could get them Murray/Dunn if they like them). Off the top of my head, I don’t really see a fit with a team willing to part with a good, young point guard for Noel or Okafor.

  6. Dlb731

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ironic that the 76ers are looking for “veterans”.. But they traded jrue holiday, which would be considered a ” veteran “, to get noel?

    • thatmansaballoon

      I believe they traded Jrue around the time Hinkie took over correct me if I’m wrong. So that makes sense.

      Colangelo needs to make a move for a PG. Don’t think Teague is the answer to all their problems but he’s a step in the right direction. Trading Okafor would be a huge mistake IMO and Nerlens seems to be the most expendable.

      • the question for me would be would Teague sign an extension. If he won’t you could have 1 yr of Teague for Noel

  7. I would not make this trade. While Teague is an upgrade over Ish Smith I would not give up Noel to get him. Would prefer to get Schroeder instead if they choose to trade Noel. I think you could get more in an Okafor trade though. No this is a bad deal.

  8. With a crowded frontcourt already, (possibly) drafting Simmons #1, bringing over Saric, and Noel entering RFA next offseason, Sixers would be better off trading Noel for more assets and a starting caliber PG. While Teague is coming off a down season, he is one year removed from being an All Star and could use a season in Philly to improve his chances of getting a nice contract after his current one expires next season, a la Rajon Rondo with Sacramento this past season. Besides he would be Philly’s first starting caliber PG since they traded MCW away.

  9. Scott

    Giving up a 22 year old center in who can board and blocks shots in Noel, for 1 year of Teague, who is a slightly above average point guard? Doesn’t make sense. I think the deal has to be Noel for Schroder.

    • A center who can grab rebounds and block shots? That’s about half the centers in the league.

  10. mrmagic238

    The only way I do this is if Teague agrees to an extension. Otherwise, Embiid has never hit the floor and I would not be parting with young talent until we see all these pieces together. Not unless you’re getting a 22-23 PG of the future in return.

  11. Z-A

    Why would you give up Nerlens for a rental? He has 1 year then a qualifying offer then he is an RFA. Teague is a UFA after next year then he’s mercenary style. If they wanted to trade for a PG or SG – Schroder, Smart or Bradley, Butler, McCollum, Knight are all better options contractually.

    • I don’t see Butler being attainable for the 76ers unless the Bulls decide to rebuild. I don’t know if Boston would be willing to give trade Smart/Bradley since they would have to play them more often than trading them out of division. And I don’t see Phoenix wanting Noel with Chandler and Len there (since Noel would not fit well next to them).

      • Z-A

        Butler is attainable, but not for Noel. Okafor + xyz is the likely scenario. They will be in a rebuild-ish mode anyway once Gasol and Noah are gone this year, and I can’t see them bringing back Rose after next season. So unless they make a splash this offseason they will have a young roster + Butler.

        As far as the Celtics go – I’m not keen on trading w/a rival either but surplus for surplus.

        Suns – I’ve seen reports of Chandler being disgruntled about playing for a trash team, and that he wants to go to a contending team. I could see him back in the East maybe on the Pacers. I would take Bledsoe or Knight, their contract would be great compared to what a FA will take to land.

  12. This would be foolish for the Sixers. You deal Noel for one year of Teague? No lock that Teague extends his deal and the Sixers aren’t going to be good this year so what’s the point of getting Teague for 1 year? Noel was the only defensive presence on the team so it really makes no sense to deal him. I would stand pat for the time being unless they can flip Okafor for a top 5 pick. They have a ton of money that they can go out and get a guard plus 2 more first rounders that they can draft a guard.

  13. mcase7187

    I personally think they can get a better deal with the C’s then any other team I think they would trade M.Smart and they have a lot of young player and a boatload of draft picks

    If it was me I would take Okafor for M.Smart your first round pick this yr and next a few 2nds and 2 of ether hunter,young,holland,seller,Jerebko and A.johson

  14. pleydet

    I like Teague, but I don’t want to have to pay him a max deal next year. I don’t see him as a max player

  15. RyanSlade22

    hawks fan here…

    This is probably just a media leak (on purpose) by Phil front office. They do this to make other teams think a deal is about to happen, then another interested team will quickly overpay or meet Phil demands.

    I don’t see either team doing this deal

  16. Dylan

    Teague is a free agent after this upcoming season. Then what? You’re going to pay a 28 year old average point guard close to a max deal? What’s the end game.

    I think this is a bad deal. they could buy Teague after this upcoming year on the market without giving up Noel. If Atlanta wants to move him, its because they have moved on to Shroeder.

    I’d much rather trade for Shroeder. By the time the Sixers are any good, they’ll have an overpaid point guard on the wrong side of 30.

    • Same as @RyanSlade22, I agree with your points but any decent free agent going to Philly is going to be overpaid. Philly can no longer flaunt their massive cap space because everyone has cap space now. With a bunch of young guys making up the core of the roster, competing for the playoffs is at least another two to three years away. “Buying” Teague the year after isn’t a guarantee because he could easily go to any other team. If the team traded for an impending free agent they at least have a full year to determine if the guy will actually be a good fit and then to try and sell him on staying.

  17. smittybanton

    This, after two second round picks for Ish Smith. BC doing what BC does, slowly pissing away our assets. We endured all the last three years, and accumulated all those assets, and fired the dude with the plan, so we could trade a 22 year old steal and block monster for an aging middling point guard with one year left on his contract? Dis tew much!!!

    2017 draft and free agency is STOCKED with point guards. Just take Derrick Rose’s $22M off Chicago’s hands for free, or a couple second round picks. Expires next year, plus the cap goes up. That’s enough for a max level contract all by itself. Sixers also have two first round picks next year.

    • Who says the Bulls want to trade Rose? And also, Philly’s cap space is not attractive when every other team in the league also has cap space. Since Philly is going to be bad for the next two years at least, not many guys are going to go to a place where they are going to lose if they can get the same amount of money on a better team.

  18. Scott

    Philly really wants Schroder and I have to feel Atlanta wants Okafor over Noel. Make it happen. Trade Okafor for Schroder and protected 1st rd pick in 2017. Both teams get what they really want.

    • Z-A

      This is how I’d evaluate that trade. Okafor’s ceiling is top-5 at his position, Schroder top-15 to 20.

  19. Z-A

    I wouldn’t make a trade pre-draft. See how FA goes. If they can’t land some cheaper reclamation projects at the Guards, then trade for a guard.

    I’d first target Brandon Jennings, Eric Gordon, and Kent Bazemore. These guys won’t require a ton of capital to sign and they all shoot +35% from 3pt range. If they come away with no one, they need to trade for a controllable player at least 2 years worth, the new salary cap makes a guy like Teague a 20M a year guy, inSANe!

    I’d only do a straight up trade Okafor for Ingram, we know that he’s going to be a 20-10 guy in a year or two. No clue what Ingram will be yet. Durant or Adam Morrison?

  20. This deal would be awful for Philly. This team is not close to ready to compete- they are due for another top 5 pick next year if they let the young guys develop. Teague is a nice starter, but nothing more. He’s not making the Sixers a title team this year, and he will be well past his prime by the time Philly is ready to compete. He would push them to the late lottery instead of the early lottery. And Nerlens is a potential defensive star. He is being undervalued on this trade. Trade Okafor for future picks/a young guard (Marcus Smart would be a perfect addition)- a “star” center who cannot play defense has never found real playoff success in the NBA. It’s sad that the process may be ruined right when it was starting to pay off

  21. sickofbeane2

    Here’s what Colangelo needs to ask himself: Is Jeff Teague a championship-caliber PG? No…? Then why are you trading for him…


    2017 76ers J.Embid, K.Love, B.Ingram, D.Green, P.Mills bench Boban, B.Diaw, Kyle Anderson idk who else but that’s a much improved TEAM to build around in Free Agency. N.Noel and a future late 1st or 2nd rd Pick for K.Love? Jahlil to San Anton 5 for 1 the Rumor is Real. Popovich sees an opportunity here to aquire Jahlil. If the 76ers as reported are looking for a Mother Load of a Deal we will give it to them. For Jahlil Okafor #TheNextTimDuncan?? That’s a No Brainer give them 1-2 more Picks and any Bird Rights to any Player we have OverSeas like Davis Bertans.

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